Ok I know I said it was over but Ms. Take the third asked for a one shot showing their life afterwards. With the Weasley's and his magical friends meeting his boyfriends. So hope this is ok for you. I wrote it right after your review inspired me. I know it's not completely what you requested but I hope it works for that little bit of extra closure you needed.

The Epilogue

Harry jittered his foot and glanced at Kurt and Blaine out of the corner or his eye. He was incredibly nervous and somewhat excited about their trip. Blaine was tinkering with the in flight magazine and Kurt was watching the clouds and land from the little port hole window. He knew both of them were just as wrecked as he was about this visit to Harry's home, but having been in a relationship with them for over three years he felt it was time to take them there.

They'd been through a lot together, the backlash of being a gay threesome in Lima Ohio, the drama of going of to three separate Universities for their degrees, the stress of slightly long distance relationships pulling and pushing at their already strained over worked nerves. Kurt was in his Second year of a Fashion Journalism and Design degree in New York whilst upholding an intern position in a small fashion magazine and a weekend job at a garage just to pay his way in a group apartment. Blaine was off in Michigan doing a Theatre and Music programme despite his parent's wishes for him to carry on the family tradition and go into business law, which had caused quite a lot of tension at first. He was also part of the local theatre group and was thriving happily, but missing them both terribly and ended up skyping and sending them videos of all his recitals and performances whether they be for his grades or just for fun to make them feel like they were still involved in his life. Harry had caved after a very long few months of dithering and signed up at the Chicago school of International Magical further training. He'd decided to hedge his bets and do a joint programme that offered him a muggle degree and magical masters in one go. He was doing Child psychology and education studies with a magical degree in healing and mind arts. He was going to give back in the only way he knew how, by helping traumatised children and survivors in both worlds recover from their own problems the way his two wonderful boyfriends had helped him to. He was also part time working in a child day care centre specialising in children of families who have suffered some sort incident which made them unable or without means to provide for their children. He was finding it incredibly rewarding and in a way very therapeutic for himself to. But he still missed his boys like there was a piece of him missing when they were apart.

He'd told Kurt and Blaine about magic after they'd finished Dalton. He didn't want them parting ways for months with that type of secret, he also wanted them to be a part of his life for a long time. So he had told them and shown them a few little bits of magic. That summer he'd taken them to the magical zoo in New York when they visited for Kurt's tour, and then whipped them across America in the blink of an eye to Florida and the magical marina to see the giant sea serpent and had a nice afternoon conversing with the snake while they both giggled and asked it all manner of questions through him.

He couldn't have imagined a better reaction to his secret than they had really, both of them had been insanely curious, not at all judgemental or negative. In fact Kurt summed it up pretty accurately when two minutes after Harry had flicked his hand and cleaned up their popcorn fight as proof.

"Well that'll come in handy when we have kids won't it" he'd laughed and then flopped onto the bed and demanded cuddles.

Blaine's gentle "It doesn't really change the man we love does it" had been all the reassurance Harry needed that these two incredible men weren't going anywhere and that he'd never have to fear them walking in on him doing something inexplicable and recoiling in disgust yelling insults and telling him he was an abomination.

After his revelation they had in fact forgotten all about his magic as he used it so rarely in everyday life. Until he went off to University to actually study it he hadn't really put much thought into how much magic he was going to use in his future. He'd been prepared to leave it for holiday's home and infrequent visits to magical places. But Blaine and Kurt had insisted that if he could use his magic in any way as a career he wanted then he should do it. They would support him and they didn't mind at all, if sometimes the vacuum roved the flat of its own accord or if Harry suddenly popped in one weekend and dragged them all together no matter the impossibility of the distance between them.

The fact that they saw each other at least once a month instead of every few months on national holidays was an added bonus they all giddily accepted and enjoyed. He'd gone so far as to create two portkey pendants for Blaine and Kurt directly into his own apartment in Chicago in case they ever wanted to see him and could get away unobtrusively to do so.

The benefits of telling them of magic had far outweighed all the weeks of fear and restless worry of their reactions. In the end harry was positively delighted he had two people to confide in outside of the magical world who didn't distain his powers as freakish. It was nice to talk about his fame and his life without his audience either already believing they knew the whole story or gasping in delight that they were finding out something cool about The Harry Potter.

He got to be Harry the slightly hyper active quirky guy who loved two incredible men he could trust emphatically with even his worst secrets and fears with no fear of reprisals. That was worth all his Gringotts Gold and more.

The plane banked slightly and Harry grinned as Kurt pressed himself closer to the window hoping to spot a famous landscape. Blaine gave him a slight grin and linked their fingers as the over head speaker announced their imminent arrival at Heathrow.

Harry was for the first time in nearly four years coming back to London. Openly and without disguise he was visiting the people he'd left behind when he ran away to heal and hide from his fame. He was returning home to his family to introduce the newest members of his own personal family and home to the older set that despite his long absence hadn't let him forget where his home truly was.

Harry took them all into a small room in Heathrow specially designed for magical people using muggle travel as an easier way of International transport. They both paused in the doorway to blink curiously at the green flashing fireplaces, then take in the small platforms marked apparition, Portkey. They were used to Harry's magic and even visiting magical places for an afternoon of entertainment. But seeing the casual daily magical ways of living and travelling was new to them. Harry let them get their bearings and wondered how they'd cope with the Burrow and its blatant magic bursting from the rafters. He supposed he still lived a relatively magic free existence, even while training at a magical school and using small daily bits and pieces to make life easier. He didn't have a floo and he didn't do huge blatant displays of magical prowess around them every time they visited.

He suddenly felt the flare of panic that such blatant and unavoidable signs of his 'special' ways may make them change their minds about their easy calm acceptance of his secret life. But after a brief pause to take in the effect of such random inexplicable magic they both grinned and pulled their suitcases closer.

"So how are we getting to your place?" Blaine chirped eyeing the fire curiously.

He reminded harry briefly of the Puppy he'd bought for Ron all that time ago, always so curious and eager to dive into the unknown.

"We'll be port keying, since you've both dealt with that before I thought it best" He smiled gesturing to the departure platform and putting a galleon into the collection tin on a stand in front of it.

"Come on, they'll be expecting us" he grinned suddenly impish and cheerful at the prospect of seeing his favourite home in the world.

Blaine and Kurt hopped lightly up onto the platform and with one slightly disgusted look at the weathered tennis shoe in Harry's hand from Kurt they were grabbed about the navel and transported away.

"Harry!" Ginny's shriek on their arrival made Kurt yip and Blaine wobble sideways into the garden fence.

"Hey Gin" he waved with a laugh.

He watched as she flew down the rickety steps and through a group of chickens pecking at the grass making a racket as they shrieked and fluttered away from her in alarm. Her red hair flew in stream behind her and lit up golden red in the afternoon sunlight. He ignored completely the fact that her once beautiful face had three long savage slashes from temple to collar bone and one arm was badly burnt as he caught her flying leap and spun them around before setting her down and smacking a loud playful kiss to her cheek.

"You're here! You're back! Mum is going to have a fit!" she yelled in his ear squeezing the breath from his lungs.

"I did write to say I was coming home and I'd pop in to visit" he mumbled breathlessly.

"Oh yes but you know what she's like, she didn't believe it until she heard you arrive. She's gone to put in the dinner she made 'just in case'" Ginny beamed stepping back finally and giving him the once over.

"You look good" she smiled faintly

"You too Gin" he grinned and rumpled to her to an indignant squawk.

"Harry is that you dear?" Mrs Weasley finally appeared on the porch looking greyer and less plump but still as motherly and happy to see him as ever.

"Oh Harry dear you're home" she smiled and he walked towards her knowing that the spell damage to her leg made steps hard to manage.

Once he was up on the porch she enveloped him in a mama bear hug and almost lifted him off his feet.

"So good to see you dear" he kissed his cheek and then released him.

"George! Charlie! Get out here and help with the luggage!" she yelled almost deafening his right ear.

"Oi look who it is! It's the wandering brother finally come home" George yelped falling over Charlie's outstretched foot as he tried to leap at Harry.

Charlie grinned and elbowed him in the back keeping him down so he got to Harry first.

"Look at how big our baby bro has gotten all on his lonesome! Mum was sure he'd have wasted away to nothing without her there to feed him" he beamed grabbing him up and hugging him just as firmly as Mrs Weasley.

"Cheater!" George bellowed pointing an accusing finger at Charlie and grabbing Harry possessively from his grip.

"Boys! We have guests behave" Mrs Weasley admonished fondly

"Oooh look fresh meat!" George grinned letting Harry go and leaping cat like from the porch to stalk towards two slightly bemused Americans.

"Leave them alone George!" Mrs Weasley huffed flapping her tea towel at him.

"Nice to meet you, Harry talks about you a lot" Blaine offered holding out his hand with a semi nervous smile.

"No!" Harry yelped just as their hands met and Blaine squeaked as his arm turned blue.

"Never let him near you unless you're prepared to suffer the prank" Harry warned gently rapping his knuckles with his wand to turn his skin back the right colour.

"That was so cool!" Kurt enthused grabbing Blaine's hand to scrutinise it carefully.

"I like him" George beamed and grabbed Kurt's two huge suitcases and heaved them off up the garden.

"Oh but-" Kurt looked shocked that he'd actually managed to lift them from the ground considering he'd been hauling them by virtue of wheels and a lot of practise.

"It's magic" Charlie grinned casually hefting Blaine's and Harry's cases as if they weighed nothing and jogging after his brother.

"We've put you all in Percy's old room hope you don't mind!" He yelled back at them before he disappeared.

"I wasn't actually planning on staying-" Harry began with a frown.

"Nonsense where ever else would you go" Mrs Weasley cut him off briskly and chivvied them all back into the house.

"Oh I guess...you're right the London house is probably a little cold and musty anyway" he sighed with an affectionate smile.

"See dear, besides I stocked up the pantry and we're all home for the next few weeks so it will be lovely" Mrs Weasley fussed pulling Kurt and Blaine's coats off leaving them in their shirt sleeves looking a little startled.

Harry allowed his own duffel coat to be stripped and tossed onto the branches of the coat rack where it neatly glided into place pulled by special charms as the hooks rearranged themselves to accommodate.

"Whoa look at this!" Blaine breathed staring at the infamous Weasley clock in awe.

Harry grinned to see his own hand pointing firmly at home. He ignored the pang of the two missing hands which had been removed because they upset Mrs Weasley too much every time she caught sight of them.

"Arry!" a loud squeal was his only warning as his legs were assaulted by a clinging child with a mop of fiery red curls.

"Uh?" he gave Ginny a surprised look and she giggled.

"Harry meet Scarlet Weasley, Bills daughter" she winked and the little girl beamed toothlessly up at him.

"She knows you from the photos and videos of course. Bill made sure she'd know all her Uncles" Ginny explained quietly as Scarlet obviously lost interest rather quickly and began to fiddle with a child's toy on the carpet.

They all sat in the cosy Weasley sitting room for a whole two minutes before the rest of the red headed brood and their various spouses appeared like they'd been summoned. The sound of trampling footsteps on the staircase was the only warning of imminent invasion.

"Harry!" Was the unanimous yell of delighted greeting.

Fleur swept over in a whirl of blonde hair amongst so much red to kiss his cheek. Then there was Bill clapping him solidly on the shoulder and Luna skipping up and sitting herself in his lap with a happy hum. Before he could blink all surfaces were covered in familiar faces and Kurt and Blaine were scrunched up on either side of him watching the room full of people in awed amazement.

"This is the unofficial extended family" Harry grinned at them waving a hand to encompass everyone.

"All red heads are generally Weasley's" Ginny piped in helpfully.

"The others are spouses, children and other assorted hangers on" Luna giggled twirling a strand of Harry's hair happily.

"Yeah no point trying to remember all our names, just yell 'oi you!' and point and we'll answer" a young boy giggled happily bashing his mirror image on the head as he swung his arms around enthusiastically.

"That's Fred and Gideon, George and Angelina's boys" Luna whispered for their benefit.

"How have you been Luna?" Harry asked sitting back and letting her get more comfortably situated on his legs.

Conversation and bright cheerful laughter was scattered through the room as everyone relaxed and continued on like the three of them had just walked into a full room and not been the cause of the sudden migration. It was so like old times Harry almost looked for Ron and Hermione to share a fond eye roll.

"I've been wonderful! I married Nicolai and I have a son called Lysander, he's here somewhere" she beamed happily pointing vaguely at the cluster of children grouped on the carpet.

"That's lovely Lulu" he smiled giving her a squeeze of affection.

"I read all your letters, did you ever find that fluttering Wimple infestation I warned you about?" she asked prodding his cheeks experimentally.

"No but I did put up the hollyhocks like you told me and the problem cleared right on up" he grinned winking at a sceptical Kurt over her shoulder.

"Oh good, where did your glasses go?" she asked now pushing at his eyebrows

"Contact lenses" he grinned widening his eyes and staring at her so she could see the little lines on his irises.

"Interesting" she hummed and then scooted from his lap yelling about a Kelpie hunt in the pond.

Almost all the children who were independently mobile chased after her screeching and whooping in delight, then the elders followed with the eager toddlers who wanted to go to, until all that was left were the generations around Harry's age.

"Wow she sure knows how to clear a room" Kurt chuckled and George laughed offering him a toast with the bottles of butterbeer he'd returned with in time to hear the comment.

"Now that all the kids are gone" Bill and Charlie sat forwards devious smiles on their faces.

"Oh yes you have to tell us all about your two lovelies" George grinned tossing bottles around the crowd happily.

"Sneaky, remind me to repay Luna later" Harry snorted

"Eh she's always doing stuff like that, stops the kids doing something like exploding the house with accidental magic. They have the tendency to go off like fireworks when you leave them unattended too long in large groups" Bill shrugged casually

"And we wouldn't be over protective big brothers if we didn't take advantage of the opening that gives us" Charlie agreed clinking the bottles in salute.

"You all seem perfectly fine that there's three of us in this relationship" Kurt commented easily.

Harry could see the underlying tension around his eyes though and he squeezed his leg. Kurt didn't have to fear attack here, this was home, this was safe.

"We have another triad among us, it's not so uncommon in our world" Charlie smiled at him easily.

George nodded and gestured to Ginny and the girl on her left and boy on her right. Harry arched his brow and waggled it when she poked her tongue out at him.

"This is Daphne and Dean" she offered for Blaine and Kurt's benefit.

"Greengrass" Harry smirked at her.

"Potter" she smirked back and harry broke into peals of laughter. "I knew you two had been up to something when I caught you in that broom cupboard!" he whooped and the auburn haired girl flushed slightly but smiled blissfully at Ginny when she hugged her with one arm.

"Hey now Harry watch it, or I could tell you're men about a few dormitory incidents" Dean warned playfully and Harry snorted.

"I thought I recognised you! We saw you in that video of Harry's" Blaine grinned

"Probably" Dean laughed rubbing the side of his face and smiling at them.

"It's good to have you back mate" he offered softly

Harry nodded at him and squeezed Blaine and Kurt's hands for comfort.

"I wanted to come back, just to see you all again. You can all feel free to visit me any time you like too of course. But I just...I'm better now but it's still hard being here" he offered quietly.

They all nodded silently in understanding and Dean gave him a sad sort of grimace.

"So what are you actually up to over there in America then?" George asked brightly to move it on from the slightly depressed moment.

"I'm studying for a degree actually, we all are" Harry grinned proudly.

"Oooh what are you doing?" Ginny asked perking up "I'm studying for my mastery in Charms and defensive magic. I'm apprenticed under Professor Flitwick, he's going to retire after I'm done and I'll be Charms teacher at Hogwarts" She added happily.

"That's great Gin, wow, that's amazing" Harry grinned happy for her and so proud he felt like his inner big brother was going to burst.

"I'm doing a joint mastery in muggle child psychology and healing with mind arts" he offered in return with a grin when they all made appropriately approving and encouraging sounds.

"What about you two?" Charlie nudging watching Blaine and Kurt with a grin.

"I'm studying for a degree in music and performing arts" Blaine offered slightly shyly

"Harry told us you were an amazing singer" George offered with a cheeky grin.

"I'm studying Fashion Journalism and design" Kurt added when he was prompted.

"That's pretty awesome, are you styling Harry now?" Ginny asked with a laugh at his offended huff.

"I do help him out why?" Kurt grinned

"Because you don't even want to know what he used to look like summers here when he was younger" George laughed and they all joined in even Harry after a slight sulk and joking strop.

"So all three of you are still in school then, that's got to be pretty tough" Bill commented once they'd calmed down some.

"It's not easy but it is worth it" Blaine smiled affectionately at them both and they shared a sappy moment interrupted by George mock retching.

"You three are almost as bad as Ginny and her two. Always making moon eyes and PDA's" he gagged and then fell over when Angelina smacked him up the back of the head.

"You can talk Mr, you wouldn't know romance if it bit you in the butt" she smirked

"No charming my hair into roses and giving me a mirror that sprays make up at me doesn't count" She cut him off before he could even speak.

Harry laughed and then they settled down into an afternoon of catching up and reminiscing.

By the time it came time to retire to Bedfordshire as Mrs Weasley put it when she was trying to politely request they vacate her sitting room, Harry was warm, happy and felt entirely at home.

The two men that meant the most to his future had seamlessly settled into his family from the past and made him feel like for once he didn't have to keep them separate in his mind. He didn't have to think of this as his old home and his life in America as his new home. He just knew that the future was going to be perfect, no matter where they lived they'd all be together somehow.

Once they'd done with school and settled into their own home, he could just see them hosting a huge family holiday, where everyone mingled and he didn't have to do two different Christmases because the one half of his life didn't know about the other for once. He was looking forward to the day they'd have their own gathering like this full of all the people he loved and cared about under one roof. For now it was enough that Kurt and Blaine were here with him. But soon...soon he'd have Burt and Carole and Finn and all the rest there too and it would be absolutely perfect. The American dream, complete with picket fence and family.

He went to sleep on the magically expanded bed in Percy's old room that held nothing but an over large bed and the two most precious people in his life wholly content and eager for whatever the future brought on the dawn of the new day.

Even the ghosts and memories of lost loved ones in this familiar haven quieted and soothed him instead of haunting and upsetting him. He could look back now on those happy days spent here lazily with his best friends and he didn't have to clutch at his chest as a whole was ripped through his heart from the loss, because he knew at last that he was right where he was meant to be and they were happily celebrating from beyond the veil. Waiting patiently for him to join them when he was old and grey and finally ready for his next great adventure after a lifetime filled with joy and love in this life. Being here didn't have to be filled with pain and regret for getting left behind, because they'd never forget him and he'd never forget them. When the time was right they'd all be together again and he'd be bringing along the people who'd healed him in their absence and loved him completely the rest of his life when he needed it the most. As Dumbledore has once told him he had nothing to fear from the dead and everything from forgetting to live.

Once again your responses to this fic have been completely amazing and I am in awe of how many people have such positive things to say about my writing. I love all of you so much and I hope that all of you who hinted at needing a little bit more closure find it with this last chapter. Thank you all so much for reading. x