(AN:) Before I say anything else...I'M SO SORRY! I HAD TO DO IT!

This is the first time I'm going to be working with Madisen in my stories. And yes, Madisen Hill. When you're reading this don't think I hate her. I love her! She's very pretty and I have nothing against her if Nathan and her are still dating in real life.

And, yes, this is going to be my first chapter story! I don't know how long I'm going to go with this, so stay with me and ENJOY!

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I know it's a small beginning, and Sam is OOC, but trust me, it'll get better once the other chapters come out.

There was a knock on the Benson door and Freddie ran out of his room yelling, "I got it!" to his mom wherever she was in the apartment. Freddie took a deep breathe in and let it out before opening the door and finding his best friend on the other side.

"Hey," Sam greeted with her wide warm smile. Her teeth were so white that Freddie always felt like his problems all melted away. It was a great feeling, and he was happy that Sam was the only one who could do that, even when she was busy beating him.

"Hey?" Freddie couldn't help but greet in a question. "Wh-What are you doing here?"

"What do you mean what am I doing here?" Sam asked in a chuckle. "It's Saturday."


Sam's smile disappeared. "We always grab dinner together before heading to the movies?"

"Aw man," Freddie yelled, throwing his hands up to his face. "I can't believe I forgot!"

"What do you mean 'forgot'?" Sam felt like she's just been crushed. Freddie never forgot things like this. Plus, since they've been doing this since Carly and Spencer went to visit family two months ago, how would he forget? "Is it because your mom wants you to go to bed already?"

Freddie looked down and in fact he was still wearing his blue and white plaid pajama bottoms and his white t-shirt.

"Nah, I just wanted to slip into something comfortable," Freddie nervously chuckled. "Look...I kinda made plans tonight with someone else."

"With who?" Sam asked. "I mean, if you don't mind me asking."

"No, of course not. I'm just going with-."

Someone interrupted Freddie's sentence yelling, "Freddie, who's at the door?"

Sam and Freddie turned around to see a girl walking out of Freddie's door. She gasped when seeing Sam at the door and came to hold onto Freddie's arm.

"You must be Sam," the girl said.

Sam's eyebrows raised, pointing to the girl as she looked at Freddie. "Who's the chick?"

"This is...uh...M-Madisen," Freddie stumbled, using his hand to point at her.

"Hi!" She greeted. "I've heard so much about you and it's great to finally meet you!"

"Freddie, can I talk to you alone?" Sam asked as she pulled Freddie out of Madisen's grip and apartment, walking to the lobby downstairs.

"Look, I know you're mad at me for forgetting something we've been doing for a while now, but I can explain," Freddie tried talking first when the two finally got downstairs where Lewbert was fast asleep on the front desk.

"Who's Madisen and why did she come out of your bedroom?" Sam ignored all that Freddie said and asked a new question.

"She was just watching me play video games, that's all," Freddie said. "We were having a lazy day."

"That still doesn't answer who she is," Sam said as she crossed her arms and leaned her weight on one leg.

Freddie looked around nervously. "She's my girlfriend," he mumbled, but it was loud enough for Sam to hear. "And we're going ice skating later."

"You forgot about dinner just to be with your girlfriend?" Sam yelled, stopping her foot on the ground.

"What? No! It's not like that!" Freddie grabbed onto Sam's shoulder, but she just swatted his hands away.

"This is why I never wanted you to get a girlfriend!" Sam screamed. She gasped, covering her mouth with both her hands.

Freddie just stared at her with wide eyes.

"Just..." Sam sighed again, walking away, "Just forget it. Have fun with Madisen," she said before walking out the doors.

"Sam, Sam wait!" Freddie tried calling her back, but she was already sprinting down the street.