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Melanie opened the plastic covering from the photo album and placed the newest picture she received in the middle. The picture was Sam and Freddie standing on the rooftop together singing as they held hands and looked into each others eyes. You could tell that there were so much emotion going on between the two. Of course, they say a picture's worth a thousand words.

Surrounding the picture were comments their classmates gave, tiny props from the music video, doodles from the music video for memories, and Sam and Freddie's final grade to the project - a 110%. That was the first time Miss. Briggs gave out a grade higher then a 90; especially to two people like Sam and Freddie. But they were proud and the dinner celebration was worth it.

Melanie smiled before turning to the next page where there were different pictures of couples kissing. Right in the middle Madisen then came over to place her picture into the middle of Sam and Freddie kissing at school the day Sam finally agreed to go out with him someone had gave to her at school.

Carly then walked towards the two offering her picture. The new couple kissing as Carly stands there proud went right next to Madisen's picture.

Melanie shut the book tightly, covering it with purple with stars gift wrapping paper and the three signed their names wherever there was space. The three then stood up, fixing their dresses before Sam walked in.

"You ladies ready?" She asked, standing near the door.

"Now, the question is are you?" Carly said, walking to her best friend and pulling her inside the room. She gasped at the sight of Sam's wedding dress.

"Before you say anything I just wanted to tell you that I didn't get a long dress on purpose," Sam explained, spinning in a circle for the girls. "It's not my style and I'd rip it off anyways if it got too annoying."

"Sam, it's not like that!" Madisen said, stopping her from talking. "The dress is amazing on you!"

Sam's top was a heart shaped corset and the bottom went down to her knees with ruffles at the end. A silver chain belt was loosely hanging from her waist and blue heels to throw in the old time saying which Carly insisted she did. Her hair was still the same - all in curls except her bands and the only jewelery she wore was the key necklace Freddie gave her in high school.

"You really think?" Sam giggled, looking at herself in the body mirror.

"Totally!" Melanie agreed, hiding the present underneath the desk before Sam saw it. "You look wonderful."

"Thanks," Sam said. "Now, if you girls don't hurry up I'm going to run away from my own wedding."

"You're pretty much the only girl who would really ever do it," Carly commented, taking her best friend's arm to lead them out of the room as Melanie and Madisen followed after.

"Yeah, I know," Sam agreed, the girls laughing as they got to the front doors leading into the church's main room. She excepted her mom to be standing there ready for her daughter to come, but instead of her mother, it was a man.

Spencer Shay.

"Spencer?" Sam breathlessly called.

"Hey, Beautiful," Spencer greeted, hugging Sam tight when she came running up to him.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked, placing her hands on the side of his cheeks. "I thought you were at the other side of the world presenting your newest sculptures!"

"Now, what would be more important then being at your wedding?" Spencer asked. "And seeing my little sister finally complete her dream of being the Maid of Honor," he smiled, giving his sister a hug too.

"I've missed you, Spencer," Carly whispered.

"Missed you too, Kiddo. Now, why don't we continue this later on? There's a wedding we gotta start."

"We're going to have to wait for our mom," Melanie said, she and Madisen looking around for Pam. "We can't let Sam walk down the aisle by herself."

"Which is why she's in the front row and I'm going to walk her down," Spencer cleared up, opening the door a little for the three girls to peek their eyes through and see Pam, in fact, was sitting there talking with Freddie's mother.

"You know you don't have to do this," Sam said, standing back behind the double doors.

"You, Melanie, Freddie, and Gibby are like my kids," Spencer explained, "Even Guppy. So, if you need a father to walk you down, then I'll take that role with no problem."

Sam hugged him again, "Thanks, Spencer."

"No problem," Spencer kissed the top of her head. "Now, grab these and let's get walking."

Spencer handed Sam the bouquet Melanie requested - purple monte casisno before hooking his arm with Sam's and the girls gathered in front of the two. Carly then opened the doors and the only thing Sam could see was one person when she finally stood in the room with eyes all staring at her.

Not someone from the audience, not the camera crew or photographers, not the decorations Carly went crazy on, but the Fredward Benson she knew since they were in 6th grade. Her best friend for fourteen years now standing near the alter wearing his black tux and smiling at soon as he had a clear view of Sam.

Everybody needs inspiration

Sam smiled right back as she got closer to him. They were going to spend the rest of their lives together. Two people who "hated" each other since 6th grade ended up falling in love because of a project and agreed they couldn't be with anyone else.

Everybody needs a song

Because of Freddie, Sam was able to show the world her singing skills and now was ranked number 4 most popular singer in the world. Freddie owned his own business of new technology and a famous director. Freddie sometimes joined along in Sam's music videos, so they were pretty set with their jobs.

A beautiful melody

The two now owned a beach house right on the edge of Seattle, so the two weren't far away from home. Freddie and Sam were still attacked by their mothers on daily basis, but at least they didn't have to deal with them for the entire day.

When the night's so long

And they wouldn't want anything to change. Carly was finally used to them being a couple, and she almost fainted when hearing they were going to get married! Freddie proposing all went so fast even Sam didn't notice she said yes.

'Cause there is no guarantee
that this life is easy

Sam couldn't take it anymore with the walking. She let go of Spencer's arm and just ran down the rest of the room. Freddie had his arms open and lifted Sam up when she had jumped into his arms. She even started to cry a little and they weren't even officially married yet.

She didn't care who was making fun of her. Sam finally knew Freddie was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and the same thing went with Freddie.

Yeah when my world is falling apart.
When there's no light to break up the dark,
That's when I, I, I look at you.
When the waves are flooding the shore,
and I can't find my way home anymore.
That's when I, I, I look at you.

The rest of the day had gone by without noticing and suddenly Sam and Freddie were walking out of the church with everyone screaming in excitement and clapping their hands. Especially Madisen, Gibby, Carly, Madisen and Spencer. Even Pam and Marissa were sharing their excitement.

Freddie and Gibby had gotten up on the stage with their jackets off and sleeves rolled up. The two had grabbed their own guitars and surprisingly they suddenly were jamming like they were practicing since they were little. Spencer was on the drums and he was rocking his head as he showed the whole party he was practicing his drumming skills and now was a pro! Madisen even shocked everyone when standing up there on the bass.

Carly, Melanie and everyone else was screaming and cheering on as Sam was sitting in her chair in shock at her new husband and friends showing off their hidden talents.

Gibby walked up to the microphone and closed his eyes singing, "She's got her headphones on singing to every song." He pointed out to Carly and she placed a hand on her heart with her mouth wide open as the girls sitting next to her were giggling. "The boys in the band she likes sing her sleep every night."

Freddie then walked up to his own microphone and sang, "I've got my headphones on! I'm trying to write the perfect song," he stretched his arms out to hi sides and looked at Sam. "With my words inside your head I could sing you to sleep every night."

Freddie and Gibby played and sang together while jumping up and down opposite times, "Every time she falls asleep, falls asleep, every time she falls asleep she'll hear. Every time she falls asleep, falls asleep, every time she falls asleep she'll hear."

Freddie jumped off the stage and slowly walked towards Sam as he and Gibby kept singing, "I wanna be your melody. I wanna be the song stuck in your head." For the small solo they spun around in a circle before continuing. "I wanna be your melody. I wanna sing you to sleep!"

Freddie pushed the guitar to his back and knelt down over to Sam. "I wanna be your everything."

"I wanna be your melody," Gibby added from the stage.

"Looking all around," Freddie used one hand to motion around the room.

"You were right in front of me."

"Baby, believe me I could sing you to sleep every night."

Freddie reached out a hand to Sam and she took it without thinking for a second. The two walked over to the middle of the dance floor to share their first dance together. Gibby and Spencer continued to sing in the background for a while.

Every time she falls asleep (falls asleep)
Every time she falls asleep, She'll hear
Every time she falls asleep (falls asleep)
Every time she falls asleep, She'll hear:

Freddie let go Sam and grabbed his guitar to play while singing on the dance floor. He walked around Sam and the other girls at the table.

I wanna be your melody,
I wanna be the song stuck in your head.
I wanna be your melody,
I wanna sing you to sleep.

The lights turned off, but the instruments light up and everyone was amazed. Every time Gibby, Freddie and Madisen strummed the strings would light up the guitars and when Spencer hit the drums they lit up one by one.

(I wanna be, I wanna, I, I wanna

I, I, I wanna
Your melody)

A single spotlight appeared on the dance floor where Freddie stood and another one where Sam was. Freddie moved his guitar to his back again and Gibby played for him.

Freddie slowly walked towards his wife as he softly sang. "I wanna be I, I wanna be. I wanna be your melody. I wanna be I, I wanna be. I wanna be your melody."

Gibby sang in the background as Freddie took Sam's hand and spun her around a few times. Gibby and Madisen both sang together as all Freddie thought about was his girl. Sam was just amazed on how long it must have taken everyone to practice this. Especially because Freddie had never sung alone!

Right before she falls asleep (falls asleep)
Right before she falls asleep, she'll hear
Right before she falls asleep (falls asleep)
Right before she falls asleep, she'll hear

Gibby, Madisen and Freddie stopped playing all together. The brown haired man jumped back up on the stage and the two guys stood back to back as they sang together, "I wanna be your melody, yeah. I wanna be the song..."

Freddie then yelled, "I wanna be the song stuck in your head!"

Gibby jumped up, "WOO!"

The two guys rocked out on their solos as everyone got up from their seats and joined Sam at the dance floor to dance along. Gibby and Freddie walked back to stand in front of their microphones and they finished up their song.

"I wanna be your melody," Gibby and Freddie sang together.

"I Wanna be, I, I wanna be," Spencer said in his microphone.

"I wanna be the song stuck in your head."

"Whoa,whoa,whoa," Madisen walked to Spencer's microphone and sang.

"I wanna be your melody!" Freddie pointed to Sam at the middle of the dance floor.

"I wanna be your melody," Gibby sang as loud as he could.

"I wanna sing you to sleep!"

Freddie finished off the guitar playing and then everyone jumped together at the last note. Sam had made her way up to the stage and couldn't help but kiss her new husband.

The blonde then grabbed the microphone and she snapped her fingers. Madisen and Spencer started playing a new song and Sam turned to Freddie with her hand on his shoulder.

"The sun's been shinning and I've been singing," Sam sang and everyone started clapping their hands and dancing to her tune."This song in my head and it goes," she bent down a little, singing the highest she could,"La la la la la la la!"

Freddie clapped his hands and so did the others at her high notes. Sam then let her hand off his shoulder and moved it up in the air. "Nothing but blue skies," she then placed her forehead on his."When I stare into your eyes." She slowly rubbed her head against his. "I get tongue tied every time you smile."

Freddie had to smile at that and Sam laughed a little.

"Some people don't know what love can do. Well, they should see me with you."

Freddie grabbed the microphone out of Sam's hand, so he could take his lips and punch them with hers. The audience cheered and at that moment they both knew that they didn't know what was going to happen in the future, but in the end it was going to turn out positive with one another in their lives.