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Look Through My Eyes


The rumbling sound was really annoying. Mushi watched out the living room window as Wallabee Beatles climbed off the black motorbike, securing his orange helmet onto the back before walking in his customary swagger up to the front door, his hands in his jacket pockets.

He knocked on the door, his knuckles rapping against the wood quickly. Mushi refused to answer to the untrustworthy teen and she hid behind the vile purple curtains that her mother had bought, and she watched discreetly, alert in case he became troublesome.

He ran his fingers through his golden raggy hair, almost in an attempt to make it look decent and Mushi inwardly scoffed at the thought – Wally would never get his hair to lay flat on his head.

After a few seconds he glared at the door, as if blaming it for his sour mood and began knocking on the wood again, louder before sighing and hanging his head, leaning his forearm against the wood of the doorframe, his thumb and forefinger on his other hand coming up to rub his eyes and he just looked defeated. Him and Kuki had probably had a fight, which seemed to be the norm these days. As Kuki's sister she would tell her to stop dancing around the fire and just ask the blonde Australian out, but as KND operative she kept quiet – she didn't want the teens teaming up because, even thought they were amazing Kids Next Door members, that was five years ago and they could, at any one point, fall into the clutches of the Delightful Teens From Down The Lane.

But the tension between the two seventeen year olds was so thick you could cut it with a knife and it was only a matter time before they got together – they fought about everything, and for once Mushi wasn't exaggerating.

She also wasn't surprised when the front door opened, Kuki presumably on the other side – they were, after all, the only two who were actually in the house.

She moved around slightly to see Kuki stood there, just outside the door, her arms crossed angrily over her chest and her red-rimmed eyes seemingly shooting flames at Wally, waiting for an explanation.

Of course, Wally would have been the one who had started it. He opened his mouth to say something but he faltered, his hand going to the back of his neck as his tanned skin got a hint of pink in his cheekbones. Mushi smirked at how uncomfortable he looked.

Kuki rolled her eyes and made to close the door in his face – You go Sis! Mushi inwardly cheered – but Wally's palm slammed against the wood with a panicked look in his green eyes. Begging.

God, these two would kill each other, Mushi thought while rolling her dark brown eyes. Only around Kuki did Wally let his guard down to show how he really felt, took down the 'Bad Boy' exterior and broke the barriers and Mushi watched her sister's eyes, which had held a determined gleam in them to not listen to Wally's explanation of why he had made her cry this time, softening and she relaxed her stance as Wally smiled in relief.

At this point she hated that the door to the living room was closed and she had no idea what they were saying and she wished that she had the ability to mouth read, but that wasn't a skill she possessed, unfortunately.

Instead, she had to make do with coming to her own conclusion based on what she could see, even though she knew the ending – they were best friends, they fought, fell out, best friends again – then it would start all over again the week after. It was getting tedious.

She watched as Wally spoke, his mouth moving quickly, seemingly tripping over his words to explain to her big sister, his fingers scrapping against the wood where they still rested, preventing it from closing. Kuki looked undecided as her eyes searched the taller boys face, biting her bottom lip gently between her teeth. Seeing her indecision, Wally was quick to step foreword, moving his fingers from the oak wood to her cheek, bending his head closer to her, whispering. Even if the door to the living room had been open, she doubted that she'd be able to hear what he was saying to her; but it was breaking Kuki's barriers.

She closed her eyes, her eyelashes brushing the skin of her cheekbones and a tear slid down her cheek, which Wally captured with his fingers. Mushi suddenly felt a swell of jealousy for her sister consume her – she had found her soul mate when she was what, seven? And then they found each other again after the decommissioning, fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle, whereas Mushi didn't have that. Sandy, the only boy that she'd had anything with was thirteen and she wasn't allowed to even speak to him.

Her eyes were drawn back to the couple and she frowned again as a small smile spread across Kuki's face, causing the corner of Wally's mouth to tug up in a lopsided grin. She'd forgiven him. What a surprise.

Wally had better realise how lucky he is, Mushi thought, moving away from the window as Kuki threw her thin arms around his neck and he pulled her closer with his arms around her waist, burying his face in her silky hair. Not everyone would find it in their heart to forgive over and over and over again, not like Kuki could. She picked up the remote and turned on the TV, trying to stop the squeal passing from her lips as Rainbow Monkey's appeared on her screen.

She'd leave them to sort out their relationship because if they didn't get together, it'd be such a waste on society. They really were perfect for each other.

It was sickening.

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