It was a particularly hot day in the middle of September when Patton Drivolsky walked into Wally and Kuki's apartment (thanks to the spare key that he'd swiped from the kitchen draw) and found it empty. He raised his eyebrow and shrugged off his army jacket as he let his eyes scan the empty living room before going through to the kitchen and finding it the same as the living room. With a slight shrug he pulled open the fridge door and grabbed a can of soda, cracking it open and moving to the bedrooms to see if he'd find Wally there but the 'master bedroom' and the spare room were empty as well.

He frowned in annoyance - Wally had text him last night asking if he wanted to come over and play video games (they tended to do this at least once a week) and, since he had a free day, he had agreed. And the Australian wasn't even here!

Just as he was about to leave the apartment, the door to the bathroom opened and Patton nearly hit himself on the forehead - of course Wally would be in there.

"Come on then, Beatles, let me kick your a-"

"Patton? What are you doing here?" Wally asked in confusion, his eyebrow raised and running a hand through his hair, making the blonde strands stand on end.

"Err...You asked me to be here. Video Games? Ring a bell?" He asked and was slightly unnerved to see Wally stare at him blankly.

"Sorry mate, something came up." He glanced behind him quickly and Patton briefly wondered who was back there, until his brain caught up and realised it was Kuki.

Who else would it have been?

"Is that Patton, I can hear?"

Wally yelled an affirmative over his shoulder, still blocking the bathroom when she yelled over that he should let him in - Wally rolled his eyes before pushing away from the doorframe and making his way back into the bathroom, Patton following behind him, apprehensively.

What he saw half shocked and mostly confused him. Kuki was laid out on the floor, the top of her shoulders leaning against the wall as she drank deeply from a bottle of water, Wally laying just beside her, his head resting on the gentle swell of her stomach.

"Err...What?" Was his eloquent reaction and Wally snorted lightly, causing Kuki to hit the back of his head lightly in retaliation.

"Kuki's pregnant." Wally said, a huge smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

"Whoa! Kuki that's brilliant!" Patton congratulate her, ignoring Wally's annoyed look and crouched down beside her, placing his hand on her shoulder.

Kuki smiled warmly at him and shook her head, tendrils of inky black hair falling onto his hand. "We don't know for certain yet…"

"Kooks, five pregnancy tests can't be wrong." Wally rolled his eyes at his wife, who narrowed her purple eyes at him in slight warning. Wally raised his hands to show that he surrendered, but his smile never left his face.

"Yes they can be, Wallabee Beetles!" Kuki said slightly hysterically and Wally and Patton exchanged glances, used to Kuki's behaviour - Patton had been dealing with it through High School when he was the star football player and Kuki

was head Cheerleader - They had even dated for a few months in their sophomore year, but Kuki's attraction to Wally was too prominent, even then and Patton was too immature for a proper relationship, like the one Kuki deserved. "They can be wrong and we could be all happy and excited and then it could turn out to be not true, I not be pregnant, we're crushed, the marriage is a shambles and we get divorced, Wally, divorced!"

Patton couldn't help it - he laughed.

"What is so funny about this?" She asked angrily, her eyebrows meeting together in between her eyes and Patton had the sudden urge to duck and cover, his father's army advice pushing to the forefront of his mind once he'd been confronted by his enemy.

"You'd better run while you still have legs." Wally grinned and Kuki waved her hand shakily, pushing gently against Wally's head with the other, forcing him away from her.

"I need to wee anyway - both of you, out."

"Why am I leaving?" Wally asked in horror and Patton grinned at the whiney tinge that his voice held.

"We have company." She said shortly, getting to her feet and pressing her hand against Wally's chest, pushing him out of the bathroom.

Wally stared in slight annoyance and disbelief at the door for a few moments before he slowly turned to face Patton, fire flaring in his green eyes. Patton just shrugged taking a gulp of his soda nonchalantly, leaning his broad shoulder against the wall. Wally sighed and ran his hand through his blonde hair, leaning against the bathroom door and letting his head hit the oak wood with a soft 'clunk'.

Patton stared at Wally (in a non-stalker way, of course) wondering what must be going one of his best friends head - he himself was excited and was just edging to best into the bathroom to see if the pregnancy test was positive or not, but two things were stopping him: Wally (who would kill him if he burst in on Kuki in the bathroom) and Kuki (who would kill him if he burst in on her in the bathroom.)

Before he could think of something to say to break the damn awkward silence, the door to the bathroom was pulled open and Wally went falling to the floor, his support taken away from him.

Patton couldn't help but bark a laugh out as Wally lay flat out on the floor, gazing up at Kuki bemusedly as she stared down at him in shock, her black tendrils of hair falling from her shoulders as she titled her head foreword, her mouth open in a small dainty 'o' of surprise.

Then, when she fell to her knees next to Wally's head and supped his face, a delighted grin pulled at the corners of her lips and she laughed, telling him that she must be pregnant, that they were having a baby, they were going to parents. Wally sat up quickly and slid his hands round her hips, pulling her in closer, so much closer, and feeding her hot, passionate kisses.

With a small smile still on his face, Patton quietly left the apartment, grabbing his army jacket from the couch and pulling his cell phone from the back pocket of his baggy jeans.

He had some calls to make.


Patton had been sat in this stupid plastic orange chair for nearly eighteen hours now and he was getting impatient, tired and cranky. Beside him, Hoagie was fidgeting nervously and he kept looking up whenever anyone walked by, like a dog waiting for a treat. On his other side was Mushi, shushing the one-year old in her lap and talking to the girl in the most annoying baby voice that Patton had ever heard.

Yet, despite his annoyance and impatientness, he didn't even think of getting up and moving to a different chair – this was the seat that Wally had sat him down in when he got to the hospital, so this was the seat he would sit in.

Still, eighteen hours was a long time, he hoped that everything was going okay, that Wally wasn't freaking out, that Kuki wasn't in trouble, that the kid would be a healthy, happy, crying baby and that –

Before he could carry on with his train of thought, Wally came into the waiting room looking exhausted, spent, but so in love.

"Kuki's had the baby." He addressed to the room and everyone leapt to their feet and practically cheered, relief swirling through every single one of them.

"Are they okay?"

"Boy or Girl?"

"Does my Grandbaby look like you or Kuki?"

"Can I be Godmother?"

"Okay guys, hold up." Wally said, lifting his hands up in a sign for everyone to quiet down. "Yes, both my wife and child are perfectly fine, Hoagie if you can't wait any longer he's a boy, he looks like me, Mrs Sanban and, I'm sorry random lady, but no, you can't be Godmother."

It was strange seeing Wally take control of a room like that – he remembered when they were fifteen and he could barely read a report out to the class without getting annoyed and angry with the constant pestering of his classmates.

The Grandparents went through first and Patton personally thought that was fine – they'd all get to see the boy in the end and would frequently after, did it really matter in which order it went? Then the uncle and aunt, and then finally, him, Hoagie, Rachel, Abby and Fanny could go through.

The sight that greeted Patton when he walked through the door made his heart ache a little – Kuki was laid on the bed, sweaty, exhausted, but with a certain glow around her that made her look absolutely stunning. She was gazing up adoringly at Wally who held the baby in his arms, his hand easily cupping the back of the boy's head.

Wally himself looked so proud and Patton could already see the change in him, the responsibility of being a parent affecting him already, and he looked ready for the challenge.

"Guys, this is Jack Beetles." Wally announced and titled the child in a way that kept him safe and secure in his father's arms, but so that everyone could see.

Wally was right – Jack really did look like him. Patton could already see the blonde hair on top of the baby's head that was straw coloured like Wally's – he had the same nose, same mouth, same ears, same bone structure and same shaped face with a few dusting of light freckles across the bridge of his tiny, tiny nose.

Patton grinned and sat on the edge of Kuki's bed, taking her hand and rubbing his thumb across her knuckles as everyone fawned over the baby. "How you feeling?" He asked, wondering how Kuki could go through eighteen hours of labour and still look somewhat human.

"Honestly?" She asked, her violet eyes moving to the cluster of people to the side of the room, Wally still holding Jack in his protective embrace, being so careful with the baby and knowing how much attention the baby could handle. "I feel perfect."

Patton could feel it.

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