"Mum, what are you doing, get back in the car, you'll get hurt, or hit by one of the cars!"
"Shut up, I hate you all, I hate this world, I hate my life, but most of all Daisy I hate you."
"Mum, no, please don't, I'll be good, I'll do whatever you want me to, just please don't jump?"

"You know what Daisy you are a horrible bitch, who can never be loved. Everyone hates you, it's all your fault all the suffering in the world, your sister being killed, your dad doing what he does to me and you, it's all your fault."

My heart leapt out of my body completely that moment. That dreadful day was by far the worst of my life. That was the day my own mother, the one who was meant to love me, hold me and talk to me like a best friend, a helping hand, a guide to help me through the hardest moments, took her own life. The worst thing is, her last breath was used to hate me. That day set the tone of the rest of my life up to now.
I live with my dad now. He hates me too, I'm starting to believe my mum, that i am a horrible bitch who can never be loved..