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The Blazing Dragon

Today was October 10th, 12 years after the Kyuubi attack. It was the birthday of a young golden-haired, sapphire-eyed, whiskered boy. On someone's birthday, they normally would be celebrating with their friends and family. Except this little boy had no friends, and no family. He had grown up with no parents to love him, or feed him, or hug him when he was sad. No one ever bothered to be his friend. At the moment, he was scrounging through a garbage can at the BBQ restaurant, which was what he would normally do every birthday. Suddenly, a crowd of angry, drunken villagers showed up and shouted, "GET THE DEMON!"

They chased him throughout the village, never relenting. They chased him all the way to the forest just outside of Konoha. They were far behind him now, but that did not mean they would give up. This little boy was Naruto Uzumaki. He ran and ran, and kept running, until suddenly, he tripped, and fell down a hole. He was spinning and spinning, until he landed smack on his bum.
"Ow!" he yelled. "Did you hear something?" A villager near the hole asked.
"No," Another replied. Naruto covered his mouth. All of a sudden, the hole closed up, leaving Naruto sitting there inside the underground cave.
"The brat's not here, let's just leave. He'll most likely die because of the creatures." A muffled voice said.

The villagers left the forest, thinking Naruto was dead or going to die. Naruto looked ahead of him to see a medium-sized slip of paper on the floor. He read it, seeing that it had instructions for a technique, that when used, would grant him immense speed, strength, and give him a royal blue and gold-streaked aura that was visible. He would also have a shinken[1] appear in his hand, he would have fiery hair that waved around, which looked from far away as if his head was on fire, golden eyes the color of his hair, and his hair would go straight up, as if it were pointing towards something above him in the sky. He looked much like a celestial entity. To activate the technique, he would only need to say or think its name: Seresutiarugōingu[2].

In fact, if he wanted to, he could make the aura disappear so he could be undercover. He decided to try the technique after reading the instructions. "Seresutiarugōingu" He whispered. Suddenly, a burst of energy erupted out of Naruto, and he was surrounded by a royal blue, golden-streaked aura with a shinken in his right hand. He had fiery hair, golden eyes, his hair stood straight up, and he a looked like a celestial entity[3]. He somehow could feel that every genjutsu within the range of the outskirts of Konoha had been broken. He chuckled at that thought. Suddenly, for an unknown reason, the hole opened, and Naruto felt himself being sucked out of the underground cavern.

-_-_-_-Character Focus Change-_-_-_-

Kurenai Yuhi, 16-year old Chunin and Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha, was paralyzed with fear. She was just walking home from a completed A-rank mission through the forest, when two bandits happened upon her and her teammates. They tried to fight back, but were captured. Her two female teammates, once they were taken back to the bandits' camp, were assaulted and raped. Kurenai could only watch in horror as her two friends' virginities were taken by force. Her friends were then shackled, and sent to a large tent. When they got there, they saw that it was full of women who had been raped by these bandits, with shackles tying their arms and legs together, crying their eyes out.. They were going to become slaves to these disgusting, soulless men. They cried too, as they could do nothing about it. Kurenai had gotten the feeling she wasn't going to see her friends again, and that the bandits were going to advance on her. As the bandits started to move forward, she cast a genjutsu on all of them. All of the bandits, save two very strong ones cried out in agony as they fell to the ground, then slumped unconscious. Kurenai had taken the chance to get away as she leaped through the trees, the two left over bandits chasing after her. She was semi-conscious, mainly running on the adrenaline of battle. She started to slow down, until they got to a field. She fell down, not being able to run anymore. The two bandits grabbed her and started removing her clothes. With some of the last bits of her strength, she let out a cry for help.

"HELP!" she had shouted. A bandit slapped her and said,

"Shut up, bitch." She could only say in her mind how truly terrified she was. 'NO! I'M GOING TO BE RAPED AND BECOME A SLAVE!' She cried, thinking no one could save her.

-_-_-_-Character focus change-_-_-_-

Then, without knowing how, Naruto was suddenly on the ground at what he assumed to be the center of the forest. He looked around and saw that he was in the middle of a soft, grassy field. Suddenly, he heard a female shriek. Then he heard crying. He crouched just a little to see an immensely beautiful woman having her clothes torn off by two beefy thieves. The woman had black hair, crimson eyes, and CC-cup breasts. He was completely angered at how evil these men were.
'Uzumaki-sama, calm down. I know it angers you, but you can't show yourself without being prepared.'
"Huh? Who's there?" He called out. The bandits stopped.
"Did you hear something?" one asked.
"No. Now let's get back to screwing this hot chick[4]!" The other replied. They started taking off Kurenai's clothes again.
'Uzumaki-sama, stay calm. There is no one near you. I am the soul of the blade that appears when you call out your technique. My name is Moeru Ryū[5] . When you speak to me, just think what you wish to say, Uzumaki-sama.' Naruto paused for a moment, then thought,
'I wish to help that woman.'
'So, you wish to help her, even though you know nothing of who she is, if she is an enemy ninja, or if she will wish to kill you?'
'That's right.'
'Wait for one moment.' Naruto could feel Moeru Ryū searching his mind for something. Suddenly, Moeru spoke up.
'I can't believe this.'
'Can't believe what?' Naruto asked.
'Your past. You have been through so much in your life; beatings, attempted assassination, getting stabbed, bones being broken, yet you remain as pure as the white fallen snow on the coldest of Winter's days. I am amazed. Since you wish to help this woman, I will tell you a technique that you can use to kill these disgusting rapists. Just say the name of the attack, and I will guide you to your target.' Moeru then told him the name of attack, and told him it was time to kill these men.
'Alright, here goes nothing.' Naruto thought.

Then he stood up and shouted at the bandits,
"Hey you heartless dicks! Leave her alone, NOW." The bandits heard a child's voice and saw him and sneered.
"What're you gonna do about it, brat?" One of them shouted as they continued to rip off Kurenai's clothing. Kurenai managed to turn her head just to catch a millisecond long glimpse of the boy right as he calmly whispered,
"Seresutiarugōingu." Suddenly, a violent torrent of royal blue with golden streaks swirled viciously around Naruto. His hair turned a fiery red and orange, stood straight up, and waved around violently. His eyes turned golden, and he looked like a celestial entity. The bandits felt the surge of power coming from the boy, and were a little bit frightened.
"AS I SAID BEFORE: LEAVE HER ALONE, NOW!" Naruto said in a demonic voice. The bandit who was at Kurenai's head said (YAY! RHYMES!),
"No way, brat. She's ours."
"FINE, DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU." Naruto charged forward and disappeared. The bandits were whipping their heads around. Where did he go? Suddenly, Naruto appeared right next to the bandit who was at Kurenai's head.
"YOU DIE FIRST. DINE IN HELL, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" He swung his sword, and it cleanly sliced through the man's throat, decapitating him without spilling blood. The man's head fell right off his body, then his headless corpse fell to its knees, then slumped forward and laid there, not moving at all. Naruto then disappeared, then appeared back where he originally was.

"What the—you killed my brother, you little brat!"
"TCH, HE DESERVED IT." Naruto retorted. The man howled in rage. He then through multiple handsigns, then shouted,
"Doton: Chikyū Yari no Jutsu (Earth Release: Earth Spear Technique)". Out of nowhere, a spear of earth broke out of the ground and charged towards Naruto at a high speeds. Kurenai's eyes were full of sorrow. There was no way that boy was going to be able to dodge that. She was going to lose her virginity to a rapist after all. Yet she still watched, hoping the boy would find some way to get past the attack.

'Uzumaki-sama, use the attack I taught you. HURRY!' Moeru told him.
'Okay Moeru. And BTW, just call me Naruto. I don't want any respect unless I have earned it with sweat and determination.'
'Okay, Naruto.' He then whispered the name of the attack,
"Kasai Doragondoriru[6]." Suddenly, Moeru guided him forward, making him run just a little slower than the spear. He jumped, and began spinning like in the Gatsūga attacks that the Inuzuka use. He was immediately coated in flames, yet he was not hurt at all. Then the coat of fire around him began to take the shape of a dragon's head, while he was still spinning. He met the spear head on, drilling through it and burning it to a crisp. He was still spinning when he reached the remaining bandit. He drilled straight through the middle of the man's torso and exited out his back. He then flipped, landed on his feet, and the flames dissipated. The bandit looked down at his torso to see a gaping sizzling hole. He tried to speak, but he just vomited blood before falling to his hands, then slumping. Naruto decapitated the corpse. He made the aura disappear. He then checked on the woman to see if she was ok. When he got to her, he saw that she was exquisitely beautiful. He got on one knee and asked,
"Are you ok, Tenshi-chan[7]?" She blushed at the nickname he had given her.
"Yes, I am fine, thank you for asking. My name is Kurenai Yuuhi. Can you please take me to the Hokage? I don't feel very well, and am about to pass out from lack of adrenaline and chakra." With that she fainted, too exhausted to hear his answer.
"With pleasure, Tenshi-chan." He replied. He went quickly into the forest and cut up some parts of a tree to fashion the bars of a stretcher. He then took cloth from the bandits' corpses and made the part of the stretcher that you lay people on. He picked Kurenai up gently and laid her on the stretcher. He then picked up the stretcher and carried her to the Hokage's office at light speed.

~_~_~In the Hokage's office~_~_~

Naruto arrived in the Hokage's office with a whoosh, causing the Hokage to look up from his Icha Icha, and nearly have a heart attack. The Hokage could feel an immense power coming from this boy who had a royal blue golden streaked aura around him, fiery hair that stood straight up and waved around, golden eyes which were the color of Naruto's hair, and to top it off, he looked like he came straight from the heavens.
"Who're you? And why are you carrying Kurenai Yuhi? " He asked.
"I'm carrying Kurenai, because I rescued her from being raped by bandits, and as for who I am…" He leaned in close and whispered,
"It's me, jiji." The boy replied. The Hokage was shocked. Only one person in the entire village called him that.
"N-Naruto? Is that really you?"
"It's all me jiji. I'll tell you why I look like this tomorrow, but first can you get Ms. Yuhi to the hospital? I'm about to give out."
"Ok, Naruto." The Sandaime said. He then called four ANBU to take Kurenai to the hospital. Then Naruto collapsed, and the Sandaime caught him. Sarutobi thought,
'I better take him to the Hokage mansion.' He took Naruto to his estate, so he could rest.
'Tomorrow is going to be a long day,' the Sandaime thought.

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Extra Author's Note:

[1]: A shinken: A japanese sword mainly used by warriors. It is similar to a katana, but it is slightly longer, and slightly more curved.

[2]: Seresutiarugōingu: It means: "Going Celestial". I got the idea from Danny Phantom (copyright Nickelodeon.)

[3]: All the DBZ fans will know this one. Think of when Goku goes Super Saiyan.

[4]: This is just how I thought bandits might talk about a beautiful woman.

[5]: Moeru Ryū: It means "Burning Dragon". I thought the sword should have a name that fits its attack.

[6]: Kasai Doragondoriru: It means Dragon's Fire Drill. Spoiler alert!: I thought he should have an attack that relates to the summons he will have. You will find out next chapter, what those summons are. Doo! Doo! Doo!

[7]: Tenshi-chan: Naruto is calling her an angel because she is so beautiful.