Yeah, i've seriously got to stop making fanfictions that are inspired by other fanfictions. I mean, okay, FSAC wasn't inspired by anything, but seriously! *face/palm* Anyways, i'll stop ranting on that and get to the information that's actually important.(or that i find important, anyways)

Yes, this was inspired by ALBN. Sue me. Actually, i started to write this back when ALBN only had three chapters to it or something like that. Then i said 'screw it, i need to stop being unoriginal' and let it collect some dust for a few months, and about a month ago i pulled it up again, dusted it off, and decided to continue.

I should probably say this is rated T for two reasons. A) Okami is rated T and B) I am not Waka. Therefore, i do not know what the future will hold for this story.

My character in this story(Celia)has played through Okami up to Ryoshima Coast. So there might be some slight spoilers here and there, and not really much description on characters and areas. So if you haven't played that far and are fine with spoilers, then read on.(same to people who have gotten that far in the game) but if you're not fine with spoilers, then wait until you've gotten that far. It's only the begining of Ryoshima Coast, just to clarify.

Okay, one more thing before you can start reading.(sorry this is taking so long. O.o) As far as pairings go, there will be OC/Issun and maybe some Ammy/Waka. And any other normal pairing in Okami. I won't really bother with pairings if i don't feel like it,(Like Oki/Kai)so don't expect to see much of unimportant ones.

And now,(finally) on with the story!


Y'know, I'm horrible at introductions and such, so I'll just be simple.

I was at my house. My friend just left after spending the night. My wii was still on and had Mario Kart in it. I was sitting on a mattress in my living room wondering what the heck to do. My mom was going into town. Naturally, this would be a perfect opportunity to play Okami.

I replaced the disk that was already in the wii, picked up my wii remote, sat down, and waited for the main menu to come on. Normal, right?

Yeah, except for when I clicked continue, there were no save files there.


I threw down the wii remote in frustration and anger. Not a good idea when you have the wrist strap on. I bit my lip to keep me from saying anything I shouldn't, and tried to calm down. The stupid wii must've glitched or something, because I was already to Ryoshima Coast. I checked the game files, all thirty of 'em, but there was no sign of my game. I had worked so hard getting there! Do you know how much time I spent getting to that part of the game in 3 days? A lot, I can tell you that much. I gritted my teeth and pressed back. Looked like I was going to have to start from scratch. Again. Ugh.

I sat through watching the prologue about Nagi and Shiranui fighting Orochi and, to save you from spoilers, someone releasing Orochi. But then, when Sakuya appeared, the game slowly started to change. Minor details, yes, but you'd probably notice them if you were totally Okami-obsessed, like me. But I'm getting off track here.

Anyways, the game text looked sorta like this-

"My power has diminished over the years I've spent protecting this area. I don't have much time left in this world." A disk appeared in Sakuya's hands. "Now is the time. Amaterasu, shine your divine light upon this broken and polluted world. Let your heavenly rays become out hope as you guide us all!" The disk flew onto a wolf statue's back, and where the statue was a second ago, a majestic wolf now stood. "Ah! Such divine white light! Such beauty and grace!"

My game froze there. I groaned in frustration. I seriously needed to get my wii fixed before I murdered it myself.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sounds in the game getting louder. I turned my attention back to the screen again…and tried not to scream at what I saw. The red and black winds in the game's background were flying out of the television screen! They started to pull me in, and even though I tried to grab something, there was nothing to grab. I just had to brace myself as I was sucked into the TV screen. Into the game.

Into Okami.

I'm sorry if that seemed too short. I promise you, the chapters will get longer and more intresting. Just wait. Now, Celia?

Celia: I still don't understand why I agreed to do this. *glares* read and review, please!...although I don't know why I need to tell you to read, I mean, you've already read it.