Year of 2012:

The company BL/ind was born made off of luck and a few bucks. This company was started in Los Angeles, California. Nobody suspected this small company to actually make it through the year, let alone become a very successful business. Their symbol a black face, a face that was smiling. That stupid face.

Year of 2013:

BL/ind started to make caned dog food. That's how they started, wet dog food. A company that was going to rule the world started with a can of dog food!

Year of 2014:

BL/ind boomed! Started to produce medicine that got rid of emotion. People flooded the drug stores to get this new medicine, this so called miracle. Only a few million refused to take it, half of them saying it was a hoax. The other half believed this drug had a bigger purpose. A purpose of world domination. A purpose of control.

Year of 2016:

BL/ind showed their true colors. Slowly but surely all the big governments were destroyed. First was Untied States government. Next was the Chinese government. One by one BL/ind killed them off.

Year of 2018:

BL/ind was rumored to be making atomic weapons. Not many people took caution; only the people who believed in the true powers that BL/ind had. How dangerous they really were. A few months into the year the bombings started. Any state, city, country that stood against BL/ind was destroyed. Millions upon millions killed.

Los Angeles was the first to be bombed. BL/ind rebuilt a city upon its ruin. The city was made of black and white buildings, tall, boring buildings. They re-named Los Angeles, it now became the city where the women were kept. Where the men were brain washed and trained. Where the innocent children were murdered. This horrible, bland place is now named Battery City.

The few people that managed to survive these bombings suffered a greater feat; the women were taken for reproduction only, men taken to become blood hungry robots. Men were brainwashed, they felt no fear, no guilt, nothing but the desire to kill. Children stayed with their mothers until they became of age. When they reached the age of 18, they were sent to the BL/ind headquarters and they were examined. Some became Draculoids, others sent back for reproduction, and many were killed.

But whenever there is a power savage company there will always be rebels. Rebels that stand for what's right. The good guys some of you might say. The savior others speak of. But what they call themselves are Killjoys. There are probably hundreds of these rebels. Hiding from the enemy, scraping up enough food to survive, and destroying BL/ind is what the Killjoys lived for.

But this story is going to be following a very special group of Killjoys. Some say they are destined to become the downfall of BL/ind. That is why they are wanted dead or alive. That is why they are feared by BL/ind. This group consists of four incredible men.

Jet Star. Fun Ghoul. Kobra Kid. Party Poison.

Four men destined to save the world.