Chapter 41

Poison stared at the man in front of him. The man dressed in all white, the man that resembled his brother. But his brother was not there. Poison felt as if he might cry at any moment. He'd lost the one last living relative he had. But he wasn't going to give up, Poison hoped, no, he prayed that Mikey was still there. Deep inside the mindless man that stood in front of him.

Korse smiled as he knew the pain that Poison felt was a burning pain. And he hoped that, that pain would eat Poison from the inside, and destroy him entirely. That with the last known living relative Poison had being gone, that Poison would not see the point in living. Korse gave Poison one last smile before turning to Kobra.

"You watch him…make sure he doesn't escape." Korse ordered.

"Yes sir," Kobra nodded and stood by the door, holding his black ray gun in hand.

Poison couldn't believe this was happening right now. He wouldn't believe that his brother was gone, that he'd just lost everything. Suddenly he couldn't hold back the tears any longer. He felt warm tears fall down his cheeks. As he stared into the eyes of his baby brother he knew that a spark was still in him. If he could only get Kobra to stop taking the pills BL/ind was giving him, then maybe, just maybe he'd get his brother back.

"Mikey…I know you're in there! Listen to me….fight back. Fight to survive Mikey." Poison cried out. Kobra looked at Poison.

"Shut up," Kobra barked.

"I know I haven't lost you yet. I know you're still in there…you haven't left yet." Poison shouted a little louder.

"I said shut up! You have no right to talk you dirt rat!" Kobra yelled.

Poison cringed as his brother yelled at him. He took a deep breath and decided to try a different approach.

"You think you're all high and mighty because you work for BL/ind but let me tell you something. You are nothing but a mindless freak! You mean nothing to BL/ind; you're just a man with a gun sent to do their dirty work!" Poison yelled trying to sound as angry as he could.

"I am not! How fucking dare you speak to me like that!" Kobra seethed.

"Oh really, BL/ind feeds you those pills just so they can control you. So you can be their puppet. Their toy." Poison snickered; he saw a Kobra's face turn to pure angry and hatred.

"I don't need any pills! And BL/ind is forcing me to do nothing!" Kobra snapped.

"Well stop taking them…and prove me wrong," Poison smirked.

"You'll see I don't need any fucking pills." Kobra stated before standing up straight again.

Poison smiled. Once Kobra is back to normal…they'll have a man on the inside. A vital key to the destruction of BL/ind.

Sorry it was so short!