Hello. I got bored one day and thought of this. I know it's short but this is the opening chapter.

Recently, I got hooked on InuYasha and thought of Twilight while watching an episode. This is how the story was born. Enjoy!


I sighed and raked my claws down the side of the tree. Looking at the bark, there were ten long, deep marks in it. I sighed again and looked up at the moon. It was glowing silver and my "dad", Charlie came out, calling my name.

"Bella! Come inside, there's going to be a big storm and it's going to be dangerous," he yelled over the howling wind. I don't know why he bothered. I'll be fine, I'm half demon, duh! My dog ears flicked forward though and I jumped down from my seat on the branch.

I wish my brother was here, I thought. Of course, he can't be because he's in a midevil Japan. Right, I didn't tell you about myself. My name is Bella, supposedly Bella Swan, but I'm no daughter of Charlie. I'm adopted. You see, my brother is called InuYasha and we are half demons. Our father was a demon among demons, and he fell in love with our mother. They are both dead... And sadly, my full-fledged demon brother, Sesshomaru is still alive...

"Coming!" I called back. Tucking my sword, Tebiji, back into its sheath, I headed back to the my home for the moment. Since I am half demon, I need to keep my guard up, keeping my hand on the hilt of Tebiji.

The dog ears on my head flattened against my hair, hiding from view. My claws turned to human nails and I scowled. I hate being mortal... It makes me vunerable. Yet, I can't be in my demon form near these humans, InuYasha made me promise. My eyes turned back to their boring brown from amber. In demon form, my hair is silver, but now that I'm mortal... It's maroon brown.

There was a rustle behind me but I didn't think anything of it. Two more days... Two more days till I can go back to Japan and be with my brother in the midevil times. Right now, I'm in the 20th centery era. So familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time.

I'm sure InuYasha won't even remember me, unless he saw me. It's been so long. Fifty years has passed since I last saw him. He was in love with a mortal named Kikyo. Much good that did, he was killed by her arrow when he was betrayed by her. I fume with rage just thinking about that girl. She killed my brother!

I ran into my room and sat on the bed, glaring into the dark. Why did he have to fall in love with her? I mean, come on! She's a priestess, she kills demons.

There was a knock at my bedroom door and in came Edward Cullen. I immediantly became happier. Finally! I smiled and stood, making sure Tebiji was behind me, in my reach at all times.

"Edward! You're finally here!" I said, wrapping my arms around his cold, stone body. He's a vampire, so it makes sense. He's supposed to be dead, so it only makes sense that when he's a vampire he's hard and cold... Like a corpse.

"I'm sorry I took so long. Alice wanted me to do something for her," he whispered, holding me to him. I rolled my eyes and chuckled silently. Alice Cullen, his sister, is a pixie among vampires. She is full of energy and a shopaholic. I'm considering putting her in rehab.

"Okay, as long as you're here," I whispered, burying my face in my chest. He stiffened and I guessed why. My scent hasn't had time to change back. It still smelled like dog and demon, yet Edward wouldn't pick up the demon part.

"Have you been with the wolves Bella? I told you they are dangerous," Edward scolded. I shrugged internally. Truly, why did he need to worry about me? I can take care of myself!

"I know, I just wanted to go for a swim at the beach," I lied. Honestly, I wouldn't be caught dead with those things they call wolves. Want to see real wolves, go see the Demon Wolf Tribe in the mountains!

However, Edward seemed pleased at my answer. He nodded and sat on my bed, me sitting next to him. There was a silence, but it wasn't uncomfortable. It was nice, and since it was nice, I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. It may be surprising but he is actually comfortable for being cold and hard like stone.

"Are you tired Bella?" he whispered, his arms wrapping around my waist. I nodded slightly and was just about to give myself to sleep before Edward chuckled. "Alright, goodnight my love," he whispered, a smile in his voice.

"Good night Edward," I whispered, falling asleep. I just hope my dog ears don't come out while I'm asleep. They used to when I was with my brother.

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