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BPOV (Bella)

I laughed as Edward and I reached the well house. We jumped back into the well and ended back in the feudal era. We got out of the well and hurried to a hidden cave.

However, we had a little surprise when we got there.

IPOV (Inuyasha)

My eyes blinked open and looked around. I noticed that the warmth of Kagome was missing and her scent was stale. I also smelled the vamp Edward.

I jumped up when everything was pieced together. Bella took Kagome as my prank! Gah why did I have to fall asleep! Jumping from Kagome's bedroom window towards the well house, instantly going into the well. The bluish purple light envoloped me in its comforting embrace.

I landed on the well floor, and sniffed the air. They definately passed through here.

BPOV (Bella)

I stuck my arm out to stop Edward and started trembling. I noticed that Edward was staring at the man before us, though I already knew who he was.


"What are you doing here Sesshomaru?" I asked, being nice. Actually, I think Sesshomaru likes me better than Inuyasha, because I'm not much of a pest.

"Isabella... What a nice surprise. This Sesshomaru didn't expect to see his half-sister here..." Sesshomaru stated.

"Still talking in third person I see," I mumbled. I thought I saw a light smirk on his face.

Then Inuyasha came.

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