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EPOV (Edward)

My neck tingled as I stared down at my newly confirmed mate. A smiled crossed my face as I saw the marking on her neck and thought back to what happened at the hot spring. Though I felt a boost of pride, I knew that if I had blood in me, I would be beat red.

Suddenly a feeling of fatigue hit me. I whimpered softly before a firey feeling hit me. I passed out silently as it ran through me continuously. Right before I succumbed into an impossible blackness. I could feel my mark on my neck burn hotter than the feeling in my body. Then, the darkness enveloped me.

BPOV (Bella)

A smirk crossed my lips as I felt Edward pass out. A growl from me alerted my brother and he nodded, appearing in the tree in front of me.

"So, he's changing, huh? I didn't think it would be this quick. In fact I didn't think he would at all," Inuyasha grumbled.

Laughing, I brushed a lock of copper hair that had fallen into his face back into place.

"He is a vampire. His venom must be reacting with my own poison, having him change at a faster rate," I mulled over. Inuyasha huffed with annoyance, jumping back to his intended.

I placed Edward's head in my lap, noticing how his skin was growing just a shade darker, turning from ghostly, death white to a creamy white. His hair then started to gin silver, like the color of my own.

I quickly moved his lip, looking at the growing fangs in his mouth. They looked more vampiric than demonic to be honest. You know, like the ones that curve in, that look like Dracula's? Yeah, those types. Smiling, I placed the soft, pink lip back into place. His fingernails were sharpening into claws, though still had the appearance of regular nails.

A yawn forced its way out of me, my eyes blinking tiredly. Each blink lasted longer than the last and soon, I was asleep, for real this time, hugging Edward to my body tightly.

TPPOV (Third Person)

As Bella fell asleep, the camp became completely silent, except for the soft snores of the sleeping humans and demons.

Rosalie was still struggling to get free, though it was useless. That is, until a cloaked man entered the camp, his white baboon pelt gleaming. Rosalie noticed him and gasped silently.

A slick smile graced Naraku's face as he took in the bound, blonde, beautiful vampire. Completely at his mercy.

Kikyo will take off the scroll when I get her back to my castle, he thought as he ghosted over the camp to the vampire who was staring at him. The thought of killing everyone and taking the jewel shards crossed his mind but decided to wait. After all, where's the fun in it if everything is so easy?

"Ah, my little vampire. You failed me, disappointing, no? But I suppose I can overlook this incident," Naraku mocked, standing in front of Rosalie. She locked away, only to be forced to look back. "Such a shame if I had to kill you for failing me. Someone as beautiful as you deserves to be ravished, not murdered. But fail me again, I won't think twice," he purred. No reply came but he didn't expect one. So, he pulled the vamp onto his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

And finally, with his trademark laugh, he disappeared with Rosalie. "Ku, ku, ku…"

During this time, none of the Cullens were in the camp. They couldn't stand to stay near Rosalie. Inuyasha had fallen asleep keeping watch after his talk with Bella earlier.

Speaking of Bella, while she slept, there was something glowing on her forehead. Upon closer inspection, the light glowing was in the shape of a crescent moon, a hidden mark of the West Palace and Silver/White Inus. Inuyasha's forehead was reacting the same way. However, the reason is unknown as of now.

Back to the small Tachi. Edward started moving again from his position. A groan escaped him as the fire in his body cooled to normal.

EPOV (Edward)

I groaned, the hot, burning sensation in my body finally disappearing. However, the same couldn't be said for my neck. It only grew hotter and hotter. It reminded me of my changing into a vampire, only that all of a sudden, it stopped completely. Even my neck stopped burning. Everything was normal.

My eyes blinked open, noticing that the fire had dimmed, signaling that time has indeed passed. A wince crossed my face as I scratched my head. A yelp escaped me as something on my hands dug into my scalp. Pulling my hands back, my eyes zeroed in on claws that wouldn't be visible to human eyes, but were clear as day to me. And they were connected to my fingers. My eyes widened as I started shaking.

Carefully, I got out of the tree, making sure Bella didn't wake up. Then, I ran to the hot spring. As soon as I got there, I immediately looked into the water. A startled yell sounded as I fell back.

Slowly but nervously, I crawled back staring in shock at my own reflection, or at what I think is my reflection. With the claws that had appeared, my hair color had changed. Silver streaks had appeared in the bronzish color of my hair. It matched Bella's hair color, I noted. My eyes had turned a more prominent golden color as well, no trace of black whatsoever. Also, I could feel something pressing into my tongue and lips. Opening my mouth, longer top and bottom fangs flashed in the small amount of light.

Rustling came from behind me and before I knew it, my body was reacting. In a crouch with growls of some type of animal language, I stood there. This language was one I never learned, not that I learned any other animal language, but I could understand it clearly. "Who's there? Show yourself!"

The rustling stopped, and then Bella stepped out, her eyes flashing. Her mouth opened and a series of barks and growls came from her. "I see you have awakened and seen what has become of you. Might I say, you look better now than before. You look absolutely delicious Edward," she said, a smile on her face. "And you are already speaking the Inu language. I'm so proud of you mate."

I stared at her as she came closer. I relaxed my stance, shocked into silence from her words. However, it didn't last long, I recovered from her words quickly. "Do you know what happened to me? Why I'm like this? Please tell me, my love!"

"Of course I do. After all, I'm the reason why, my darling Edward," she purred. Bella slipped into a deep crouch as she spoke, the ends of her hair brushing against the ground.

"What?!" I gasped, backing away. Her eyes started to bleed red, as twin, jagged stripes appeared on her perfectly pale cheeks. The top was crystal blue while the bottom was the color of silvery white. Her fangs had grown longer, protruding over her bottom lip. Growls started to pour from her throat.

"Nothing bad my mate. Your body reacted with our mating, since you were not a demon at the time. My mating mark had changed you so that we would be of similar power. I honestly didn't think you'd change at all, or at least so quickly," she mused, her red eyes staring into mine. A whimper then came from her throat as she stared, locking her eyes with mine once more. "But you look utterly irresistible!"

And with that, she tackled me, kissing my lips deeply. Moaning against her lips, I pulled her closer as we slowly fell to the ground closer to the hot spring.


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