Mutant Son

Summary: X-Men Movie Verse/HP Crossover. SLASH (non-graphic). Pyro/Harry. The last thing Snape told the Order before he betrayed them was that Voldemort was searching for his son. The Order somehow finds his son before Voldemort does and makes a trip to Xavier's.

Warnings: Slash (not graphic). Crossover.

Disclaimer: None of it is mine

Long A.N. This is an edited, continuation of my piece under the username Dominus513. I had abandoned the story awhile ago and promptly forgot my password to both my fanfiction account and my e-mail account. Whoops. Hopefully I'll be able to update more frequently this summer. Anyway, this takes place in the summer after HBP. While it will take some from DH it won't follow it. As for the X-Men movies, this would take place before the second movie. Though I always estimated Bobby, John, and Rogue to be around seventeen during the events of X2, I postponed the events. I'm playing with the idea that, in this AU, either John was not present for Stryker's attack or pushing back those events even further. Also, I view John and Bobby as being very close, but figuring their relationship to have become strained from John's hostility towards Rogue. Given John's sexuality in this piece, I imagine that John even may have some sort of feelings for Bobby, thus explaining his behavior in X2 and hatred in X3. At the same time, I figure that John and Bobby would have an interesting relationship, somewhat turbulent. Fire and ice after all cancel each other out but they are also quite opposite forces. As for John's past, I am working with the common idea that John is from Australia like his comic book counterpart and also a runaway and street kid. One last thing (I know this A.N. is ridiculously long). While this is slash, it will not be too graphic for two reasons: (1) my focus here is more on John and Harry's developing emotional relationship instead of the physical one (for the most part) and (2) I hope more readers not traditionally into slash may be more comfortable reading it.

For those who have read this story all ready, I still suggest that you re-read it seeing as I have revised slightly, perhaps enough that no re-reading it will throw you off.

Chapter One: The Discovery of Voldemort's Heir

The Order gathered around the table, subdued as it had been for weeks. Dumbledore's death had hit them hard, preventing them from getting much work done, but this meeting promised to be not only important, but productive. They hadn't settled on a leader yet, but most looked towards Professor McGonagall and Mad-Eye Moody for guidance. That was why they were all surprised when Remus Lupin took the floor, looking well worn after his recent full moon excursions.

"Hello," he began, softly. There was no need to quiet the group down so he plowed full force into the issue at hand. "I know the last few weeks have been hard. Dumbledore's death was not just a set-back. We all lost someone dear to us, but we must move on from mourning. If Dumbledore knew that his death slowed down our resistance against Voldemort, I believe he would be disappointed. Personally, I know the last thing I would want to do is to disappoint him." He sent a smile at Kingsley Shackelbolt who nodded in agreement. Tonks winked at him from the back of the room.

This time he continued more loudly, confidence firmly instilled by this support. "Tonks, Minerva, and I have been reading through Dumbledore's journals and looking through those pensieve memories not exclusively entrusted to Harry, trying to find any direction to head in. As we know, he instructed Harry to keep his mission to himself."

Moody grunted. "I'm still not sure whether we should trust what seems to be an important task to the boy."

Mrs. Weasley sighed. "Though I don't lack trust in Harry, he is just a boy. We should be protecting him not asking him to carry this great burden."

"I believe Potter has proven rather exceptional for his age. He is a promising wizard," Shackelbolt argued.

Mr. Weasley nodded in agreement. "I know you worry for him, Molly, but Harry no longer has the luxury of being just a boy."

Amelia Bones, who joined shortly after Dumbledore's death and what appeared to be the continued weakness of the Ministry, peered at Moody and Mrs. Weasley. "From what I understand so far, I do not believe that is the topic Lupin has brought up. Without Potter's willingness to share his information, any argument against Potter's involvement is futile."

Remus smiled gratefully at her. "Thank you, Amelia. We must trust both Dumbledore and Harry in this. We have trusted Dumbledore's leadership thus far, I believe we should continue. In fact, by reviewing his journals, we hope to find guidance from Dumbledore beyond the grave, so to speak. We found nothing of great importance after weeks of searching, but, this morning, Tonks found something."

A few murmurs broke out, some excited, some rather nervous. Even McGonagall seemed interested as she had not been there for this discovery. No one knew quite what to think. Could they do anything with Dumbledore gone? Was this their chance to show You-Know-Who that they were still there, ready to fight? Remus patiently waited for the murmuring to quiet down before continuing. "It seems that Snape left one piece of useful information before his betrayal." He saw the scowls appear on the faces of all in attendance as they heard the traitor's name. A few such as Moody sat up straighter, expressions of interest placed clearly on their faces. "It seems that three years before Voldemort's first defeat, a baby boy was born to a Madeline Allerdyce, a baby boy that was not her husband's. Dumbledore did not specify the details of his conception. It is curious after all, considering Madeline Allerdyce is a Muggle. Nevertheless, the evidence is clear; this boy is Voldemort's son, a son he has been searching for since his return. Dumbledore put great efforts into hiding the boy."

This time there were loud outbursts of surprise and nervousness. The boy would be old enough to do some real damage by now and even the Weasley twins knew this was serious.

"For his protection or for the wizarding world's?" Bill Weasley asked. He still looked pale from his recent clash with Greyback, but his face had finally begun to heal. Fleur Delecour protectively grasped his hand.

Tonks shrugged. "Dumbledore made no mention. But I doubt Dumbledore viewed him as a serious threat as a baby. I mean just because he is You-Know-Who's son doesn't automatically make him evil."

Moody looked unconvinced. "Some wizards are born bad seeds." The Order, used to Moody's bleak view of human nature, continued past the comment.

"Has You-Know-Who found the boy?" McGonagall asked over the noise, voicing everyone's question.

"No," Tonks spoke up again from the back of the room. A smile appeared on her face. "But we have."

Moody stood up, his scarred face eerily alighted with doubt. "How is it that we have found him when Voldemort could not?" he growled out, paranoid as usual. "I say it's a trap." Others added in their agreement.

Remus tried to get them to quiet down but his calm voice and manner made it impossible. Tonks, watching her husband struggle, stood up and shouted, "Quiet!" To Remus's surprise it worked and the room's attention was back on him. He shot Tonks a grateful look.

"We didn't find him," he grabbed a journal off the table in front of him, holding it up for all to see. "Dumbledore did. He got in touch with an old friend of his who had the means to find anyone on this earth. Fortunately, he didn't have to look far; the boy was conveniently under his very nose, attending his school."

McGonagall took the journal in her hands, gazing at Dumbledore's slanted handwriting. She sniffed, perhaps in grief, and looked over the rim of her classes at her old student. "Charles Xavier?" she recognized the name. However, she continued to focus on the main topic of discussion. "How is it that You-Know-Who could not find him?"

Remus smiled faintly. "Even if Voldemort tracked down the mother, she had abandoned St. John years ago. It appears that St. John Allerdyce also had problems with his adopted father. He ran away a couple of years ago and found his way to New York from Sydney. Professor Xavier himself did not even know the boy was Australian."

"What are we going to do about it?" Moody growled. "Will we dispose of the threat?"

McGonagall glared at him. "Mad-Eye, we don't dispose of children."

He glared right back. "Well, if we did, people like You-Know-Who wouldn't exist. Dumbledore knew the nutter was off the minute he laid eyes on him." The Weasley twins snickered as Moody referred to the feared Dark Lord as a nutter. Mrs. Weasley glared at her sons, clearly still upset at their Order membership. Apparently Moody's comment did not go over well with McGonagall as she turned her back on him and gave Remus her full attention.

"We must bring this boy here. Recruit him or protect him. Whichever we can," she decided.

"I agree," Mr. Weasley butted in, followed by his wife and a few others.

Kingsely eyed Remus carefully before asking, "How powerful is he? Would he be of any help?"

Remus smiled ironically. "Oh yes, according to Professor Xavier, he is very powerful, just not in the way you are referring to," he told the room. "St. John is a mutant, not a wizard, and attends Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters, or mutants as the case may be. Tonks and I plan to visit Xavier tomorrow to bring the boy back with us."

McGonagall nodded her head in agreement. "I will join you." The room's occupants exchanged worried glances, but no one argued. Tomorrow night, they would meet Voldemort's heir.

"Would you like any tea?" Professor Xavier offered his guests kindly. He had quickly discovered there was no use in trying to read their minds as, apparently, they were able to block him. This fact didn't bother him, though. He remembered his old friend mentioning the names of Minerva McGonagall, Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin before. His team leader, Scott Summers, didn't appear to be as trusting as he, however. Logan, also part of the meeting while the other two teachers were recruiting a mutant teenager in Missouri, seemed to trust the professor's judgment.

"That would be much appreciated," McGonagall nodded.

"Yes, please," Remus responded with a smile. Tonks politely declined from her place at his side.

Xavier, however, did not get distracted with pleasantries and got straight to the matter. "I assume you are here about St. John. Albus contacted me months ago about him. How is my old friend?"

His guests looked down at the floor sadly and Xavier's stomach turned. "Professor Dumbledore was killed three weeks ago," Tonks answered bitterly. "By someone he thought he could trust."

The X-Men looked at the Professor, to see how he took it. I'm fine, he communicated to them mentally. Then, to his guests he said aloud, "Albus was a great man. He spoke very highly of you three." His eyes turned to McGonagall. "I trust that you are Hogwart's new head."

McGonagall nodded solemnly. "It is indeed big shoes to fill. There will never be another Albus Dumbledore."

"I am sure you will do an exceptional job," Xavier cleared his throat, moving his own mourning to the back of his mind as he focused on his student. "Albus said St. John is the son of the wizard you are fighting, Voldemort I believe his name is."

"What do you want with him?" Scott asked, not trusting the new comers. John was a particular favorite of Scott's. His often exposure to the student, either in class, in detentions, or in the company of one Bobby Drake, had brought John to high esteem in Scott's eyes, an opinion not particularly shared by the other teachers, Xavier excluded.

"We wish him no harm. Nor do we wish to force him to do anything for us. However, there's only a matter of time before Voldemort finds him," Remus told him. "We have a safe haven that we can keep St. John. We want to introduce him to our world and see what he decides to do. He is nineteen, am I right?"

The Professor nodded. "Do you truly believe that John is in danger?"

"We do not think that You-Know-Who will be receptive towards a mutant son. This automatically puts the boy in danger."

"We can keep him safe," Tonks assured him.

"We can keep him safe," Logan said gruffly. Remus glanced at him.

"Maybe against a Muggle or mutant threat," he responded. "But Voldemort is like nothing you have ever faced. He is ruthless and if he finds that his own son is impure as he would put it, he will kill him. Not to mention the danger in which you would put your students."

Xavier nodded at him. The safety of his students was his main priority. "Scott, why don't you find St. John and bring him here," he asked.

It was Logan who responded, however. "There no need to find him," he said smirking in a way that made Tonks nervous. It was simply animalistic. "I believe him and Iceman are having an argument."

"How can you tell?" Tonks asked curiously.

Logan pointed towards the window. "The trees are on fire again." And so they were.