Mutant Son

A.N. So last chapter was supposed to be it but luckily for those of you who wished it, I've done an epilogue. And came up with an idea. It's really short, just a bit of an extra scene to give an idea of what life together means for them now.


"So when is he showing up?" Kitty asked, nearly bouncing in her seat.

"Soon," Rogue rolled her eyes.

"Hey, that's not fair. You already met him," Kitty defended herself, glancing towards the door. "We've," she gestured towards Pete, Jubilee, and even the room behind her, "have yet to meet the guy who domesticated Pyro."

"Domesticated?" Bobby asked doubtfully.

"You know," Jubilee started, taking a drink of water. "Boyfriend, baby every other weekend."

"So basically I'm a woman who lost her custody suit," John stated as he joined them. Bobby let out a short laugh as Rogue hit him lightly on the shoulder. John and Rogue nodded to each other. It still couldn't be said that they liked each other, but somehow they had reached a level of mutual respect. As long as Rogue kept dating the new guy, Remy Lebeu, of course. John still didn't think she was good enough for Bobby. In fact, he sometimes found himself wishing that Hermione wasn't dating Ron. Well, more than sometimes.

Jubilee and Kitty exchanged glances. "Basically," Jubilee agreed.

John turned to Bobby. "Remind me why I'm here," he said quite painfully.

"Because Scott wants to meet your boyfriend when he's not secretly dragging me off to rescue you," Bobby informed him brightly. "And it's his birthday so you feel obliged."

"Oh yeah, that," John replied, eying a couple of laughing students warily. "Remind me never to feel obligated again?"

"So when is he showing up?" Kitty asked again, this time directing her question at John. She looked behind him. "I thought he was coming with you."

John shrugged. "I think he has a meeting with their Minister." He paused. "Actually, I think that might've been yesterday. Maybe he's taking that interview Hermione bullied him into."

"Interview?" Pete asked.

"I didn't think Harry could be convinced to do anything promoting his own fame," Bobby looked to John.

"It's not a fame thing. It's a damage control thing. A bunch of politicians have been painting him as a loose cannon," John told him, eying the door.

Scott joined them. "Where is this boyfriend of yours?" Scott asked as he came over.

John rolled his eyes. "And you people call me impatient. Maybe he's off saving the day. He likes to disappear and do that kind of shit." The door to the rec room swung open and the Professor wheeled in with Harry. "Ah, there he is. Go bother him now."

The group turned to look. Harry quickly became uncomfortable as he became the center of attention. "Aw, he's cute," Jubilee grinned.

"He's not a puppy," Bobby replied, rolling his eyes. "And trust me, he's not so cute when John's holding him back from doing some serious damage to someone."

"Maybe not, but it's hot as hell," John smirked, pulling out his lighter.

Bobby stared at him. "You're seriously damaged. And hey Harry." The Professor and Harry came to a stop in front of the group. Harry gave Bobby a small smile in greeting. Bobby turned to the rest. "Guys this is Harry Potter. Harry, this is Kitty, Jubilee, and Pete. And you've already met Rogue and Scott." He gestured to each person in turn.

"Nice to meet you, everyone," Harry offered.

John watched him in amusement. "You're late. They've been harassing me about where you were."

Harry failed to hold back a wince. "Yeah, I had to talk to Hermione's reporter friend."

"How did your interview go?" Rogue asked.

"Er…" Harry ran a hand through his hair. "Kind of terrible actually. I'm not any good at them." John snorted and Harry glared at him before turning to Scott. "Happy Birthday."

"Thanks, kid," Scott responded, studying him carefully. John did his best to hold back a grin as Harry shifted uncomfortably. "So about dragging Bobby off on a half-assed rescue mission…"

Harry apparated them directly back to the apartment. "That was awkward," he said. "Bobby didn't have to stay at the Mansion, you know. This is his apartment."

John smirked. "I don't think he wanted to be here."

"I'd put up a silencer," Harry rolled his eyes. "Though maybe not. He actually laughed while Scott scolded me for a half hour."

"Welcome to my life," John said, grabbing Harry as he went to pull away. "So was the interview really that bad?"

Harry looked at him. "Do you really want to talk about that right now?" he asked before his face broke out in a grin. "Because I really don't feel like talking."

John smirked, pulling him closer. "You're right," he said before Harry kissed him. Harry slipped his hand to the back of John's neck and guided him closer. John bit at his bottom lip before Harry slipped his tongue in his mouth. And again it was their usual battle for dominance.

John began pushing Harry back towards the bedroom. Harry fumbled for a moment with the door knob before somehow managing to turn it. John pushed Harry back onto the bed and straddled him. He pulled away as he lifted Harry's shirt up and over his head. Harry watched him, hand running along the scar across John's side before unbuttoning his shirt. The task was made harder as John reinitiated their kiss, hand groping for Harry's fly.

"Harry," John got out against his lips.

"Hmmm?" Harry kissed him again.

"You staying the night?" he asked, pulling away.

"Yeah," Harry breathed as he finally got the chance to pull John's shirt off. His eyes turned to John's, dark but not entirely focused.

"Good," John grinned, pinning him down further and slipping his leg between Harry's. He pushed. "Because you're not gonna have the energy to move when I'm done with you."

"No more t-talking," Harry managed to get out as John's lips found the pulse point on his neck. And that was fine with John.

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