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Summary: Danny's family, friends, and teacher all die in an explosion that was never suppose to happen. When Danny Phantom was found as the seen of the crime he is mark as the murder and Danny flee's making everyone think that Danny Fenton died in the explosion as well. Danny travels around trying to find someplace to call home. After 1 year of travel he has arrived at Jump City where he meets the famous Teen Titans. Over the year, to help him hide, he has changed his appearance from a black and white hazmat suit, to black jeans, black hoodie with his logo (refusing to remove it in memory of Sam, his one and only true love. He also has the 'wes' ring that he gave to her on a chain around his neck and will rip apart anyone who touches it), with white shoes, gloves and streaks of white on the side of his Hoddie from under his arms to his hip, with white hair that he uses to cover the scar across his right eye (from his point of view) that was caused by the explosion. Danny also has a weapon that he now carries with him. A Scythe, that he manly only has in his ghost form and he can make he disappear and reappear at whim.

PS: Danny Will Be OOC but you will see a bit of his old personality from time to time.

Chapter One: Slade Plan

Slade sat as his desk in his lair, and watched the news for anything that my spike his interest. he at back in his chair with he feet propped up on his desk as he watch the news intently for several hours till he found something worth while. When night came and still nothing he sighed and reached over to the remote to shot up the TV when the seen changed and something stopped him from pressing the power button to turn it off. He watched silently as an oriental woman gave a grim announcement.

Today here in Amity Park, a devastating seen happened here at the former teen hang out, The Nasty Burger. In a terrible train of events, an explosion occurred taking the lives of several towns' people. The Fenton family, containing Jack Fenton, Maddie Fenton and Jasmine Fenton with one member still missing who is also believed to have died in the explosion, Samantha Manson, Tucker Foley, and Mr. Lance, whom is a high school English teacher, died in the accident here today. The one member of the Fenton family whose remains are still missing is Daniel Fenton. If anyone knows where he can find him or Danny Phantom whom is believed to be cause of the explosion, please contact local authorities.

Slade sat back and smiled as they showed the pictures of the two boys and information about both. Slade quickly hit print and pictures of the two teens were ejected from a machine and Slade looked at them. Phantom the white hair, green eyed boy was the one believed for murder. While Fenton, the Black hair, blue eyed boy, was missing.

As he studied to two he could not help but laugh at the situation. He quickly figured out that the two of them here no two separate people, or ghost in this matter, but was the same person. Slade chuckled darkly and placed the pictures on the desk and he got up out of the chair and walked out of the room. Oh Danny-boy Slade thought. What have you gotten' into. But no matter, you will be perfect for helping me destroy the Teen Titans. He laughed softly and shut the door behind him.

End Chapter 1