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Chapter 36 - Friends Never Say Goodbye

One Week Later

Danny's PoV

I was currently sitting on the couch with Sam, watching the News. The Titans and Dani were at a public announcement in an attempt to try and clear Danny Phantom's name, and trying to get Vlad arrested for illegal cloning, that's why Dani was there along with Vlad in ghost proof hand-cuffs. They suggested that I be there to help prosecute Vlad for cloning me and Danny Fenton, creating Dani. She doesn't care as much if people find out she is a halfa, but I'd rather keep in the low light rather than the spot light for the time being.

Another reason why I didn't want to go; The Guys in White were there looking for me to capture and arrest me for more than just one charge. Apparently they still blame me for many things that happened in Amity Park.

That and they're idiots.

So I chose to stay in the protection of Titan Tower, along with my girlfriend to watch everything that was happening on the News from my spot of the couch, eating popcorn without butter, because of Sam.

I glanced down at said girl to find that she had fallen asleep on my side, her head rested on my shoulder as she slept. I smiled down at her, and leaned down carefully to give her a soft kiss on the top of her head, happy to have her right where she belonged. By my side.

I turned back to the T.V. when I heard Raven speak up. She was currently standing on the platform with a microphone in front of her and her hood covering most of her face.

"I first spoke to Phantom when I went for a small flight into the night for me to meditate and relax. I saw him in the clouds, in obvious grief and releasing some missed placed aggression at some of the things me and my team members had said to him earlier that day. I noticed some of his emotions and-"

Raven was interrupted by Agent k of the Guys in White "Ghost don't have emotions! They consist of nothing but mindless ectoplasm and hate."

I noticed a small twitch above Raven eye. "Contrary to popular belief, ghost do in fact have emotions. If he didn't I wouldn't have been able to pick them up." she lied. I know he couldn't pick up my emotion because I blocked my mind off from anyone who dared to dig where they didn't belong.

Raven quickly decided to humiliate the GiW. "And you also said they the run on nothing by hate, correct?" she asked with her bored sounding voice, but I could pick up a faint hint of smugness behind it, causing me to smirk.

Both Agents nodded. "Yes."

Raven nodded once almost giving a thoughtful look. "But isn't 'hate' an emotion?"

The crowd murmured and nodded their heads in agreement, also sounding thoughtful, probably thinking over what Raven had said. The GiW look lost, finding themselves a bit trapped at what to say.

Raven nodded, finding that that situation had been settled. "Now, back to matters before I was rudely interrupted." she said, casting the Agents a suffering look before looking back out at the people and cameras. "I after noticing his emotional distress, I approached him, wanting to learn about him and finding out the truth for myself. I talked to him and learned everything that had happened that day, knowing that he was not lying to me. He said that while he was protecting the town and himself form a hunter from the ghost zone, the said hunter fired a rocket, hoping to hit him, but missed, thus causing the rocket to hit the Nasty Burger food joint instead. I say that anyone who should be guilty of murder is that hunter that fired the rocket in the first place." she said, causing the crowd to yell their approval, apparently finding the wisdom and sense in her words.

At that point, the News Cameras focused on the GiW agents leaving with scowls on their faces, disappointed that they wouldn't be able to catch me with the whole city now on my side.

Raven should become a Lawyer.

I smiled as the scene quickly cut back to the Titans and Dani on the stands with a cuffed Vlad Masters beside them. Raven took a step back and let Dani take the stands.

Dani looked nervous out of her wits as she stood in front of nearly all of Jump City.

"Hi," she startled lamely, causing me to chuckle softly. "My name is Danielle Fenton, also known at Dani Phantom, that's Dani with an 'i'. I am a clone of both Danny Fenton a Danny Phantom, created by Vlad Masters."

They whole crowd gasped in surprise, whether from Vlad cloning someone, or that she was a clone of both Danny Fenton and Phantom.

A reported spoke into a microphone and asked a question; "How is that possible?", before moving the mic closer to Dani to pick up her words.

Dani blushed and rubbed the back of her neck. "I don't know all the science in it to be honest. I might look 13 years old, but I am only about a year and a half." The crowd murmured in awe at her claim. "But from what I do know, he took DNA from both Fenton and Phantom, and managed to put them together somehow. Something went wrong during the DNA bonding and an extra X chromosome was added. He wanted the 'perfect son' but instead, the most stable clone he got, was me."

Another report looked at her with confusion. "But you're a girl." she stated.

Dani rolled her eyes. "Thank you, Captain Obvious." she said, causing the crowd to chuckle and the reporter to blush. "I know that I am a girl, that's why he didn't want me. He intended to get rid of me."

"How did he try to get rid of you?" the reported asked.

Dani tensed and turned to shoot the semi-conscious man a heavy glare. "He tried to melt me into a puddle of goop."

Everyone gasped in horror, even the Titans did, not knowing that much about Dani's past. They knew that Vlad tried to kill her, but not how. A few people in the crowd started protesting again Vlad calling him 'evil' and 'child abuser'.

If only they knew the half of it.

Then I heard one call that made me really happy.

"Throw that fruit-loop in jail for life!"

Vlad looked up and glared at the crowd, but kept his quiet, knowing to keep his mouth shut because of Cyborg standing right behind him with a very protective look on his face.

I smiled and chuckled, but stopped when Dani started speaking again. "The reason why he took Fenton's and Phantom's DNA to create a clone, was to make the clone half ghost; which I am."

The reporter's eyes widened with awe and fascination. "Really? Can you show us?"

Dani shrugged then let her rings appeared to morph her into her ghost half. Everyone was chattering with excitement the new discovery of a half-ghost and started throwing questions I couldn't hear, all at once.

Apparently Dani felt the same way because she yelled for everyone to quiet down. Once everyone was quite, she sighed and shook her head. "I'd rather not talk too much about myself, I just want to help clear my cousins name so that he can go back to his home. Along with Danny and Sam."

"Who?" One of the reporters asked, confused.

"Danny Fenton and Sam Manson." Dani said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

A reporter in the back yelled out. "But weren't those two of the teens that died in the explosion in Amity Park?"

Dani shook her head. "No…the News said that they died, but they didn't. After Phantom was chased out, Danny and Sam went after him, hoping to try and bring him back and help to prove his innocence's" She lied, using our cover story.

"Then why didn't they just go to the police to show that they were alive?"

Dani huffed. "And what? Be bombarded by so many people that they wouldn't be able to get the chance to find Phantom and bring him home? Even I'm not that stupid."

The reported nodded slowly, finding the explanation reasonable.

Dani sighed softly. "Now, if we are done here, I would like to get back to the tower with my…cousins so that we can hang out for a while." Dani said, and then she stepped back, letting Robin take the stand.

Robin smiled and nodded once at Dani to signal that she did a good job before looking back at the crowd. "As leader of the Teen Titan's, I am also going to tell everyone that both Danny Fenton, the Phantoms, and Sam Manson are fully under our protection, and anyone that hurts them or even attempts to harm them, will have to deal with the fully fury of the Titans. We are hoping that the Phantoms might be willing to join us in our protection of Jump City-"

Loud yells of approval echoed across the area, causing me to smile softly.

"-and that we might be able to help Danny Fenton and Sam Manson to try and get their original lives back to what it was like before all of this happened."

Robin stepped away from the stand and the microphone, listen to the applause and the shouts of excitement from some people and he looked at his team and Dani.

Cyborg reached down and grabbed Vlad by the back of the neck of his torn up suit and lifted him up off the ground and he walked over to the microphone, dragging the older halfa along with him.

"I would also like to make a small announcement of my own. Before Vlad Master can be brought into custody, I will personally build him his own cell in the local prison. So he will be staying in the Titans Tower's own holding cells, until I can finish the cell at the jail house." then he stepped back and nodded with pleasure when the crowd approved with a strong powerful yell.

Cyborg turned to his team mates with a smile. "Let's head home."

After that, the scene cut to some other News around a war on the other side of the world so I shut the TV off and waited for the Titans to get home, which might take a while because of all the people probably going to stop them to ask them some questions.

I looked down at Sam for the millionth time since she had gotten here, always feeling my heart melt whenever she was near. I closed my eyes feeling a small pang in my heart at the news I was going to have to give the Titans. Sam and I had made a decision last night, and we were going to have to tell them when they showed up.

I sighed and rubbed my hand on my face under my hair against the scar that resided there. This was going to be hard to tell them.

"Hey Danny?" came a soft murmur from beside me. I looked down to find that Sam had woken up and was now looking up at me with half sleepy eyes, but there was also a sudden spark of curiosity in them.

I smiled down at her. "Yeah, Sam?"

She straightened up and looked at my face with intensity. "What was that under your hair? I saw something."

I froze and swallowed slightly with fear. I had never allowed Sam to move my hair out of my face, in fear of her seeing the scar. "Nothing, don't worry about it." I said, placing a hand over the mutilated side of my face, turning it away from her.

Sam's eyes narrowed as she reached out and gently grabbed the wrist that was covering my face. "Danny, let me see please." she said softly, looking concerned.

I jerked slightly and stared at her wide eyed. "S-Sam I'd r-rather you didn't." I said quickly trying to keep her from moving my hair as I reached out and grabbed both of her wrists, keeping them away from my face.

Sam glared at me. "Daniel Fenton, you let me see what is wrong right now or I will shave your head bald in the middle of the night."

I stared at her, eyes wide, knowing that she would follow through with that threat. I closed my eyes, dreading the worst as I let my hands loosen on her wrist, feeling them slip out of my grasp. I heard a pathetic whimper escape my mouth as he moves the hair out of my face, revealing the ghastly mark adorned my face.

"Oh my god." Sam whispered softly. I felt one of her fingers gently trace over the jagged edges, tracing them. "What happened, Danny?" she asked, moving her hands to where they now held my face.

I opened my eyes and sadly looked into her. "The explosion." I told her softly. "I was hit with shrapnel as the place exploded."

Sam stared me in the eyes, before she leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. "Danny, you should know by now that I will accept you, no matter what. What makes you think a simple scar will scare me away, when you are half dead already?" she joked.

I smiled softly, relieved. "That's good. In the beginning, everyone wouldn't stop staring at me, so I grew my hair out to hide it."

Sam nodded. "That's understandable. But I'm not like other people, remember that. I rather think that scar makes you look tough." she grinned. "Maybe that's why they were all staring at you, they might have been afraid of Big-Bad Danny-boy." she laughed, teasing me.

I chuckled and kissed her forehead and pulled her into a hug. "Ahh, you never cease to amaze me, Sam."

She quirked an amused eyebrow at me. "I would hope not."

I grinned at her. ThenI thought of something and looked at her almost bashfully. "Hey, Sam?"


I leaned forward and whispered in her ears.

When I was finished, Sam grinned and nodded. "Absolutely."

I smiled and grabbed her, teleporting us into my room. As soon as we appeared in my room, she ran into the bathroom, leaving me standing in the middle of the floor. She came back out a moment later with two items in her hands and a grin on her face.

I smiled sheepishly. "I think I might end up regretting this." I said softly.

About thirty minutes later, I'm standing back in the living room, waiting for the Titans to show up, wondering where they were at. I glanced at Sam who was wearing a smug expression and a pleased light in her eyes.

I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck again looking up at the ceiling. I quickly looked back at the door when I heard it sliding open with multiple voices that quickly filled the room. I glanced nervously at Sam who nodded and gave me a thumbs' up. I smiled, felling a bit reassured and faced the Titans and Danielle.

"Hey guys, glad to see your back." I said, happy that my voice didn't quaver and show just how nervous I truly was.

They all stopped and stared at me with wide eyes. I felt my heart race with self consciousness.

"Dude…" Beast Boy said, his mouth hanging open and eyes wide.

Raven glanced at Sam and they winked at each other, seeming to be sharing some secret that I might never know about.

Robin stared at me in disbelief. "Danny you…" he said, completely thrown for a loop.

"CUT YOUR HAIR!" They all shouted, minus Raven, causing me to wince and cover my ears as the loudness.

"Ow. And no, I didn't cut my hair, Sam did." I told them with a weak smile.

Cyborg grinned at me and walked over, giving me a hard slap on the shoulder, causing me to wince. "That's awesome man, I was wondering when you were going to do that. You shouldn't be afraid of what you look like."

I nodded, rubbing my abused shoulder that he'd hit. "Yeah, just like you told me in the mall." I said, smiling up at the mech man, suddenly feeling better knowing that they didn't care about how I looked.

Cyborg nodded and then studied my face carefully. "Now that all that hair is out of the way… I bet that if her gave someone a glare, or scowled, you could look… dangerous almost…." he said slowly.

I chuckled. "That's what Sam said after cutting my hair."

Dani flew up and hugged me tightly with a smile. "I never knew you were hiding that scar under all that mass of hair, but even with the scar, you still look awesome with your hair short again."

I grin and ruffled the clones white hair, mussing it up and causing her to whine before letting go and move over to the side to fix it. I smiled with triumph at her making her stick her tongue out at me.

Starfire suddenly floated up and inspected me from every angle with a scrutinizing expression before stopping in front of me again. I stared at her nervously, not sure what to expect when she grinned widely and almost squealed in happiness.

"I like the new Danny!"

Everyone laughed and I smiled with embarrassment. "Uhh…thanks?" I said, unsure of how to respond to that.

Sam suddenly cleared her throat, catching my attention and reminding me of what else need to be done. I sighed and smiled weakly at Sam once, before looking back at the group before me. "Guys…we need to talk to you about something."

Robin nodded, looking at me curiously. "Sure, what's up?"

I rubbed the back of my neck before looking up at them. "Sam and I have talked, and seeing as how you guys have cleared my name, for the most part anyways, we decided to do something."

Starfire grinned clapping her hands together. "Oh joy! What are you and Friend Sam wanting to do?"

"We want to go back to Amity Park."

Everyone was silent; I swear you could hear a cricket chirping in the back ground. I glanced at Sam, begging for help. She shrugged helplessly at me, so I turned my eyes to Raven, hoping she might understand.

Raven was also staring at me with mild surprise on her face. Well, there goes that plan.

Beast Boy broke the silence. "You…want to leave?" he asked hesitantly, as if he wasn't sure he had heard me right.

I sighed and nodded my head. "In some form of the word, yes. Listen guys, I appreciate everything that you have done for me and Sam, but Amity Park is our home. MY home, and more specifically; my haunt.

"Haunt?" Beast Boy asked, scratching his head with confusion.

Raven informed Beast Boy. "A Haunt is a place that a ghost normally resides and lives- or unlives- at." Beast Boy still looked at her with a clueless expression, so Raven sighed with exasperation. "Kind of like territory to put it in animal terms for you." she said, a smug glint in her purple eyes.

"Oh, okay that makes more sense than before…hey wait a minute! Was that an insult?" He asked, looking at Raven, his ears dropping slightly.

Raven's mouth twitched ever so slightly. "The world may never know." she said with her bored monotone, causing everyone to laugh.

I smiled and looked at everyone, even Dani. "I hope you guys understand that I don't belong in Jump City. This is your town to protect, not mine. Amity Park is where I was born and where I died. The whole time I've been away from my town, my heart keeps calling me back. I NEED to go back." I said with a pleading expression.

Robin smiled sadly at me. "We understand. And we will always be here for you, no matter what."

Slowly, one by one, the other Titan's nodded their agreement, causing me heave out a long sigh of relief. "Thank you so much, guys. That means a lot to me."

Dani floated up beside me. "Hey Danny, is it okay if I come back to Amity with you?" she asked, her green eyes bright.

I looked at her and nodded. "Of course, cuz. After all you are family to me." I told her honestly.

Dani grinned and flew up and hugged me again before flying over to Sam who was still sitting on the couch. I looked back at the Titans and smiled calmly at them. "I will need a few days to pack whatever supplies I have."

Starfire jumped up. "I can help you do some of the packing of the clothes!" just before zipping off quickly. I blinked once before looking at the Titans and smiled softly. "I swear…who keeps giving her sugar?"

They chuckled at my lame attempt at a joke. Robin paused before looking at me. "What did you do while you were gone last week anyways? You never told us."

I shrugged and walked over to the couch to sit next to my girlfriend, throwing an arm over her shoulders. "Nothing much. Mostly at my job at the Pizza Corner, that I hadn't shown up to for a while. I got a paycheck as a start for me and Sam when we get back to Amity. After I got my paycheck, I told the boss that I will be unable to come in anymore."

Cyborg nodded. "That's right, you hadn't gone to you job for a while ever since we snatched you away, have you."

I chuckled and shook my head. "Sadly." I looked at Sam and Dani. "Guess we'd better go and get packed before Starfire touches something that shouldn't be messed with." I said.

Sam and Dani nodded, so we all stood up and looked at the Titans. "Give us a few days, and will be gone." I told them with a sad smile.

Their expressions mimicked mine as they nodded slowly. Sam, Dani and I all turned and headed to our rooms to grab what we needed for our trip back home.

Two Days Later

I currently stood on top of Titan Tower with a small book bag, filled with all of mine, Dani's and Sam's belongings that I had, slung onto my back. The two said girls were standing beside me, eyes filled with sadness. I looked at the Titans that stood in front of me. Starfire looked on the verge of tears, her eyes glittering with the unshed moisture. Beast Boys expression was the same as hers, but Robin and Cyborg bore only sad smiles and brave hearts.

I took a single step towards them and smiled at them. "I can't possibly thank you all enough. If I hadn't met you, I don't know what could have become of me." I said, my heart heavy.

Robin stepped forward as well. Till we were standing three feet apart from each other "I agree. You have most diffidently been the most inspirational person I have ever met. Risking life and limb to save and protect those you love." Robin said as he held out a Titans communicator. "If you ever need help, you know who to call."

I looked at the palm sized yellow and black device with a 'T' on it, a smile on my face. I took it and slid it into one of my pockets. "You'll be the first on my list." I told him with a smirk.

Robin held out a hand to shake it. "Then I guess this is goodbye." he said.

I stared at the hand for a second, debating something before I looked at him and grinned. "Friends never truly say 'goodbye'." I said, taking his hand in a firm handshake. "But we will always say 'good luck' or 'see you later'." I told them, much to their surprise. This was the first time that I have ever called them friends.

Their faces broke out in teary grins as I smiled at them, feeling a wetness collecting in the corner of my own eyes. I let go of Robin's hand and took a step back so I was once again standing beside Sam and Dani.

"I know that we will meet up with each other again sometime in the future. We might even see each other in the afterlife, but either way, this will not be our last meeting. I promise." I told them sincerely.

Raven spoke up, smiling at us with a true, genuine smile. "And we shall hold you to that, Danny Phantom. Good luck."

I nodded and picked up Sam in my arms bridal style and flew off the roof and into the sky with Dani beside me. About a thousand feet into the air, I pause and look down at Titan's Tower and the five tiny speck still stand on the roof. I could just barely make out their forms, but I could swear that one of them, if all of them, waved at us.

I nodded my head once slowly, a warm smile on my face, before turning around and flying towards Amity Park.


The End.

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