To those who have hung on this long, I thank you for your continued support. I realize it has been a long time since this story was updated, but you must also come to realize that inspiration is a fickle thing, one that is out of my control. I will update more often than I have hopefully, and I hope you will enjoy. -A.B.T.

Soul and Maka were the first to react as their assailant's all leapt from the rooftops. Soul finished his transformation with a leap into the air, spinning before Maka followed with her own jump. She caught him before delivering a savage blow that caught one of the attackers in the side, slicing him in half before his body dissipated, leaving only a glowing red soul behind.

"Target the girl! She's the strongest!" one of the assassins cried as she landed. As soon as her feet hit the ground, she was pinned. The assassin upon her had a boot on her chest. He pulled the white bandages covering his mouth down, showing a sadistic, open mouthed smile with razor sharp teeth and a long tongue. He leaned down, his blood red eyes piercing into her own.

"Such a pretty one...your soul will be delicious!" he said, raising his blade for a lethal cut.

"Think again!" cried Alexai, and the man (if he could be called a man) found himself moving, crashing with incredible force into a nearby building.

"How long do you think you can hide it, Alexai?" the man asked, before the sound of a blade clicking loose from the mechanism holding it back, and within moments the man was gone, a soul in his place. Maka, meanwhile, watched with amazement, and couldn't help but feel a little flushed.

"He saved me...just like Soul did...maybe..."

"Maka watch out!" cried Soul, and Maka rolled backwards, just out of the way of the blade that had just been swung at her head. Landing back on her feet, she had little time to counter, instead taking a leaping backflip away from another swordstrike, the blade clanging against the concrete, sparks flying. Maka took a peek behind her and noticed a building coming up quickly. Flipping her scythe so that the blade faced backward, she swung back, the blade sinking into the stone wall, effectively allowing her to stand on the wall. Emerald eyes burning, Maka glared at her attackers: two of the remaining assassins. The other two were cornering Alexai.

"All right, Soul. Only two of them. Think we can take 'em?"

"Think?" asked Soul, and Maka could practically feel the smarmy smile on his face, "One-shot." Smilling, Maka tensed her legs and pushed off of the wall, scythe wrenching free as she soared toward the two assassins. With a mighty midair spin, she hacked the head off of one. The other, however, caught the blade. She wasn't done though, and used her momentum to swing herself around (she was amazed that he was still holding the blade at this point) and land a kick in his chest. He was launched away, skidding down the road, and Maka followed up, holding her blade back as she landed, only on the ground for a moment before she leapt again, bringing her scythe down on the enemy, piercing his chest with the blade before he disappeared, becoming a soul along with his partners. She stood tall, looking over to Alexai.

"We should help him," she said with worry, but Soul merely appeared in the blade, drooling.

"These are...well, were...his people. He knows what they can do. He'll be fine."


"Come Brother Alexai," said one of the assassins, long tongue running along his blade, "you'll enjoy the power Guildmaster Chekov has to offer. He can make you powerful, like us!"

"By slaying the innocent? By feeding me their souls? What happened to your honor? To the Creed!" Alexai asked, ducking a blade and blocking another with his hidden blade, something that almost seemed impossible.

"The Creed? The Creed!" the other laughed, his voice a demented cackle, "The Creed is dead. Died with Armand. And good riddance, I say!" Then, he lunged, and Alexai dodged out of the way, catching his attacker in the throat, killing him instantly. He was a soul before he even hit the ground. The other kept his distance, eyes stuck on Alexai's arm.

"How could you, the Demon Stealth Weapon, turn from us, Brother Alexai?" he asked, but Alexai didn't give him an answer, and merely rushed him, dodging a sword strike before stabbing him three times in the chest. He was gone within a moment. Glancing over, he noticed Maka and Soul walking toward him.

"This isn't good...they've already tracked me they'll know if we get on a plane. We can't endanger civilians...we need another way," Alexai said, sheathing his hidden blade.

"Then what do you suggest?" asked Maka, looking around. She was answered by a black cat- Blaire.

"Nyaaan. If you need transportation, I can help you. You just have to bring me along," she said, and Alexai swore he saw a wink in his direction.