April 9, 2002

Round-Robin Story Telling- Inuyasha-style

By Yashira

(Author's note: They're grouped like this for obvious humor effects.. ^_^v)


"Okay, I'll start the tale!" Kagome's voice boomed over the rather large group which surrounded the campfire Sango had thankfully provided as she fixed deep serious eyes on them. There were muffles and half-hearted replies and Kagome was forced to add, "Look, we're all stuck in this cave until morning. We may as well make the most of it while we're here, so let me start!!!"

Miroku nodded cheerfully as he took his spot beside Sango, "I sure plan to." (^=^V)

There was the predictable scuffle of a boomerang and the drawing of a bow before Miroku got up a moment later, bruises littered round his head, and went off to sit with Shippo and Myoga. "Women…"

Inuyasha was glaring at both him and Kouga as he snapped back, "Serves you right you perverted monk. Why don't you do something useful and use your Kaze Ana on Wimpy Wolf here."

There was a slap of a fist against Inuyasha's head as Kouga's eyes narrowed coldly on him. "He wouldn't be able to catch me, like he would you."

"That's only because you're cheating using the shards," Inuyasha glared back, taking a quick strike with his claws, forcing Kouga to leap back and dodge away.

He stopped beside Kagome and placed his hands on hers, "Kagome, I'm going to kill him now so you can be my woman-"

"What the fuck did you say?!"

Kagome wore what looked like the classic teardrop on the side of the head, "Um Kouga, just because Naraku tricked us into this cave, and we're sealed here for the night, there's no reason to fight because that's exactly what he wants us to do. Can't we just get along until morning when the seal breaks?"

"I for one think this is rather lubricious," Sesshomaru sat with his back against one of the cave's grey walls, and looked rather bored and annoyed at once. Rin was sitting beside him gobbling down marshmallows that Kagome had given her from her knapsack, "If they can't behave, just let them kill each other, it would be more amusing."

"Don't you wish you can just "sit" Sesshomaru right now?" Sango's murmur was quiet, but it brought a gold sinister glare from Sesshomaru and Jaken.

"I'm behaving, it's this Inu-koru who's the problem," Kouga snapped back with annoyance as he glared at Inuyasha. "I'm only trying to kill him to make Kagome happy."

"Make Kagome happy?" Inuyasha wore a look that said, DIE. "You're the wimpy-wolf who was to sitting so close to the fire, rather than in it! I should be killing you…"

"Why you!"

"Inuyasha," Kagome snapped, " SIT DOWN!"


"What the fuck was that for?" He echoed from the hole in the ground that was him.

Miroku glanced down at him and replied with a dismissive hand, "I think she did it for principle."

Inuyasha glowered at both Miroku and Kagome, "Yeah," he said angrily, "Take Kouga's side… take the side of the guy you flirt with."

Kagome turned to glance at him, blinking at his words, "WHAT did you say?" Her tone sounded as if she were about to get violent.

"Quick check where has Myoga went to?" Miroku whispered to Shippo as the young youkai glanced at his shoulders.

"I don't know… he's gone!"

"Oh no," Miroku muttered as he hung back suddenly. "If I thought I was in trouble with Sango, Inuyasha is in for it now…"

"Oi, what the fuck is that look for?" Inuyasha seemed to hold back that pouting tone which was a mixture of alarm and "trying not to seemed alarm" at the same time.


A rumble of thuds echoed through the cave as curses followed immediately after. Kouga conveniently snickered.

Myoga was standing on Sesshomaru's shoulder at this point, having migrated from Shippo's shoulder to the full-blooded youkai lord in what seemed a flawless 2 second leap. Sesshomaru glanced up at him, frowning at his impertinence, "Don't use me as a safe haven." Then fingers lighting on the flea, Sesshomaru did an even faster 2 second squish.

"What a world…" Myoga floated to the ground in a colourless swoosh.

Shippo glanced at everyone, watching the way the whole room seemed to just speak of wanting to crash heads and rip limbs from offending body parts that he flustered bright red to see Kagome so angry, as usual at Inuyasha. When ever trouble happened, it was always Inuyasha's fault and all Kagome had tried to do was start a simple story so that it would take their minds off the odd encamped group here. "HEY," he cried out, "If you guys aren't going to let Kagome tell a story, then I am!"

"You little brat," Inuyasha echoed from the hole in the ground, but the kitsune was shaking his head and jumping up over Miroku's shoulders.

"Just listen to me and stop being an idiot!" Inuyasha threw him a most sour look, but Shippo cupped his hands together. "Okay, here's my story, so listen up!!!"