April 2, 2005

(Author's Note: It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm unable to reach my Beta Reader so here's praying my dyslexia doesn't act up too badly.)

Inuyasha - Round-Robin Story Telling – Style

By Yashira

Kagome writes a novel

Lets see. As so much has happened, I might as well recap. Princess Kagogo and her freedom fighter Shippopo are on a mission to see the crooked monk to find out why Sandbow wouldn't go into the cellar. The crooked monk, being bored mainly, climbs out of his tower and goes exploring. He happens to run into the younger, yet older and beautiful sister of Old Maid Baba who is busy…. Kissing Inuyasha.

I said there was something in her eye! You believe me rig-


I think that's her NICE way of saying no.

After much huffing to do, the crooked monk and company was set aside so that we could see what was happening to the real heroes who, after being accompanied by Koukou, were being besieged by a great dog demon called Shosho who, by chance, was still carrying Ja-chan and Riri. There were in a very bad situation as MyoMyo, the Banshee that warns of Death, had told them they were going to die if they went out today and this was quickly proving to be right.

I told you, but no one ever listens!

The main trouble about huge youkai who only have one arm is the simple fact they still have three other huge appendages.

Four if you count-

Oo I never thought you'd come out with a hentai comment, Sesshoumaru. There's still hope for you yet!

Foul monk, who was thinking hentai thoughts? I was counting my tail.

Aha! You admit you have a tail then?

I hardly think I wouldn't in dog form.

That's right. Oh. Damn.

Shosho stood regally, his proud head staring down at what he assumed were low-base youkai and a petty human, with more than a hint of disdain. While he wouldn't lower his standards to eating just anything, there was always the chance someone else was hungry. "Any of you need lunch?"

Riri, who had already eaten shook her head, while Ja-chan seemed to be reading some sort of paper that must have come out of his hat. Had Villains Anonymous faxed him another update? "Great Shosho, I think these are the ones I read about. That's the Princess, right there!"

"So this is my brother's consort? I always knew he was a shame to the family, but this takes it to a whole new ballgame. Imagine consorting with a… human."

"Consort? What the hell are you talking about! Kagogo is MY woman!" Koukou flashed angry blue eyes as he stood defiantly in front of Kagogo. Contrary to public belief, he had NOT deserted his finance. Unlike certain servants who run off after getting "BENT" - for justifiable reasons I may add – ookami youkai are notorious for staying loyal to ONE person only and as a clear result of that he stood proudly in the defense of the team. Read my lips, he STAYED PUT!


Whoa, that was a burn wasn't it, Inu-koru. HAHA!


I think she just did. -v


When I kiss Kouga, then we'll talk about double standards, okay?


Is that a promise Kagome? I'm all ready RIGHT now!

You're not kissing her and that's it!

You stay out of this Inu-koru,. This is between me and her!

The hell it is! Bakaryuuh-




While Princess Kagogo had not ASKED for KouKou's affection and overwhelming loyalty, it was HE who was standing with her now – protecting her from Shosho – not Inuyoshi who was off traipsing in the woods with YOU KNOW WHO. There's a reason why wolves –NOT dogs - are at the top of the canine family.

I'm so going to kill you Miroku.

ME? What the hell for? You already had your revenge with that Kouga-Miroku gag. If anything I should think payback is retribution coming tenfold.

If it wasn't for you, she wouldn't be pissed off at me now.

Look, all stories come from some point of truth right?

I feel like I'm walking into this, but yeah, so what's your point?

Point is: she wouldn't be so pissed if you hadn't already kissed Kikyou before.

You know, it doesn't matter how many times I have to say this, no matter how many times I keep telling you all that SHE kissed me, but-



You know, it was bad enough I had to WATCH it happen, but having to hear you and Miroku talk over and over about it is really beginning to… bother me.

Look, Kagome, I didn't ask her to-

SHUT UP and let me tell my story! OSUWARI!

Yes, I think she's going to be pissed for a long time.

"Princess Kagogo," Shippopo whispered nervously as his blue eyes stared up into the huge snorting nostrils of Shosho's angry looking face. "I think we're in trouble." He could feel his stomach flip-flopping something awful; he was dangerously close to losing his morning breakfast. "Maybe we should run away? All we have is your bow and arrows Old Maid Baba gave you. What could they do against him?"

Kagogo looked worried too as she drew an arrow and notched it to the bow. She didn't like the prospect of fighting something that could easily step on her, but the options available were practically nil. "Run away? Where would we go? He'd easily outrun us…"

Even with three legs.

"No one is running away. Someone took out one of his legs, so he's NOT that indestructible," Koukou spoke with a certain type of arrogance one could only find in a certain dog demon breed. "I think I'll just take out his other three and see how much he likes that."

Like that's even possible. This is all a bunch of wish fulfillment. Just kill the upstarts and end this story. Having to listen to all this drivel is giving me a headache.

I'm surprised you're not adding anything to what Sesshoumaru said, Inuyasha?

Amazing, is he actually learning that keeping quiet saves him from being sat?

What? Are you saying I can't learn anything?


Oh crap!


Kagome, look I'll-


And Miroku wonders why I want to kill him.

Ja-chan's froglike eyes had grown wide with the muttering he heard coming from below. With a horrified croak he said, "Great Shosho, the worms think they can beat you. Can you hear their very audacity?"

"Hear it? I'm trying to keep from laughing at their own foolish stupidity." Glancing down at the Princess and watching her rather pathetic attempt to shoot an arrow at him, he couldn't help but mock, "Did you really think you could fire that arrow and hit me? Seems like you need practice. Although you're leaving it a bit on the late for that."

"Kagogo, were you even aiming at him?" KouKou was looking at the forest of trees the arrow had gone sprawling into with blue eyes wide in surprise. "I thought you were a expert markswoman."

"I thought so too," Shippopo said nodding as he watched Kagome angrily notch another arrow to the bow. The results were the same. The arrow refused to hit Shosho at all and went right for the woods.

"There's something wrong with this stupid bow," she spoke with exasperation, her hands shaking madly. The third arrow met the same fate. "This is crazy! You all saw that right. It turned! Right in midair!"

"I didn't think Old Maid Baba was a meanie," Shippopo said quietly, "to give you a cursed bow and arrow."

"Well if that's your best shot-" The mighty Shosho tossed back his head, this time intending to squish this annoying party of interlopers, "it's time to say goodbye."

From out of nowhere the screaming cry of, "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOW!" rent the air. Running headlong out of the woods was none other than Inuyoshi looking extremely pissed off. And of course, why wouldn't he be with two arrows sticking into his chest and the third stuck to the top of his head like a pincushion.

"Perhaps your aim isn't as bad as I thought."

OI! I've been perfectly quiet, what the fuck was that for!

Inuyasha, didn't I ask you to stop interrupting me?

Yes, but I'm telling you, I wasn't SAYING anything!

But you are now, aren't you Inu-koru?

Ack, no, hey, wait!


If I could leave I would. You people are so unfair.

"Who the fuck is shooting arrows at me! Oh it's YOU! You damn bitch, what the fuck do you think you're doing!" He came to an abrupt stop in front of Kagogo, momentarily ignoring his greatest adversity and rival, KouKou, who was standing just a stone-throw away. "You could have taken out an eye!"

Yeah right. Hey, since I'm going to get SAT for anything I say, I might as well add this, HE SO WISHES he could be my rival. Without those shards, he's nothing!


I hope you enjoyed that.

Shut up Miroku. You'll get yours.

"Or worst yet," came the new voice that had ended up following Inuyoshi out of the woods, "You could have damaged some good equipment." He adjusted himself (yes you read that right) and looked a bit nervous. "When I saw those arrows coming, I saw my VERY short sex life flash before my eyes."

Or sooner than we thought!

"Hey, Kagome-chan, is there any chance you'll give me a turn?" Sango was sitting cross-legged, her hands stroking Kirara's fine white head, as she asked this. She looked a bit apologetic for interrupting, but since everyone else had gotten a chance to spin a tale of the story, she wanted one too.

"Oh, did I go over the time limit? Since the timer is broken, I didn't know. Sorry." Kagome flushed and waved embarrassed hands, "I couldn't help myself, there was just SO much I wanted to say."

"Why is she SO nice to Sango, but she SITS me as if someone set fire to her mouth." Inuyasha, sulking in the crater that had once been his seating area, was grimacing. "And I didn't even do anything to deserve the last couple of sits."

"I hardly think trying to interrupt Kagome and blasting everyone – even if you were only aiming at Kouga – with a Bakaryuuha was being undeserving. At least you didn't nearly get hit with an arrow where the sun isn't suppose to shine in. Kagome-sama, why?"

But she was too busy helping Sango get ready for her turn to hear the plaintive tone in Miroku's voice.