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So, admittedly, his mom was growing suspicious.

You see, being an Incubus- even just a quarter Incubus- was not something that was easy to keep quiet. Just imagine not telling your parents that you're a vampire, as the two are similar.

Wesley Jefferson Lincoln- call him that, you'll die, because it's Link- sighed after a night of feeding on his mother's dreams. (She was the easiest to access when he was home.) His dream-remembering mother was not only suspicious of all the disappearing bits of her most familiar dreams. Link just couldn't hide the fact that he could only walk in the sunlight if he has protection on all his skin and he goes out in early morning or late evening. And the fact that he no longer ate.

Before his mother found out the hard way, Link had decided, he would have to tell her. Maybe- hopefully- it would calm her nerves a bit.

She also wasn't too fond of Link's new girlfriend, Ridley. Or the fact that he was friends with Old Man Ravenwood's niece.

But Link had already decided. He would have to tell her.

"Hey, mama?" He asked her after dinner one night.


"I need to tell you somethin'," he swallowed nervously.

"Well, what is it?"

"First of all, I haven't been drinkin' or anythin', nor am I on drugs. I'm tellin' the truth."

"…alright? Why wouldn't I believe you?"

"Well… some sorts a… supernatural things… exist. And… I'm now what would be considered an Incubus. Only a quarter Incubus, though."

"Supernatural…? Like ghosts? And what on Earth is an Incubus?"

Link sighed. "It's similar to a vampire, I guess. No sunlight for us, but I don't have to feed off blood. I choose dreams instead, which is what's been happenin' to your dreams."

"No… blood… that's good… but… vampire? My son's a vampire!"

"No, an Incubus."

"Oh, such a difference! And no sunlight, what about school?"

"Well… I was bitten by a half Incubus. He could withstand sunlight. I've tried it… I can withstand sunlight- only early mornin' and late evenin'- if I protect all my skin. That means either long sleeves, pants, and an umbrella, with sun block, or not goin' out at all. Still… I don't have outdoor classes anymore, so I could go to school if my friend picks me up in her dark vehicle…"

"Well, alright. I can tell you aren't lyin'. But this is all so overwhelming! Are there werewolves and witches as well?"

"…Witches, sorta. But I dunno about werewolves."

"At least you aren't a werewolf. Now, I'm goin' to bed… all this in one night…"

That went well. Link thought before calling Ethan to explain all that happened.

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