Studio Lockdown Sleepover

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: M

Chapter 1


"Whose Idea was this anyway?" Tawni whined in her high pitched voice, she was annoyed with the situation they were all being put in.

For whatever reason the cast of So Random and Mackenzie falls, as well as a few of the other shows on set, were going to be locked in one of the studio rooms for the weekend. Of course, they would be provided luxuries, games, sleeping areas, a theatre sized screen for movies, etc. But they would be forced to enjoy all of these things with their rivals.

"Who do you think?" Nico asked glaring over at the brunette girl who was now standing awkwardly with her arms behind her back as she shuffled her feet and smiled brightly.

"Oh, come on you guys! Maybe it will be fun?" Sonny said as she walked closer to them only to receive glares from both of them. "Okay, maybe not." She added quickly as her large smile fell a bit. She was hoping this would get everyone closer but it seemed it was only serving to put a rift between her and her friends.

Shaking her head, the blonde diva started toward her "best friend", placing a manicured hand on her shoulder. "Sweetie, when are you going to learn…" She said this in a sweet tone before it turned harsh and louder as she added. "We are NEVER going to get along with those people you call friends on Mackenzie falls!"

"Never?" Sonny questioned in a squeaky barely audible voice.


"You know Tawni." The brunette said stretching out the other girls name in a sing-song voice. "I remember a certain young blonde who said she would never be my friend, and now look at us!"

"That was different." Tawni stated her jaw clenched as she looked away embarrassed by her own weakness.

"Aha. Is that a blush?" Sonny questioned reaching out and poking the blonde's cheek. She knew from past mistakes that she should not invade her "Tawni bubble," but she could not resist the urges sometimes. It was so much fun to tease the beautiful blonde.

"Tawni Hart doesn't blush!" She said the blush only intensifying as she let out a fake whine and turned to face Marshall with crossed arms. "When does this torture start anyway?" She asked with a pout on her lips. Sonny and the rest of her cast still laughing at the way she had been blushing which was growing to agitate her quite a bit. That was one of the reasons she never showed her soft-side, people would make fun of her weakness. Yet, for whatever reason the optimistic brunette she called a "friend" always got that side to show. It was strange.

"Right now actually!" Marshall said enthusiastically as he clapped his hands together.

Nico, Tawni, and Grady all groaned out upset while Sonny jumped up and down making excited noises, she could not wait to see what happened this weekend.

"Did you all pack pajamas?" Their manager asked.

The blonde diva seeing this as a chance to get out of the lockdown wore a shocked and worried face as she said "Oh no, I forgot. Now I won't be able to go. That sucks."

"Don't worry Tawn I brought an extra pair, you can borrow em." Sonny said with that infectious smile spreading from ear to ear, wrapping her arm around the taller girl's shoulders and pulling her closer to her body.

Feeling the closeness another blush broke out on the blonde's face, every time the perky girl touched her or got close to her lately she had been blushing. It had started to grow bothersome to her, mostly because she wondered what it meant. Why she liked the contact as much as she did. She no longer pushed her away, not that she openly embraced the contact, but she certainly had stopped pushing her away. "That's great." She stated sarcastically when she realized they were all looking at her.

"Yeah it is!" Marshal said excitedly as he led the way to the studio where they would be staying. He loved how optimistic and sweet Sonny was. She was always coming up with plans to get the shows to work together.


The large studio room was now filled with all of the kids from the shows on the set, Tween Gladiators, Mackenzie Falls, So Random, and a few other shows as well. Yet despite the large amount of people in the room everyone seemed completely segregated.

Sonny let out a sigh at the sight she could not believe how stubborn they could all be. No one wanted to talk to anyone else, so she had been walking around the room talking to everyone and trying to start some form of communication. "You guys there are tons of games, why don't we play a game?" She asked her co-stars.

"We as in us? Or we as in us and Mackenzie Falls?" Tawni asked crossing her arms over her chest and glaring over at the group of "real" actors on the other side of the room.

"Oh, come on, don't be like that!" Looking around, brown eyes wander over Grady and Nico as well as Zora who all had similar looks on their faces as the blonde diva. "You guys, Chad and the actors on Mack Falls have nice sides, you have to give them a chance!"

"Egg-salad anyone?" The blonde sang out in her high-pitched voice taunting the optimistic girl's last plan to fix things.

"Pshh. Come on you guys. A lot has changed since then." Sonny responded, though it seemed to fall on the deaf ears of her friends.

Tawni moved toward the shorter woman before wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her body closer to her own. It was shocking to everyone as well as the brunette who was now looking up into cold blue with hopeful brown. "When are you going to realize that all people don't have a good side Sonny?"

"Yeah, take Tawni for example." Zora said laughing. The boys started laughing as well before being silenced by a deadly look from the blonde. Glancing back she looked into brown eyes and her heart skipped. She ignored the oddity of course.

Sonny glanced away chewing on the inside of her cheek as she thought it over. Was it completely pointless to try and help all the actors to get along? All she wanted was for all of the competitive fighting to stop. She reminded herself that she had made a difference in her old school, she had done so many things to help people in her life, there had to be a way. She just had to convince her cast. Glancing back at the taller girl she pleaded with her eyes. "Please? Tawn, I know that you all think that Chad and them are just stuck up actors—"

"We do." Tawni interupted which earned some nervous laughter from the brunette.

"Please? Do it for me?"

As much as the blonde diva wanted to tell her friend no, she found herself being drawn in by her beautiful eyes. Blushing softly she tried to force her heart to stop racing and rationalize things. She hated Chad, she hated Mackenzie Falls, she didn't want to get along with them. 'But she looks so cute begging me for help… wait, cute? Gah! This is so stupid…'

"Come on! It could be fun!" Sonny continued before a pout formed on her lips.

Tawni found herself glancing down at those lips and her blush intensified at the thoughts that it caused her. They were far from appropriate and she was not alright with it. "Fine." She practically growled out turning away from the beautiful girl trying to shake the thoughts from her mind.

The brunette squealed out excitedly as she wrapped her arms around the diva pulling her into a tight embrace. Unbeknownst to her it only caused Tawni's blush to amplify and the inappropriate thoughts to return as she stood there with her arms at her sides letting out a fake annoyed whine. 'This weekend is going to be horrible…'


Authors Note: Starting a new multi-chapter fic for this couple! :) Needed to contribute. Should also be adding to some of my Tonny multi-chaps today. Still exhausted but I have some coffee so hopefully they won't be disappointing. I'm really hating my writing today. :/ Maybe I shouldn't add to my other stories after writing this. Ehhh. Well, regardless here y'all go.

-Tracy Cook