Studio Lockdown Sleepover

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: M

Chapter 2

Mii Vs. Wii

"Wii sports? I'm sorry but I don't play sports." Tawni stated matter-of-factly looking away from the group that Sonny had gathered. The Tween Gladiators, Mackenzie Falls, and most of So Random had agreed to compete in the game. The only person who had a problem with it was of course the same girl who had had a problem with them playing musical chairs, but what could the brunette expect really.

"Oh come on Tawni, please!" Sonny whined holding onto the diva by her arms as she did so. "We can't win without you, and you said you would try and get along with them for me!"

As a pout formed on her best friend's perfect lips the blonde knew that she was already going to lose the battle. Despite wanting nothing more than to continue fighting she had always been compelled to do whatever the shorter girl asked of her. 'God I hate how much I care about making her happy… I hate her.' Her thoughts deceiving her actions she groaned out another annoyed "Fine! But I've never played a "mii" before."

"Uh, it's a Wii Tawni as in "We" should work together." The large smile spread across her face as she laughed a little too hard at her own joke.

She would never admit it, but the blonde found her friend's laughter and the cute little play on words beyond adorable. "Oh, all I heard was Mii, as in "Me" myself, and I." Tawni replied with a smug smirk on her pink lips.

Rolling her brown eyes Sonny responded dryly "of course you did." Still, she was beyond excited for what the game could lead too and her excited smile again spread across her face as she jumped up and down. "Okay! Let the games begin!" None of the cast-members from any of the shows shared her enthusiasm but they all were intent on giving the competition their all, it would again show who was the best.

Things were going about as well as they usually did when the brunette decided to "Sonny things up." The shows were all taking this as an opportunity to compete against each other and prove which cast was the better cast, which was against everything she was hoping to achieve. She had wanted to fix the rivalry not fuel the fire.

Surprisingly the Tween Gladiators had lost first. She supposed that if it were an actual sport they would have won in no time flat, but apparently they could not play videogames as well as they could fight. It was now Tawni's turn up to bat as they played a round of Wii baseball and she was actually doing very well, despite never using a Wii before in her life.

"Scared Chad?" She shouted to the young man she was competing with in the baseball portion of the game.

"I'm not scared of anything!" He shouted back, his voice heightening and giving away his obvious annoyance with the diva's smugness as well as his own nervousness to not only losing to a Random, but losing to a woman as well.

Sonny hated to admit it but that pride that Tawni had that usually annoyed her was also something that she found endearing and cute about the blonde. The way that she was teasing Chad caused the brunette to let out some stifled laughter. She did not want it to be a competition but considering that everyone had made it one, she was rooting for her cast to win against Mack Falls for once. It seemed they always lost.

Swinging the Wii-mote fast and hard Tawni once again struck a homerun on the game and her entire cast started jumping up and down cheering her on. Sonny preoccupied momentarily on the way that the blonde looked playing the game, it was a funny sight. In her four inch heels, bright floral clothing, posing like a professional baseball player. 'So cute…'

"That was just luck!" Chad shouted out his voice still heightened.

"Oh yeah? Luck? Oooh look its Chad's head!" She shouted out teasingly to the young man as she again swung the remote slamming the baseball into the crowd, earning another homerun. Once again the cast cheered her on as she stuck out her tongue at their rival actors.

Gasping loudly the young man lifted a hand to his perfect face. "You did not—she did not!"

"I did." Tawni said giggling and letting out a cute sound of pride as she dusted off her outfit and turned on her heels heading back to her cast receiving many hugs from all of them. The one of course that stood out to her was Sonny's hug. The warmth that enveloped her was almost suffocating, her beautiful and unique scent, and the way that their bodies fit together. The taller girl found it very difficult to ignore these things and again ended up pushing her friend away.

Her attempt to put distance between the two of them was subtle enough that the brunette did not appear hurt by the action. Smiling softly the blonde managed to say something she rarely said. "Thanks."

"Why are you thanking me? You're the one who totally kicked butt; we had no chance until you got up there!" Her excited voice and bright smile meant more to the blonde than Sonny would ever know.

Realizing how nice she was being the diva immediately returned to normal. "Yeah well, you're welcome." She stated bitterly switching from "happy" to "Tawni" in seconds flat.

"Cheer while you can Randoms, I am a master at this game!" Chad stated as he made his way onto the "batting field," holding onto the remote and preparing to play the game. The entire game was on his shoulders and he had every intention of winning it.

As the game started up he enjoyed rubbing it in their faces each and every time that he hit the ball, he was doing an amazing job, obviously more experienced with the game than Tawni had been. Where she had done well he had of course done better to all of their annoyance. Even Sonny was bothered by this. Of course she wanted them to all get along but she hated seeing the blonde she cared about getting her pride crushed as well as the pride of their cast.

Tawni was scowling at the young man as he hit the ball once again. She rolled her eyes at him and he laughed. "Jealous?"

The blonde diva did nothing to answer this aside from crossing her arms over her chest and clenching her jaw as she looked to Sonny who was trying her best to patch up her friends hurt feelings. "It's no big deal Tawn." She mumbled.

"Yeah I know, just another win for Mackenzie Falls." She practically growled out.

"Hey, hey now! None of that attitude, he may beat your score but—but." The brunette started as she was trying to find some way to cheer up the taller woman.

"But what Sonny?" Tawni questioned with a raise of an eyebrow.

What Sonny said was a bit shocking to the blonde, though she would never admit it. "Well, he may win, but you looked way prettier out there!" Squinting blue eyes at the shorter girl she looked over her face that was now filling with a blush, her own face undoubtedly filling with redness as well. That had been a completely unexpected sentence, but it did succeed in lifting her spirits. In fact she could probably lose to Chad a million times if Sonny was there telling her she was pretty afterward.

'Okay I have got to stop thinking this way Tawni… you don't even like the girl... why does it matter so much if she thinks you are pretty… why does she matter so much period!' "Thanks." She stated quietly turning to look away from the confused brown eyes that had been watching her, gauging her reaction.

Sonny was slightly shocked that the blonde had simply said thanks to her admittance. As the flashing letters "Winner" formed on the screen the brunette felt a smile creeping onto her face. Despite losing the game, she felt as if she had won.


Authors Note: The next chapter! Yay! Everyone has been beyond supportive with this story and honestly I didn't think it started all that good! It will be a funny one to counter-act my more serious stories! I added some other stories tonight and really want to add to Reunion and Can't Be Friends, but I also need to add to my Brooke/Haley fic… so I don't know. :/ SOOO many stories it is overwhelming!

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