For the beautiful girl in the bubble room, with all my heart.

For Cat, keep fighting lovely.

For SJ, hoping to see you soon



"Aw, come on Mins, it'll be brilliant," pleaded Alo. "I bet you'll love it once you're there."

"Seriously, Farmboy, I never really had you down as an art lover," I scoffed.

Alo grinned at the former insult turned term of affection. From somewhat sketchy beginnings when I was trying to be some Beverly Hills type teen bitch, we had fallen into a friendship that had lasted for years. That was the thing about Alo, he was such a happy soul, he never judged you and he was always up for an adventure.

"Please, Mini," he begged, and his puppy dog eyes and rampant enthusiasm were difficult to resist.

"So how do you know this girl again?" I asked him.

"Met her at the theatre," he replied. "Her girlfriend was in some show that Matty was in."

"Matty won't be there, will he?" I blurted, as alarm bells started ringing in my head.

"Seriously Mini, still?" questioned Alo, shaking his head.

I shrugged. I couldn't help it. Even after all this time I still hated him. I know we were all just stupid teenagers, but I could never find it in my heart to forgive him. I guess we were never cut out to be friends. We had only ever been rivals, and that bastard had always seemed to win. He fucked my best friend, he fucked my…

"He's in France," admitted Alo. "I promise you this evening will be strictly Matty free. And there'll be free booze, and lesbians…"

"So, you're not really going for the art, are you?" I challenged him. "More for the free drink and the possibility of hot girls kissing."

"You have a problem with that?" he smirked.

"Not really," I replied. "Count me in."

So that's how I found myself two hours later standing in the middle of some swanky art gallery in Southwark, surrounded by one of the strangest mixtures of people I'd ever encountered. Sure there were a lot of people who looked like they belonged here, but there were also a lot of people who looked like they didn't. Somehow the room was managing to look like a cross between Gay Pride, Glastonbury, X-Games, a Puchdrunk show and a Hoxton art twat's dinner party. There was a time when I would have been intimidated by such surroundings, and attempted to bluff my way out of it by turning on my fake superiority bitch switch, but those days were long gone. Now I just smiled and drank in the colourful culture clash, and silently thanked Alo for dragging me out to this treasure trove. Time to neck a couple of glasses of free wine, and maybe see what this exhibition was all about.

Though I no longer dressed up compulsively, I was glad I had made the effort tonight as I was surrounded by all manner of fantastic outfits. As I approached the table where the alcohol was stashed, to refill the glass I'd only just grabbed and drained my eyes fell upon a woman in a shimmering burgundy full length dress. I couldn't help but stare. Let's face it, she wore that fucking dress for a reason. Even with her back to me, the way the dress clung to her astonishing curves started to spark the now all too familiar stirrings in my body. She would have to have a face like a donkey to quiet them down again. She turned round, having acquired her wine, but I still didn't have much of a chance to asses her face as my eyes became glued to what could only be described as a stupendous cleavage that the owner of the said dress clearly had no qualms about displaying to it's fullest advantage.

"See something you like there, sister?" she challenged me, a delicious hint of a lisp slightly slurring all her sibilants. "Sorry to disappoint you, babes, but I've got a girlfriend."

I managed to drag my reluctant eyes up towards her face, and was immediately hit by a wave of recognition. It seemed she felt the same, and her face crinkled as she frowned at me.

"Hang on a minute," she said. "I know you. Didn't you shag my sister one time?"




Girlcrush. That's what Liv had called it. And that's what I had decided it was. A meaningless crush. The same old adolescent bollocks fuelled by a heady cocktail of hormones, alcohol and drugs. Except that I never really did that much alcohol and drugs, certainly not compared to the others. But I had fallen for her. Franky, that strange little androgynous outsider that I had mercilessly bullied for the first few weeks that I had known her. Because she scared the shit out of me. She was so unknown, and yet at the same time so fucking fascinating. She had overturned my applecart. She had messed with my perfect life. And even though I was such a shit to her, she had treated me with compassion when I was down. In her own quiet way she had ripped away my preconceptions about who I was, and what I wanted from life. I became her unappointed protector, but there was no-one to protect me from her. Ironically, the only thing she did that ever hurt me, was something she couldn't help. I only just managed to stop myself falling apart when she chose him over me. Matty, my fucking Nemesis, with his stupid bug-eyed weirdness that was ultimately more alluring than my plastic prom queen persona. Looking back, I wouldn't have chosen me either, but things were different now.

I couldn't really be her friend after that. Even though I would never have admitted it, she had shaken me up too much just to let it slide. So I convinced myself it was nothing, just a stupid girlcrush. Not like I was gay or anything. Even though sex with Nick had been hideous, and I didn't find myself attracted to any other blokes, that thing with Franky didn't mean anything. It was just a stupid crush. I turned my back on all of it, that last year at college. Boys, girls, whatever… Instead I knuckled down and concentrated on my work, gaining grades far higher than anyone would have expected of me. Sure I was pretty, but having a brain as well? That was beyond the scope of most people's imaginations. And it worked, it worked for a whole year, until Liv insisted on dragging me to Ibiza that summer to 'celebrate our results'.

Unfortunately what 'celebrating our results' meant for her was dragging me off to clubs every night so she could get smashed off her head and hunt down boys to shag. I mean, it's her way and I stopped judging her for it a long time ago, but I failed to see why she needed me to be part of the equation. Every night she would promise me that tonight would just be fun for us girls, and every night I would find myself abandoned just like the night before. Ok, so the clubs were pretty impressive, but I was never that good at socialising on my own, and the prospect of another night fending off lairy lads was depressing beyond all imagination. Which was why I found myself on the terrace of another bar, banging my head against the wall in frustration, until I was interrupted by a voice that turned my blood into liquid honey.

"You know, you might want to stop that before it leads to permanent brain damage," she said.

I turned round to face my would-be saviour, and all the air was sucked out from my lungs. I would have gasped, had it not been impossible through lack of oxygen, but instead I stared wordlessly at her. She was tiny, just like Franky, but there the similarities between them ended. Where Franky was delicate and frail, this girl was powerful and toned. Despite that fact, she was definitely not androgynous, dressed in a tight vest top and short skirt, and with long red hair she oozed femininity, albeit a strong and assured one. And confidence, she was brimming with it. Franky had always seemed so full of self doubt, whereas the vision in front of me looked like she didn't even know the meaning of the word. I still hadn't managed to speak, and the tiny goddess merely raised an amused eyebrow in my direction, but my brain was racing with one pure repeated thought – 'don't let her get away'.

"I…" I stammered hopelessly. Fuck's sake Mini, get a grip.

"Oh god, am I too late?" the redhead said dramatically.

"Wha..?" was my next articulate phrase.

"Prepare for theatre," she said, barking orders to an imaginary nursing team behind her. "We're going to have to operate."

I couldn't help myself but smile.

"Signs of life," she smirked at me. "That's encouraging."

"Just having a moment," I managed to squeeze out, hoping that it would explain why I'd been behaving like a fucked up headcase.

"Boy trouble?" she said sympathetically.

"After a fashion," I replied. "My best mate keeps dragging me out and then fucking off with boys and leaving me."

"Yeah, I know that one," laughed the beautiful stranger.

And God was she beautiful. Probably one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Of course she was pretty, with her flaming red hair, and her delicious brown eyes, her fucking cute nose, her perfectly formed hot body and her decidedly dark and creamy voice, but there was something else. There was something about her, an intensity that almost fucking shone, and it was starting to hypnotise me again when we were interrupted by the whirlwind arrival of another tiny force of nature.

"There you are, Ems. Are you gonna be staying out tonight? Cause I've just been dancing with this well lush lad and….Oh…"

The whirlwind ground to a halt as soon as she noticed me, instantly sizing me up and glancing between me and the redhead. Well, the original redhead that is, cause this girl had the exact same shade of red hair too. They were clearly twins, even in spite of some obvious differences in physique and in dress and attitude. I watched as an unspoken energy began to bristle between them.

"Shit," said the twin. "Oh well, I guess it's your turn."

"Nah, you're cool," shrugged my redhead.

'My' redhead, what?

"It's just he's well ripped and he's flying home tomorrow…"

"It's fine, Katie."

"Are you sure, cause…" said Katie, her gaze flicking over my body.

"I know," smirked Ems (wonder what that's short for). "But there's no rush…"

"If you're sure…" repeated Katie.

"I'm sure," insisted Ems. "You can't play a symphony like it's a pop song. Now go enjoy yourself."

"Thanks Emily," said a relieved looking Katie.

"I'd say give him one for me, but that would be gross," laughed Emily Lovely name, not that I was saying it over in my head or anything.

"Same goes for you," giggled Katie, raising her eyebrows suggestively, before beating a retreat towards her well lush boy. I found myself amused by the sisters' ability to communicate effectively with half-formed sentences and suggestion, but weren't twins supposed to have some kind of telepathy or something? With the departure of the distraction that was Katie, my brain suddenly returned with alarm to its former mission. Don't let her get away, Mini. Strike up conversation. Do it now.

"So, I'm guessing your sister's the one always running off with boys and leaving you alone," I attempted breezily.

"But I'm not alone now, am I?" countered Emily, her voice seeming impossibly more husky, leaving me once again bereft of air.

"So what was that…? What was she…?," I stammered.

I had been convinced that the conversation had been about Katie having the decency to ask her sister if she minded being abandoned, not like Liv who just fucked off anyway.

"We're sharing a room," laughed Emily. "She wanted to check if it was alright to take him back and screw him, but when she saw you she thought she might have been out of luck."

"What do I have to do with it?" I asked in confusion.

"Any time she sees me with a beautiful girl, she thinks I'm going to try to seduce them," smiled Emily warmly.



"You're gay," I said. Stating the fucking obvious Mini.

"Just a little bit, yeah," smirked the disastrously beautiful redhead.

A confusion bomb of emotion exploded within my body. All those feelings that had been stirred up by Franky, suddenly reannounced themselves with a big fucking rainbow parade. I had been successfully closeting them for a whole year, but now they were suddenly running riot in my blood. It was just a stupid crush. I wasn't really into girls, was I? Then why was I so fucking disappointed that she let her sister have the room? Did she have no plans to seduce me? Did she not find me attractive? But she called me beautiful. Was that just empty flattery? Did she seduce a lot of girls? Why wasn't I one of them? Did I want to be one of them? What the fuck? Get a grip, Mini, come on. I dragged my eyes back up to face her, and she was just standing there with an amused look on her face. God, I wish I had her confidence. One good thing though, she seemed to have no intentions of leaving me, no matter how stupidly I was behaving.

"So, anyway, I appear to be temporarily homeless," she said. "And it looks like your mate has abandoned you. So why don't we make the best of it and form our own little lost girls club. I know some cool places to hang out."

I bet you do, you cool as fuck fuckthing. I nodded enthusiastically back at her in response, stopping myself when I realised I must have looked like a total nerd. I had to be cooler than this, otherwise she was going to realise her mistake and waltz off with some hot girl in a lycra dress. I searched my brain frantically for something to impress her with.

"I've got these," I blurted out, pulling out the bag of pills that Liv had left with me for safe keeping.

"We could get fucked up and have some fun," I added, trying to sound like I did that all the time.

Her eyes had lit up when I'd first brandished the pills at her, but now they harboured disappointment.

"I'd love to," she sighed. "But I can't. I have to work tomorrow, and I just don't metabolise those things quickly enough for me to be alright. Don't let me stop you though."

"Naw, it's fine," I shrugged, the casual nature of my tone, belying my relief. I wasn't really sure I wanted to be that out of control around this woman. "Who needs drugs if the company's good?"

"Exactly," she said confidently. "Fancy a dance?"

She held out her hand, and I took it, allowing her to lead me off the terrace and towards the stairs leading down to the dancefloor.

"I am, by the way," she said, just before the noise got too loud for me to hear her.

"Are what?" I asked.

"Going to try to seduce you."




I looked up and Emily was smirking in bemusement at me again. Glad I was providing this woman with such a constant source of amusement. I had been dancing awkwardly next to her for half an hour as she smouldered her way across the rhythms of the music, attracting attention from men and women alike. The men she mostly kept at a distance, the women she allowed a little closer, but all of them she controlled like a pack of Pavlov's puppies waiting for her to ring their bell. I rolled my eyes as yet another boy approached her with the ridiculous optimism that he stood any kind of chance. Surprisingly, Emily didn't rebuff him at once, letting him slide up against her in an attempt to match the slick sensuality of her moves. If this was her attempt at trying to seduce me, then I was a little confused by her approach. That was until the moment she flashed her eyes at me from the depths of the boy's embrace, and I understood perfectly what she was doing. She was letting me know that she could pretty much have anyone she wanted, but that she had chosen me. It was almost insufferably arrogant, but still it sent shivers ricocheting through my bones. The reality hit me like a slap in the face. If I chose to, I could have sex with this astonishing woman. The thought of it sent a flash of awareness rushing to my groin. Emily was pure temptation, but she also terrified the life out of me.

She shrugged off her suitor, waving him a casual goodbye that clearly told him his fun was over, and danced over towards me. I could vaguely make out her mouthing the words 'hey beautiful', before she placed one arm on my shoulder and one hand on my hip, and started moving in time to my own stilted attempts at dancing. I'd never felt more self-conscious in my life, trying to move in any way this angel could approve of, but Emily decided to put me out of my misery. She drew me closer to her and whispered in my ear.

"Wanna get out of here."

I froze, my rebellious muscles shrieking to a halt against my will. I wanted her, I knew I did, but I was still so fucking scared of taking that first step. My mind flashed back to the words Liv had used when I was trying to work myself up into sleeping with Nick – 'scared little virgin'. Well tonight I felt like that scared little virgin all over again. What if I went with her and it was just as awful as last time? What if I was just fucking useless at sex? Just some fucking loser who was destined to be alone forever.

"Relax Mini, don't look so fucking scared," Emily's disarming voice sounded in my ear like chocolate laced with chilli. Sweetness married to danger in one fatal combination. "I don't go where I'm not invited. I only meant shall we hit another bar. Somewhere more chilled, this club is getting on my tits."

"Ok," I said submissively, already knowing that I would let her take me wherever she wanted to go.

The next place she took me to was a little more off the beaten track. A bar rather than a club and somewhere that looked like it was less for tourists and more for people who lived and worked here. We even managed to grab ourselves a table and two big comfy chairs, and I felt the pressure begin to ease inside my swirling head.

"So you work here?" I asked Emily, when she returned with two exotic looking cocktails.

"For the moment, yeah," she replied.

"Are you like a holiday rep or something?"

"No," laughed Emily. "I'm a performer. Katie and I are doing a stint at that club we were at. In fact I'd just finished our last slot when I found you."

"So are you podium dancers?" I asked, from what I seen of her moves she was good enough to be one, and the twin thing would certainly draw a crowd.

"No, we're aerialists," she corrected.

"What's an aerialist?" I asked.

"Ha ha, tell you what. We're performing again tomorrow. Why don't you come down and find out for yourself?"

For some reason that offer made me feel a whole lot better. There was going to be a tomorrow, and I was going to be part of it for her. I allowed myself to relax into her company for the first time, feeling that she wasn't going to abandon me if I didn't do what she wanted, and losing the desperation not to let her go at all costs. We began to talk easily, somehow slipping quickly past the inanity of small talk into a whole host of larger subjects like art, the environment, politics and religion. I was still intimidated by her, she seemed incredibly knowledgeable about everything, but nowhere near as badly as before. Emily somehow always seemed to sense when I was out of my depth, and took the time to explain what she meant. We must have stayed there for hours, and I found myself lulled into the false sense of security that we were just old friends having a chinwag and setting the world to rights, until I was shaken from that delusion by the arrival an enthusiastically wasted girl in hotpants and a tiny top.

"Hi Emily" she said in delight.

"Hi Suzy," replied Emily calmly.

"What are you up to?" said Suzy.

"Oh, just hanging out," shrugged Emily.

"Great, I'll join you," said Suzy, casting her eyes about for a chair.

Emily flashed her eyes in my direction, and there she was again, the animal, the predator, the danger I had forgotten. And I knew in an instant that this poor girl had fallen victim to her charms.

"Not tonight, Suze,' said Emily kindly. "I'm spending time with Mini tonight."

"Oh," said Suzy, stopping her search for furniture and turning a gaze filled with pure loathing in my direction. "Is that what you call it? Are you going to fuck her too?"

"That's not your concern," replied Emily, but there was no malice in her voice.

"You never called me," said Suzy, her tone switching from angry to pleading.

"I never told you I would," said Emily. "You put your number in my phone and assumed I would. You shouldn't make assumptions about me."

I watched as Suzy's face crumpled in disappointment. She looked devastated. Was that going to be me in two days time – damaged and desperate and willing to make a fool of myself in front of Emily's next conquest? Maybe I should just get up and leave right now.

"I'm sorry you want more from me than I'm prepared to give," said Emily. "But I never make promises that I can't keep."

It was her tone that stopped me from running. Something about the way she spoke to Suzy, made me believe her. I had spent enough time around lads and listened to the contempt with which they spoke about their casual sexual partners, but there wasn't even a hint of that in Emily's exchanges with her lover. I was left with the impression that she had never been anything less than honest with this girl. Suzy's downfall was her own unchained emotions rather than anything Emily had done to her.

"You better watch out bitch," Suzy slurred into my face. "She'll rip your fucking heart out too."

"Only if I let her," I said, more to myself than anyone else, but it was loud enough for Emily to hear. She raised her eyes to meet mine, and a slow smile began to creep across her face. I ignored the unhappy girl between us, and smiled back.

"Let's take a walk," grinned Emily.




"So you're a player then?" I teased her as we walked through the streets of the town. I had no idea where we were going, but I was more than happy to still be with her. We still maintained a healthy distance, even though the urge to touch her was growing within me, and the thrill of being in her presence was lighting dangerous sparks in places I hadn't thought about for a fuck of a long time.

"I'm no fucking girl next door," admitted Emily. "But I see no reason to be cruel."

She was an interesting enigma. I knew she'd have me as soon as look at me, but for some reason I felt safe with her.

"You weren't swept off you feet by Suzy, then?" I teased her.

"Hardly," conceded Emily. "We don't exactly have a lot in common outside of the sex. It was mostly the drugs and the hotpants, if I'm honest."

"Yeah, the hotpants were….tight," I giggled.

"So was she," winked Emily.

My mouth dropped open in mock indignation at the filth falling from Emily's butter wouldn't melt pink lips, but secretly I loved it. I loved the brazenness and the honesty, and I realised that Emily would never hurt me. The only person who could do that to me would be myself. I felt strangely glad that there had been no drugs to cloud her vision tonight, and that we weren't even that drunk, having spent most of the night talking. On impulse I reached out a hand towards her and she took it. Despite the fact that the night air was still quite warm compared to England, I felt a distinct rise in temperature at her touch. We spent the next few minutes just walking in silence, as I explored that vastly disproportionate sense of pleasure I was feeling just from having this one tiny portion of her flesh in my grasp.

I could smell the sea before I could see it, and I suddenly realised where she was taking me as the first streaks of day light began to wend their way across the sky.

"You haven't really been to Ibiza until you've seen the sunrise on the beach," said Emily, and on impulse I pulled on our joined hands and dragged her into a hug. I was going to have to be careful. If I was going to keep being a slave to my impulses there was only one way this night was going to end. It wasn't a quick release hug, or one of those nervous hugs where you only make contact at shoulder level. It was full length and full body, and I for one had no intention of letting it go. When I hugged Nick I always had the sense that he'd rather just be getting to business. When I hugged Franky I always felt that sense of brittle reserve and a subtle barrier that stopped her ever getting too close. But when I hugged Emily, I just felt… connected. Shit, careful Mini, I warned myself. This is how those girls end up weeping in nightclubs over her. You are not going to be one of those girls. Still, I wasn't exactly in a rush to break the embrace, in fact it was Emily who pulled back first.

"You're really tall," she pondered. "I'm going to have to stand on a box."

"When?" I frowned.

"When I kiss you," she said.

The cheeky smile that accompanied that statement, left me in no doubt that I was going to let her do just that, but I was starting to enjoy playing her game.

"We'll see about that," I said, striding off towards the sea with a true confidence I never usually felt, but that somehow Emily seemed to inspire in me. I could hear her laughing as she chased after me.

"Hold up a minute, Mini," she said pulling me to a halt by a seafront bar. "Won't be a minute."

I watched her disappear round the back of the bar, only to emerge not long afterwards with a glint in her eye and a beer crate in her hands. It made me break out into a genuine laugh.

"Feeling confident are we?" I taunted her, but she didn't rise to my bait.

"Hey, my cards are on the table," she told me. "I want you. I'm just trying to be prepared in case you want me back."

And there it was again, that beautiful honesty. I knew in that moment just exactly how much I did want her back, I just didn't know if I was prepared to let her know it yet.

"Haven't you got a sunrise to show me?" I challenged her.

"But of course, my lady" she said with a flourish. "Follow me."

She led me down the beach. There were plenty of other people around. Gangs of lads and lasses still high and drunk from the night before, some being rowdy and others simply too monged out to be any trouble to anyone. Other couples too, both romantic and sleazy, and the occasional lost and slightly dishevelled individual in amongst it all. But Emily and I kept going until we reached a quieter part of the sands.

"There's nothing quite like the light at sunrise," she said in wonder, her quest to bed me temporarily forgotten as she breathed in the beauty of the scene around her.

And she was right. The first light of the rising sun crept over the horizon, and it's long stretched out horizontal rays swept gloriously across her vibrant hair, and her beautiful flawless skin lighting her up like some sort of celestial being. Emily's eyes swept the horizon, but I couldn't drag mine away from her, and how gorgeous she looked in the first light of the new day.

"You are really fucking beautiful," I whispered breathlessly.

Emily turned towards me.

"So are you," she said.

And despite all the ridiculous diets and the hours that I had spent down the gym, this was the first time that I had felt it. The first time I felt that somebody had said it because they meant it, rather than because they were trying to get into my pants. Emily might be a player, but I knew she wasn't a liar, and she looked so fucking cute still clutching onto that stupid beer crate. Enough was enough.

"Give me that fucking thing," I said, pulling it from her grasp and planting it in the sand in front of me. "Stand on your fucking box and give me a fucking kiss."

"Willingly," she smiled, stepping onto her podium, "But you know you shouldn't really put me on a pedestal."

I smiled at her attempt to relax me, but it was quickly overtaken by the pounding in my chest, as she took hold of my hand and drew me slowly towards her. She closed the space between us and kissed me delicately on the lips, and all hell broke loose in my body. I started shaking, actually fucking physically shaking. I couldn't control it, I wanted her so badly but I was still useless Mini. Still the same scared little virgin terrified of the big bad wolf of sex.

"I'm sorry," I stuttered, fighting the urge to run away. "It's just that I've never…"

"It's ok," said Emily softly. "New things can be scary. You only have to go as far as you want to."

"I've only ever had sex with one other person," I blurted out. "I thought that I loved him. And it was supposed to be wonderful. It was supposed to be beautiful and special, but it was a disaster. And it made me feel cheap and used and I never want to feel like that again. I just…"

I broke down and flung myself against her, clinging onto her through my fear.

"It's ok, it's ok," she soothed. "It's fine if you're not ready…"

"But I am," I protested. "I want you so fucking badly. I'm just scared…"

"Then we'll just have to make sure it's beautiful and special for you this time," she said.

"Are you sure?" I asked her. "I wanted to be so cool, but now I'm just acting like a fucked up idiot."

"You are cool, Mini," she smiled. "You're fucking lovely. And like I said, I don't make promises I can't keep."

She drew me into another delicate kiss, but this time far more lingering. She made no attempt to deepen it, before pulling away and trailing the backs of her fingers down my cheek. She reached down and took both my hands, bringing them up to her mouth and softly caressing my fingers and knuckles with her lips. Her lips were so soft and skilful, I was smacked with the powerful desire to feel them on mine again, but Emily took her time, kissing my forehead, my neck and my cheek with deft elusive touches that set my skin alight. Her hands slid round my back and she drew me slowly towards her, careful not to give me any cause for alarm. Her beautiful brown eyes stared gently into mine, seeking my permission before going any further.

"Please Emily," I whispered. "I need you to show me the ways of the world."

This time she kissed me with parted lips, and I felt my own respond immediately. Still she kept it tender, and I surprised myself by being the first one to reach out for her with my tongue. She accepted me gratefully, opening her mouth and pushing back against me. It wasn't enough, I wrapped my hands into her hair and pulled her closer still, suddenly overwhelmed by the need to taste her. Desire started to rise within me like the oceans at spring tide, dragged along by gravity and compelled by forces as old as life itself. I felt myself hurtling towards the tipping point, and knew that I was about to experience a revolution. I thrust my tongue deeper into her mouth and this time she fought back, making me gasp against her lips. I had never felt like this before. I had never felt this. I had never felt this sexual. Here I was kissing a woman I'd only just met on some beach on Ibiza, and yet it felt like it meant so much more than any of the sham relationships I'd indulged in throughout the rest of my teenage years. I could feel Emily starting to get more carried away. Her hands started roaming and she pulled away from my lips only to start planting searching kisses down the length of my neck. Her hand reached under the fabric of my top, slipping round the front of my body in search of my breast.

"Oh fuck," I cried out as her fingers grazed across my nipple sending out urgent messages of need to the space between my legs.

"Too much?" she questioned, withdrawing her hand and looking me in the eyes.

"Not enough," I said insistently, dragging her mouth hungrily back to mine. The fear had been replaced by something much more powerful. "Take me home with you, Emily."




"Heads up, Katiekins. Rise and shine. Time to cut your sister a break," said Emily as we unceremoniously barged into their bedroom. We were greeted by a few muffled squeaks and groans coming from under the covers of one of the beds.

"Fair's fair, Katie. You've had your fun," said Emily. "Now it's my turn."

The face of a somewhat bleary looking Katie emerged, took one look at me, and started prodding the large immobile lump next to her.

"What the fuck?" muttered a disgruntled masculine voice.

"We have to get up, dickhead," said Katie. "My sister needs the room for fucking."

I felt myself blushing at Katie's forthright choice of words, but the sympathetic smile I got from Emily made everything alright again. Katie practically dragged the guy from the bed, shoving clothes in his face as she went. He stopped and frowned when he saw the two of us.

"Thought you said she was gonna fuck," he said in confusion.

"Well duh…" said Katie, shoving him towards the door. "She's gonna fuck the gorgeous blonde. And no you can't stay and watch. In fact you can pretty much fuck off now."

And with that she was gone, leaving me alone in the room with Emily, at which point my nerves returned with a vengeance.

"It's ok," said Emily, sensing my disquiet. "You're not under any obligation. You're still the one in control. Though if we don't end up doing anything I might have to fake some sex noises, cause if Katie finds out I chucked her out of bed for no reason, my ass is toast."

"I'm sorry," I said. "You must think I'm such a loser."

"Not at all," she assured me. "Everyone gets nervous their first time."

"Even you?" I questioned.

"Especially me," she laughed. "I was a wreck."

"I find that hard to believe," I told her.

"Oh, I soon got the hang of it," she smiled.

And there it was again, that glint in her eye, the one that revealed a glimpse of the beast behind her gentle façade. I knew she was holding back for me. The question was, was I prepared to find out what would happen if I set her free? Our eyes locked as she waited patiently for my answer. I took a deep breath.

"Do your worst," I said.

"I think we might need to work up to that," she said suggestively, the husk in her voice making my insides tremble. She reached out and took one of my hands, raising it up to her lips and placing a gentle kiss across it, just like an old school gentleman.

"For you, princess,' she said.

I couldn't help the little shiver that ran down my spine at the endearment. Nor the hint of giddiness at the way Emily was making me feel. With Nick, sex had felt like an obligation, the price I had to pay for his love. With Emily it felt like a gift. A gift I was becoming increasingly anxious to unwrap. She led me over to the bed, dazzling me with the warmth that spread across her features. Oh those eyes and that smile. I wanted her to consume me with those eyes and that smile. She guided me onto my back, and lay down beside me. And then she kissed me, and kissed me again. For what seemed like an age she did nothing but tantalise my lips with hers. No tongues and no aggression, like we were a couple of young teens on our first make out session. It was beautiful, and somehow so innocent, I almost forgot what was to come. But then she started to spread those kisses across my face and down my neck, and even though they were just as gentle as before, each point of contact heralded a sharp intake of breath on my part as the gentle stimulation started to wake up parts of my body which were far, far hungrier. She pushed up the fabric of my top, exposing a thin strip of skin across my belly, which she rewarded with yet more of her delicate kisses. I let out a little moan, as I felt her hot breath traversing my eager flesh. I would have been embarrassed, had I not had the feeling I would be making far louder and more eloquent sounds than that before the day was through. I shuddered as she drew her hands slowly down the full length of my body from my cheeks to my toes, and then frowned as she kept on going, leaving me to stand at the end of the bed.

"What's wrong?" I asked anxiously.

"Nothing's wrong," she smiled at me. "Just relax. And enjoy."

With that she began to slowly remove her clothes, starting with her top, revealing to me the wonder of her bra clad breasts, and kick starting the urge to have them in my mouth. As she slid out of her skirt to reveal her muscular thighs, my mouth fell open. Her body was amazing, and I still couldn't quite believe she was willing to share it with me. She kept eye contact with me as she took off her underwear, and as arousing as I found it gazing upon her beautiful naked form, I understood what she was doing. This performance was about much more than the titillation of the strip. She was making herself vulnerable first, showing me that I could trust her despite all of her obvious experience. And I did. When she returned to me I was no longer prepared to have her by my side, and I pulled her down on top of me and greeted her with an open mouthed kiss. This time she showed no hesitation, and the sensation of her quick tongue entering my mouth sent my hips pushing up to meet her on automatic. I felt the friction through my clothes as my groin slid against her thigh, and I knew I wanted more. My hands made an involuntary grab for her ass, so I could feel the sensation again. The weight of her body on me and the feel of those extraordinary curves against my fingers, made me want to push kisses against all of her sweet smelling skin. In a move that surprised me as much as her, I flipped her onto her back and attacked her nipple with my teeth and my tongue. The excited gasps that were escaping her throat made me want to bite her even harder. And so I did, causing her whole body to undulate beneath me. In an instant I was desperate to be naked. I couldn't bear the feeling of the clothes against my body when I so badly needed it to be her flesh. I pulled away from her and started tearing ineffectively at my top, suddenly not understanding the physics of how to remove it, until Emily came to save me.

"Shhh, it's ok," she said, taking control of my frantic hands. "We have all the time in the world."

And she was right. I swear she must have been messing with the fabric of the cosmos, because that morning seemed to last forever. She laid me back down on the bed, and took a delicate age to undress me. Each slight exposure of skin was followed by the most exquisite of attentions, her thoughtful fingers, lips and tongue ensuring that every corner of my body erupted into life. An explosion of new sensation rippled through me at every point of contact, as she undid my blouse, as she slid my skirt along my thighs. Every touch made me want her more completely, and yet I was loving every minute of this fantastically artful process, revelling in its luxury and wallowing in its richness. So this was sex. I finally understood what all the fuss was about. I wasn't even naked yet, and she was making me feel more of a woman than Nick ever had. She trailed kisses back up my body and then bit into the tendons on my neck, making me arch towards her. In the very same instant she slid her hand beneath my back and deftly unfastened my bra. Damn, this girl was smooth. Moments later, when her gorgeous mouth closed around my nipple, I forgot all about trying to protect myself. So what if she was a player? She could play me to any tune she liked and I would be her willing instrument.

"Jesus, Emily, Fuck," I moaned as she gently tugged my nipple between her teeth.

"Don't worry beautiful," she assured me, the husk in her voice sending it's vibrations piercing through my flesh and into my very core. "We're getting to that…"

I was already sweating as the heat of the Spanish day began to rise whilst Emily made my breasts into her playground. I watched her, I couldn't take my eyes off her gorgeous face and how she looked so delighted with the treasures she found before her. I had never felt as beautiful as I did right then. Emily had kept her promise, I felt like a fucking princess. The sight of her getting turned on by me poured rocket fuel on my own desires and my hips started rolling relentlessly beneath her, pushing against the thigh that separated my legs. She couldn't help but let out a small laugh at one particularly violent undulation and the loud, hungry groan that accompanied it, and I found myself laughing too at how suddenly unreserved I had become in the few hours since I met her. She grinned at me with the devil in her eyes, and started to kiss her way down my belly. When she removed my knickers I felt none of the fear I had anticipated. It felt more like a communication than an invasion, and as she crawled her way back up my body I was more than ready for her.

She gifted me with more opulent and magnificent kisses as her fingers played their overture back down my highly charged torso, until…

I've never been religious, but I cried out for the Lord like an evangelist when she touched me. I hadn't even realised just how wet I was until her fingers slid effortlessly across my clit, sending hitherto unknown shockwaves of pleasure singing down every nerve ending in my body.

"Fucking hell, Emily," I gasped as she teased and coaxed and titillated me. Her eyes raked over me filled with her special brand of filthy affection as she drank in my reaction to her strokes, and we drove each other on in a self evolving cycle of encouragement and abandon. God, she felt so fucking good. My hands grabbed at the sides of the single bed as I sought out more leverage to push myself towards her. This was the single most beautiful thing I had experienced in all my years on the planet. I didn't think it was possible for anything to feel any better than this.

I was wrong. She entered me. I swear my whole body must have lurched skywards and I nearly whited out from the rush. When I came down again I just stared at her. She seemed as though she had entered some kind of blissful rapture. Her eyes were half closed and the sweetest of smiles graced her features as she found her way in and out of me by touch alone, as if she was learning me. I lost visual contact as my head rolled back and all my focus zoned in on the motion of her fingers. Her mouth sought out my breasts again and her actions started to take on a greater urgency. When my eyes found her again, she was watching me, checking on me as she started to push me harder, making sure I was ready for her to up the game. I so fucking was. I found myself clinging onto her back as she started to thrust deeper and harder into me. Any doubts I'd had were ancient history now. I wanted her, and I wanted all of her, and I wanted it now. I grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her into a demanding kiss, wanting the penetration of her tongue every bit as much as I wanted the breathtaking friction between my legs. I wanted us to be bound together as she fucked me towards the orgasm I knew was coming. I had always been too shy to really masturbate, I'd never made myself come, and Nick certainly hadn't, but I knew as I knew the sun was going to rise and set that Emily was going to have me in pieces.

I think I'll remember that moment for the rest of my life. All senseless metaphors of explosions and earthquakes and volcanoes were rendered irrelevant in that moment. All the bullshit I had put myself through in my youth was swept away in that moment. For the very first time in my life I felt fucking real. The moment I came in Emily's arms was the moment I finally came to be me.




I was dragged away from my memories and back into the present by the sound of wicked laughter.

"I've seen that smile before," laughed Katie. "I've seen that smile on a lot of women's faces when they think about Emily."

"I'll bet you have," I said, that smile remaining on my lips. "Is she here?"

"Yeah," said Katie. "But don't get too excited. She has a girlfriend now. She's all super in love and stuff."

"With the artist?" I asked her. "I heard she was going out with an aerialist."

"NO," said Katie with unexpected aggression. "No, with the girl in the pictures."

I gazed across at the nearest photo. I hadn't actually looked at them yet. I'd been too preoccupied with getting my hands on the free wine. Emily was sitting in the sun with just a long T-shirt on, on the grass in front of the wheel of a big circus truck. Lurking in the background off to the side, was some fuzzy blonde out of focus. But it was Emily's face that commanded your attention. Her head was tilted slightly downwards, and she had an impressive case of bed hair, and lighting up her features was an irresistible smile. That smile. The smile of someone who's just had the best sex ever.

"So someone finally got to you," I said under my breath.

I was overcome with an intense feeling of affection. I was happy for her. There had been a tomorrow back in Ibiza. And I had been part of it. We had made love that day until our exhausted bodies had collapsed into a satisfied sleep. When I woke up again that afternoon, it was to find her smiling down at me. She told me I was gorgeous and introduced me to the Breakfast of Champions. Liv took to my coming out with her usual don't give a fuck attitude. That night I looked on gobsmacked as I discovered what exactly it was an aerialist did, me and Liv staring open jawed at the ceiling as Emily and Katie entranced us on their silks. Liv and Katie formed an evil alliance which involved them making Emily and me snog in the middle of the dancefloor to attract the attention of all the guys, whilst they took their pick of the most appealing specimens. Not that I minded. Kissing Emily had very quickly become my new favourite thing to do, well one of them anyway…

The next few days were what you might call a voyage of discovery. I found out that Emily had very much been holding back that first night, wanting to give me the beautiful and special experience I'd missed out on for my first time. But the biggest surprise when she started to let her animal out of its cage, was finding I had one to match. The first time I fucked her, I mean like really fucked her, we had been out walking one night and had run into another of Emily's girltoys. In a fit of pique, I'd dragged Ems into some alleyway, already kissing her aggressively as I slammed her into the wall. Afterwards I felt slightly ashamed at how easily I had lost control, and how much I had enjoyed just taking her, and marking her as mine. She was still breathless as she reassured me.

"It's ok, Mini," she smiled. "Sometimes a girl just loves being fucked like that."

"Yeah?" I questioned.

"Yeah," she replied, kissing me.

"Good," I said in relief. "Cause I fucking loved doing it."

"I could tell," smirked Emily.

"God, I'm so fucking gay, aren't I?" I said.

"Just a little bit, yeah," laughed Emily.

She started talking to me whenever we had sex, always asking how it felt, and if I liked what she was doing. It confused me at first. Surely she had to know that everything she did to me drove me into an unbridled sexual frenzy. It wasn't until a couple of days later that it clicked. We were out at her club, and she started flirting shamelessly on the dance floor with a bunch of girls who were all over her in seconds. I felt my fury rising, until she caught my eye and raised her eyebrows at me with a cheeky grin. See what I can do, she was telling me. She flounced off the dancefloor moments later claiming she needed a drink. As she passed me, she whispered in my ear.

"Your turn."

It had all been for show. Everything fell into place. All the questions, all the flirting. She had been teaching me. I looked out at the girls on the floor. Time to own those bitches. I danced towards them, all my former shyness a distant memory. I knew I was fit as fuck. The most gorgeous, amazing and sexy woman on this island thought I was fit as fuck and who was I to argue. With a transfusion of the famous Fitch confidence buzzing in my blood, it wasn't long before the girls were falling over themselves to be the one who got to touch me. I picked a pretty brunette, and let her wrap herself around me as we danced. She opened her mouth to me willingly as I drew her into a kiss, her eyes black with that special combination of drugs and desire. The kiss was sweet and dirty, and it felt good to have her wanting me, but I wasn't to take advantage that night. Another body pressed into me from behind, and I already knew its contours off by heart. I kissed the brunette on the forehead, and span round to lock lips with my red devil.

"How did that feel?" she whispered in my ear, already knowing the answer.

"It felt good," I replied. "But this feels better."

I bit her neck in the way I knew she liked, causing her to swear under her breath.

"Wanna get out of here?" I asked.

Her response was to grab my hand and make a run for the door. Ha, you aren't the only one who can be badass, Emily Fitch.

"So why me?" I asked her as we walked back towards her hotel.

"Why you what?" she replied, faking innocence.

"You know damn well what," I said. "Why am I still here and getting the Emily Fitch guide to being a hot badass sexy bitch, instead of weeping into my cocktails?"

"Because I like you, Mini," laughed Emily. "You're smart, and you're funny and gorgeous, and you're well on your way to being a hot badass sexy bitch already. Because you have the balls to ask me questions like that."

We had awesome sex that night. Let's face it we had awesome sex every night, until her contract ended and her and Katie were due to fly home the day after. That night we did get fucked up on Liv's pills and danced and kissed and felt each others asses like it was what we lived for. In a moment of drugged up revelation, I knew what it meant for me to be seizing the moment like this. I wasn't afraid any more. I didn't care who knew that I liked girls, and I knew that I fucking liked them a lot. I'd started looking more and more as the days went by. All those beautiful honeys in their skimpy dresses and their bikinis, with their smiles and their hair and their tits. One day I had walked into a bollard cause I was too busy staring at a Spanish girl painting a window up a ladder.

"Smooth," teased Emily, as I attempted to recover, and gazed at the floor in embarrassment.

"It's ok, babes," she assured me. "I was looking too."

Cause for all the fun we had, and all of the awesome sex, and all the knowledge she had shared, I knew that Emily was still the player that I'd met on that first night. And I knew she'd been teaching me for a reason. We were stood side by side on the balcony of a club, looking out over a sea of bodies rising and falling to the beat. I finally got up the balls to ask her another question.

"I'm not going to see you again, am I?" I said.

Something in her eyes told me the answer before she even spoke.

"You know what I am, Mini," she said.

"Yeah," I admitted. "Yes, I do…"

"But do you know what you are?"

She raised that sexy eyebrow at me, and I wanted to fuck her there and then, but I knew what she was getting at.

"You've got a new toy," she told me. "I think you should go play with it."

I looked out into the sea of bodies again, but some of the bodies became more distinct. Girls. Blonde girls, redheads, brunettes. Tall girls. Athletic girls. Curvy girls. Girls in dresses, girls in hotpants, girls in jeans. Beautiful girls, all waiting to be discovered. All waiting to be dazzled by the fabulous charms of Mini the Minx.

"We are going to go out with a bang though, yeah?" I said, knowing it was more of a statement than a question.

"Oh, hell yeah," smirked Emily. "Let battle commence."

I raked my eyes unashamedly up and down her body.

"Do your worst," I goaded her.

The criminal smile that spread across her face left me in no doubt that tonight I was going to get it.

"Those eyes should be fucking illegal," I told her. "You need locking up."

"Thought you'd never ask," she replied.




I grabbed a glass of champagne from the tray of a passing waitress, throwing her a winning smile, and enjoying the slight blush that crept up her neck as I did so. She had soft brown hair cut into an asymmetric bob, sparkling blue eyes and a hint of an Eastern European accent. Worth pursuing? Maybe later. My head was still full of Emily. It was time to look at some art.