- - -Through Closed Eyes- - -

+Priest Fanfic+


Human Vampire? Nonsense. It was nearly impossible for something like that to exist. Yet, it did. The vampire abilities have been passed to the black-hatted Priest by the Queen of the Vampires. The Queen, who had shown mercy allowed him to live once more by recreating him into a Human Vampire. The fact that it was a Priest-turned vampire made it even more of a rare event. The priest was the only one who transformed into the feared creature, or so the Priests thought. But, he wasn't the first. Before he was changed, the Queen had already experimented on another ill-fated soul. But...who was it? The secret well kept by the Clergy. The secret of a hidden Priest. The secret of her identity. The secret hidden away from the ostracized Priests and Priestesses. The one equipped with the fierce, golden eyes that rivaled the sun.


. . .

"La. La, la~. La, laa~ ahh~." a voice echoed within the bright white, high security, halls. It was soothing to the ears of those who could tune in to it. Even the guards standing at their posts were mesmerized by the bittersweet melody. The familiar click of heels suddenly came about. The guards could hear the odd clicks approaching them slowly, step-by-step. Tap, click, tap, click, tap. Tap. The clicks stopped. The song disappeared. A figure became visible in front of them. It halted within 10 feet of the bulky, heavily-armed guards. The weapons were cocked and slowly turned their heads towards the body. The entity's mouth opened. And it spoke, "Hello boys," before leaping into the air. Performing a butterfly turn masked its moves entirely. The hourglass-figured person suddenly stopped in the air and repositioned her leg. Stretching out her leg, she came down strongly at the guards with a powerful heel kick. Digging the heavy heel into one of the guard's head left the other baffled and confused. Sparks lit within the metallic weapon and its bullets quickly escaped from their cave. The bullets closed in on the figure, closer and closer at a fast speed. But it only clipped a single strand of hair.

"Too slow," the cocky girl said as she moved her head to the side, enough to dodge the enemy's fire. The girl's ability to dodge left the other bewildered yet again. As she spoke, the guard under her saw it as an opportunity to attack and grabbed at her small neck. Within a split second, she clutched onto the large hands choking her. With a stoic face, she calmly said under her breath, "Smile, sunshine," as she released herself from his grasp. Threw his arm over her thin but strong shoulder. And flipped his entire body into the air. Momentum and gravity forced the thug straight into the ground, leaving a small indent in the floor. The after effects of the throw caused guard number 2 to drop his M16 rifle to the ground. "Maybe next time guys," she said as she walked out of the gate and into the gloomy, overcrowded city.

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