- - -Through Closed Eyes- - -
+Priest Fanfic+
[Chapter Two: Taboo]

"A prayer in its
Simplest definition
Is merely a wish
Turned Godward."
~Phillips Brooks

"I don't recall asking for your name. And you know, it's not polite to hit on girls the moment you see them. Plus, it's a taboo to even speak with one of us." The Priestess pointed to the obvious cross on her face.

He grinned, "I know. It's just that you look like someone I haven't met in a long time."

After the man finished his sentence, he spoke no more. It seemed as if he was waiting for an answer, maybe something similar to: "Oh, yeah! You're so-and-so." Unfortunately, he never received an answer in the building tension between them. Soon the silence engulfed them. Both of them stared at each other, waiting for a reaction. One wanted to leave, while the other seemed eager to hear something. The Priestess noticed a passersby glancing at them at with his head lowered. The awkwardness between them overcame the girl. And the girl spoke. "Interesting." She smiled, then gave him a little wave. Her heels turned and started for the gates guarding the city before the human could utter another word. The man stood there, slightly confused, yet it seemed that he understood her. After all, he does know another Priest that acts similar to her.

The Priestess can not just randomly skip out into the wastelands like a little spoiled brat and leave the city without encountering a guard. Heh. She thought. That's stupid. She already knew she had the privilege of entering and exiting the city at will because of her 'Priestess' status. The only time that these special people are restricted from entering or exiting the city is when the higher-ups, aka the Clergy, gives out the order to do so.

Before she could ever step foot into the wastelands, she needed to stock up on arms and find a method of transportation. Yes, she was a Priestess. And yes, she didn't abide by the Priest Laws. Priests and Priestesses don't use firearms in any situation, but it was a pain for her to use her Priest weaponry, so she used them anyway. Plus, those firearms are not for them, but for their protection. She bought several arrows, crossbows, and any automatic gun that she could find. She used several large bags, big enough to hide a few crossbows within them, to gather all of her items and shoved them into a hidden alleyway near the gate. Having the firearms so close to government goons would be a risk, but carrying all of the extra weight would waste her time.

Next, she needed something that allows her to travel quickly to and from the city. The perfect vehicle for the job was a motorcycle, the lightest and fastest form of transportation available. Finding these motorcycles was not such an easy task, only a few hidden shops sell them. Technically, motorcycles were illegal so the only way to find them is through the black market.

The Priestess made her way into the underground black market through several hidden passageways that would be impossible to describe without being there personally. Past experiences made it easy for the Priestess. She continued upon her path until she finally reached the last passageway. A door and its guards made the path inaccessible to most, except those that bribed them. The guards were each holding

The girl walked towards the door… Click. But was soon stopped by the familiar feeling of having a gun to her temple.

"Halt. Tell me the password." the guard demanded.

"Don't you mean words?" The girl asked.

The guards nodded to each other and another gun was raised to her other temple.

"Calm down boys," she said as she took out some money. She placed an equal amount on the top of their guns. The two lowered their weapons, accepted the bribe, and let her through. "Geez, this process can be so tedious…" the girl sighed as she walked towards a shop she frequently visited. It was the perfect place to find what she needed, that motorcycle. She looked around the shop for the counter and started moving towards it. The heels of her shoes stopped in their tracks. The person behind the counter wasn't the usual person she remembers, but it was someone she met once before. "Great," she muttered underneath her breath.

"You!" the voice behind the counter spoke. It was the stranger from before, Hicks.

"Shut it," she replied.

He scoffed. "So, what's miss Priest doin' in a place like this?" His curiosity was obviously piqued. Afterall, the black market was no place for Priests and Priestesses.

"Priest-ess," she corrected.

"Well, Priestess, are you going to answer my question or leave me without an answer like last time?" He questioned.

"I need a motorcycle. One fast enough to get me through the wastelands quickly." She answered.

"Wastelands? Priest business, I gotcha," he said. Once the word 'wastelands' was spoken, every person in the shop paid close attention to them. "Come with me to the back."

The girl did as she was told and although she was doubtful of him, there were some motorcycles that fit the description that she needed.

"Anything to your liking?" She pointed to the one in the corner. Hicks shook his head. "Sorry, that one's already been lent to someone." As soon as he said that, another man entered the room that they occupied.

"Hicks," he said. That one word signaled Hicks to give the bike that the Priestess wanted to him. The Priestess studied him carefully.

"A Priest?" she blurted out without knowing. Suddenly the man lifted his head and revealed the startling cross on his forehead. It was the same as hers. His face was dirty and rugged. His face seemed tired, yet strong. It was the same face. The same face as the one that infiltrated the church. He was a rogue Priest. Oh how she wished to have his freedom.

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