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Author's Note: Hi everyone! I guess this idea has been done before (hopefully not to death), but I decided to write my own story about how Sam, Frodo, Pippin and Merry all became friends. Please read and review! I would love to hear from you.

Frodo watched the younger lad, curious. He had wanted to meet other children in Hobbiton, but it seemed almost disrespectful to his parents to have fun again. This boy came everyday to Bag-End, it seemed, and Frodo had wondered if he had any older brothers. Suddenly, the boy lost his hold on the plant he was trying to pull up and landed on his rear. Frodo laughed, and then wondered instead if this lad was nice.

Sam got back up again, rubbing his tailbone gingerly. He wasn't ready to ask the Gaffer for help yet; he could get it himself.

"Now you listen," he said to the weed, "you can't stay at Bag-End. Now out you go!" He started pulling again, but then jumped at the voice behind him.

"Do you always speak to plants, sir?" The boy behind him was older, with dark hair and bright blue eyes. Blue eyes that were red at the edges from crying, Sam noticed.

"What? I'm sorry, have we met?" Sam asked, blushing slightly at being caught talking to himself.

"No, I'm Frodo Baggins. What is your name?"

"I'm Samwise Gamgee, Mr. Frodo, sir. Can I help you with anything?"

"Well, Samwisegamgeemisterfrodosir, I can't think of anything right now. I was just wondering what you were doing." Frodo said, smiling uncertainly.

Sam took a second to think about the joke before grinning too. " You can call me Sam, sir. I'm pulling up weeds. But this one is a lot of trouble." He nodded his head, as if to verify what he just said and sandy curls bounced up and down.

"And I am Frodo. I am hardly old enough to be mister or sir anything. So why not just cut it?" Frodo asked.

"It will grow back in a few days then. It's better to just get the roots out of the ground," Sam explained and Frodo was grateful that the younger hobbit didn't treat him like a fool. "I may have to get my Gaffer soon. I can't get it out on my own."

"Let's not admit defeat yet, Sam. We can probably get it out together."

After much pulling and yelling from the boys, the weed popped out of the soil and sent the two flying backwards.

"Does this happen a lot in gardening?" Frodo asked jokingly, as he dusted himself off.

"More often than I like to admit, Mr. Frodo."

Frodo immediately liked the lad, but he hoped he'd grow out of calling him 'Mr. Frodo' soon. He looked down at his hands and winced. "Maybe we should go clean up. I'm sure you're probably scratched up worse than I am, then we can get something to drink, too."

Sam thought for a moment, but then decided to go. His father would understand since Frodo didn't know anyone else in Hobbiton. "All right then. Do you need any help?" he asked as they stepped out of the hot sun and into the smial.

"No, I think I've found my way around and I know Uncle Bilbo left something in the kitchen." After washing their hands and faces they sat down to eat. Each enjoying the others company and laughing as they ate. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.