Author's Note: Yay! Baby Pippin is finally here! Unfortunately, my story of his nickname can in no way compare with Goldenwolf's, but here goes.

By September nineteenth, family was coming from all over the Shire for Frodo and Bilbo's birthday. The Green Dragon was packed and Tooks were moving into Bag-End.


Merry looked up slowly at his cousin Pervinca. "What did you use my full name for?"

"I need you and your friends to do something for me: baby-sit Peregrin."

Frodo and Sam glanced at one another; baby-sit that terror?

Merry thought it over, "What's in it for us?"

"Please be quiet," Frodo begged the baby. "Please stop crying. Want to see a funny face?" He stopped when Peregrin spit up on him and Frodo cursed. "Merry! You take him!" He gave the baby to his cousin and ran to change his shirt.

"You know you're supposed to hold a towel over your shoulder when you hold a baby," Sam mentioned and took Peregrin from Merry.

Frodo went into his room and changed his shirt. He held the foul shirt away from him and dropped it the sink. "Uh, Frodo….A little problem!"

Sam and Merry were staring at the baby in horror. "That is his first word! Of all words, that one?"

"What did he say?" Frodo asked. Sam whispered something into his ear and Frodo paled. "Lor', what are we going to do?"

"We'll just teach him a new word!" Merry suggested, desperately.

"Right," Sam agreed. "Um, will your aunt and uncle kill us?"

"All three of us," Frodo said.

"Right. Hello…Momma…Frodo." Merry started saying random words, trying to get Peregrin to repeat them.

"I think we need smaller words," Frodo said.

"Well, that wasn't a small word, was it?" Frodo and Merry both began to panic.

Sam tried to keep calm and hoped the baby wouldn't learn any other words from the arguing cousins. "Pop. Pop. Pop," he said and played with the baby. "Please say it, Peregrin: Pop. C'mon Peregrin."