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My heart pounded as I sat down on the stool in front of all my fellow students. My pulse went haywire as the sorting hat was lowered onto my head. I bit my lip in anticipation. "curious…you are perfect for…hufflepuff!" the hat cried. My face split into a big smile and I sprinted over to the hufflepuff table.

My bed was comfortable and I did not wish to get up early. But Quidditch tryouts were very early in the morning. I planned to be the only girl beater on the hufflepuff team. Harry potter was already on the field his position as seeker already secured. I waved to him as I mounted my broomstick and shot up into the air. Draco Malfoy was waiting up in the air for the game to begin. Fletchy the hufflepuff team seeker was glaring daggers at Draco. I made my way over to Fletchy and asked him when the game would start. I got my answer when the bludger came flying towards us.

Hufflepuff lost by two points. The Slytherins of course rubbed it in our faces. But my position as beater was very much secured. I spent the rest of the night celebrating my own personal victory

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