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My Hands were clenched to my sides as I walked down the corridor with Draco. Everyone was looking in our direction. Every time a guy looked at me Draco would growl at them. When we arrived at the common room door he spoke the password…slyfendor berries…I almost died laughing. I asked him why he chose that password, he explained that Luna, the head girl, found it amusing. I laughed and said okay. He made me sit down on the couch as he started a fire. " So Yareli…you said you're seventeen…why'd you start so late?" I cringed and replied, "My parents were scared of magic." " who are they" he questioned. I shook my head…"they died it doesn't matter" Draco paused before continuing his questions. I leaned my head on the back of the couch. " what are you like" he asked. "I'm…insecure…and damaged" I replied with a sigh. His eyes widened and he leaned over me…" so I kind of want to kiss you right now…would that be okay?" his question threw me off guard. His fingers laced through my hair and tilted my head back. " But I'm muggle born…thought you didn't like mud bloods" I whispered. His response was to cover my mouth with his…the kiss was more than I expected it to be. My heart raced. My senses were reeling. My claws came out slowly with no pain. Before I could stop myself I raked them down his back. His teeth only inches from biting into my neck. " what the hell Yareli" he yelled. I cringed and gently pushed him off of me. " I'm sorry Draco…I'm going to go" I whispered holding back a sob. I never did anything right. He tried to stop me from leaving but I had too much off a head start. I laid awake all night feeling guilty…hoping he was okay.

I woke up at six am thinking I had class. But it was Saturday…no classes. Since I was up already I decided to go get breakfast, after I got dressed of course. I piled my hair up in a messy bun on the top of my head. The great hall was only half full. I saw Draco and did my best not to make eye contact with him. I made my way over to the Ravenclaw table where Devon, Olive were sitting with Luna. I sat down and they mumbled good morning. I nodded towards them then started shoveling food into my mouth. Olive and Devon's mouths dropped open. I paused in the middle of eating and grinned at them. They seemed happy I was stuffing my face. I felt guilty fooling them. Luna invited us all to a sleepover in her common room. I reluctantly agreed to it. I excused myself to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom as soon as I was full. I locked myself in a stall and forced myself to throw up all of my breakfast. I then trudged to my room to grab a few things. I met the girls outside of Hogwarts. We then made our way to hogsmeade to shop and go to the three broomsticks.

I opened the dressing room door and asked, " does this look okay?" Olive, Devon, and Luna didn't say anything for a few minutes. The white baby doll nightie I had chosen went down to my knees and came with lacey shorts. The cut was low and my legs and arms were completely exposed. " you're so…tiny" they exclaimed. My robes usually hid my body. I only smiled. " how much do you weigh" Luna asked. " ninety-five pounds" I replied honestly . Mentally I was kicking myself for doing so . All three of them looked very worried. I just shook my head. "so yes or no" I asked them with a grin. They said yes…that it was adorable on me. We left for Hogwarts at five and went straight to the common room of Luna's. My phone rang out indicating I had a text message. It was from Draco. He said his back was all healed, that he wasn't mad or upset with me, and that he spent all of the nigh before dreaming of our kiss. I could feel myself blushing. Olive who was reading over my shoulder yelled, "Awwwwh!". All of the other girls read it and had the same reaction. I couldn't stop myself from blushing. He sent me another message soon after. It was a picture of himself sitting on a bed with green sheets. The subject was one sentence, " where are you"? My friends squealed. I smiled and replied, " in your common room". He seemed very excited about my reply. He asked me to come up. The girls told me to go. I agreed and walked up the steps that led to his room. I knocked gently feeling very…self conscious in my new nightie. Draco opened the door with a small smirk on his face. I felt my heart start to pound and my hair stood on end on the back of my neck.

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