Dissention: An Aside

A/N: This is part riddle parts talling tactic as I've half of the next chapter done and am struggling to complete it. Suffice to say, enjoy my filler chapter and see if you can discover who and what is reffered to from the composition of below. A hint, think final fantasy.

For us the skies hold no angels,

the land is still.

silence unfolding from the darkest root from the darkest tree strangles

and the clouds of dark birthed in fear forbade even the stars

Sin in guise of man rears than rend the hand witch feeds

spreading scarlet seed, arresting the heart in it's cage of bone

For us the heavens harbor no angels

the land is hushed, teetering upon a twilight of a kind

Between dark and ight, as all twilights go

the fractured factions catch the light just so...

before the fall.

In this final moment between fancy and fantast the land's very heart goes still.

Silence unflufls from quickening shade and lingering light.

This silence a scion brithed of darkest root of darkest tree

Above blotting light from sacred Moon -oh holy Moon!- clouds lack than night forvbade even the stars their shine

Smoothering in onix hands of stagnant clouds.

The wind itself falls still.

Under soundles skies, life carried on, and Sin disguised as mand rends and rears and a scarlet rain is left behind.

Feeding the seed that arrests the heart in it's cage of bone. For the still heart is a lost heart, and time shall not turn back at any's behest.

Thus aching for what is lost, we aspire, conspire

seeking heaven, intent turns and though purched upon ineffable heights of unhallowed depths a search ends

a throne of glamor upon the back of ruin.

The call drwons upon unmoving wind and stilled wing,

"For Empire!"

Though names may change, lines are the same.

Nothing holds, blood nor border, only bitter irony remains.

When the clowns caper, slaves pick up the crowns and an age of degration begins.

And by sevenths the sky falls down.

And the world smothers.

As does the curtian, and actors all.

For all assembled, do take your place upon this shrouded stage of fragments.

Mouth your lines, bare your souls.

It's all been done before.