Edward's hand caressed my inner thigh while his thumb stroked teasingly at my opening. My tears were flowing at a steady stream and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. When his thumb passed over my clit, my body betrayed me and my hips jerked up to meet his hand. Edward smiled down at me, obviously pleased with my reaction. His thumb began to rub circles into that tender spot.

"Bella" he spoke, "If you'd let yourself go, maybe you'd enjoy this." When I didn't respond he huffed an exasperated sigh before getting up from the bed. He left the room, but before I could allow myself to relax he returned with two pairs of handcuffs. He jingled the handcuffs at me before sitting on the edge of the bed. There he used both pairs of handcuffs, one for each leg, to chain me to the bed post. My legs were spread wide apart; I was completely open to him.

"I have to say, I really enjoy you spread out like this" Edward chuckled. Then he climbed off of the bed. "Sweet dreams, Isabella", he muttered before flickering off the lights. I heard his footsteps drift away down the hall.

Sweet dreams? Have sweeter words ever been uttered? But no…he was only toying with me. Any minute now he would return and rape me. I could not allow myself to feel relief. He had handcuffed me for a reason. I was no idiot. And even if this was no hoax, how did he expect me to sleep like this? My arms were already starting to cramp from being chained over my head for so long.

But no, Bella, you are allowing yourself to believe that Edward really has ended the night. And it will be that much worse when he actually comes into the room. But what Edward would do to me was inevitable. If he did not do it tonight than I was sure he'd do it another time. I should just enjoy the time I had alone with myself. After all, this was the first time I had been alone since I'd met him.

Somewhere in between my arguing with myself, I had slipped into an uncomfortable sleep. I was jostled awake by Edward. He silently unlocked the handcuffs and I groaned at the intense stiffness of my joints. My arms felt numb and tingly at the same time. With the slightest movement, my joints would pop and crack. My eyes teared up at the pain of it all.

"I don't think I mentioned this yesterday", Edward started, "But this is your room. There is a bathroom" he continued pointing to the door closest to the bed, "And there is your closet", he pointed to a door on the opposite side of the bed, "I was able to run to the store and grab you a few things to wear. You will be showered and dressed in thirty minutes. Is that understood Bella?"

"Yes Edward." I tried to climb out of bed. The effort proved to be more difficult, not to mention painful, than I could manage. Edward sighed before grabbing me by the arm and hauling me out of the bed. Once out of bed he dropped me to the floor before exiting the room.

Once I made it to the bathroom, I quickly stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water. Without waiting for the water to heat up, I moved under its spray. The water felt wonderful on my skin and slowly my tense muscles began to relax. I could have stood there for hours just letting the warm water pour over my body, but I knew Edward would be waiting for me. I hurriedly lathered my body and rinsed so that I could get dressed.

The "clothes" that Edward referred to were more like costumes. I stared in horror at the get-up he expected me to wear. He had brought 1950's housewife-esque dresses, the kind that go in at the waist and poof out at the skirt. Only these dresses stopped way above the knee and were low cut. I was sure that, depending on what side you're on, that if I were to bend down, you'd get an eyeful of my backside or my breasts. And to top it all off, he brought me an apron! It was like he was playing out some sick fantasy. A sick fantasy that I definitely didn't want to be a part of.

I quickly searched the room for a window and ran over to it. With all my might, I pushed hard on the window seal but it wouldn't budge. It was as if someone had glued it shut. Tears began to well in my eyes and I had to keep my mouth shut to stop from sobbing. With defeat I walked back over to the closet.

Edward was in the kitchen, when I made it down stairs. "Well don't you look adorable" Edward cooed. I wanted to throw up. I had been expecting him to want me to make breakfast or clean like a good housewife should but I found that someone had already prepared breakfast and there was a stack of pancakes across from the chair Edward was seated in. "You may sit down Bella."

I immediately took my seat, my hunger overcoming me. Yesterday my fear was stronger than my hunger and I had forgotten that I hadn't eaten in two days. I quickly picked up the syrup and smothered my pancakes with it. Using my hands, I began to tear the pancakes into pieces and shove them into my mouth. But before I could take my second bite, my plate was pulled away from me and Edward towered over me, anger building in his green eyes.

"Eating with your hands Isabella?" He barked. "Are you some kind of animal? I go to the trouble of fixing you a nice breakfast and you disrespect me at my own table!"

"I-I'm sorry Edward" I whimpered. I flinched when he raised his hand; I thought he was going to slap me. Instead his large hand gripped my face and forcefully turned it towards his.

"Will I have to teach you dining etiquette?" he purred into my ear and I instantly stiffened. Something told me that his idea of dining etiquette was dirty and sexual.

"No, Edward. I am very sorry. Please forgive me." I stared into his green eyes hoping that he would just let me continue my breakfast. His eyes narrowed before he pushed the plate back over to me. He handed me a plastic fork and spoon.

"I don't trust you with the silverware" he muttered before taking his seat.

Once I had finished eating, Edward instructed me to wash the plate and glass I had used. He wouldn't let me put it away though. He took the dishes from my hands, dried them and then put them into the allotted cabinets.

The dish towel he had used to dry the dishes fell to the floor and I unthinkingly bent over to pick it up. I squeaked when I felt Edward press into me from behind. His hand slid to my thighs and I quickly stood up. I tried to step away from him but he quickly gripped my thighs. His head lowered and his nose skimmed my neck.

"Before I bought you, I never imagined it would be this difficult to get you to show affection for me, Bella." he murmured, "I will try to be patient with you. I want you to willingly give yourself to me. But understand that if I wanted to I could take you right here on the kitchen table. And just because I haven't taken you yet does not make you any less mine" His voice had become cold and mean and when he finally released me he pushed me slightly. "Follow me" he said as he walked out of the room.

He went into the dining room and sat casually on the couch. He grabbed the remote and began to flip through the channels. "Come sit with me Isabella"

I had been standing at the edge of the room. I wasn't sure whether he had wanted me to sit with him until he had spoken. I walked over to the couch but before I could sit down next to him he spoke again. "How about you sit right here", he said as he grabbed my arm. He pulled me down into his lap and wrapped his arms around my waist.

Even though I was relieved when he stated that he was not going to rape me, I still didn't totally trust him. It hadn't escaped my notice that he had used the word 'try', meaning that it was not certain that he would not hurt me. I wanted to laugh when he said that he wanted me to willingly give myself to him. Because I knew that wouldn't happen.

I had never really thought much about sex. I was 15, and though there were many girls my age engaging in intercourse, I always thought myself too young to do it. Not that I had anyone in particular that I wanted to do it with. On those rare occasions when I would think about my first time, I'd always imagined it would be with someone I was in love with, possibly my husband.

But now, everything I used to think was mine belonged to Edward. Including my virginity. As he said before, he could take my virginity any time. And though I would try to fight him it would be a fruitless battle. Knowing what he could do to me scared me the most.

Perhaps I would be able to escape before he got frustrated and impatient and decided to rape me. He had mentioned before that he would get me a key. If he would get me a key than maybe he would allow me other liberties. He might allow me to go to the store by myself or even teach me how to drive. I wasn't sure which freedoms Edward would allow. All I knew was that when I had an opportunity to run would run. I just had to –

"What are you thinking about?" Edward asked, breaking my train of thought.

'You won't like what I'm thinking about', I wanted to say but instead I told him that I was thinking about what he had said earlier, which wasn't a complete lie.

His arms tightened around me before he spoke. "What about what I said?"

I thought quickly. "I was thinking whether or not what you said was true."

He chuckled softly, his chin resting on my shoulder. "I would never lie to you love" he teased. I rolled my eyes.

He pulled me when he sat back so that my back was pressed against his chest. One of his arms was lazily wrapped around my waist while his other hand rested on the top of my knee. He wasn't roughly grabbing my breast or sliding his hand under my skirt. As we sat like this, it could be easy to believe that he was my loving boyfriend and I was his devoted girlfriend; that we were happily in love.

But I would not allow myself to think like that. Edward had taken everything away from me and would probably take even more. I could not believe that the man that caused me so much pain could be someone I could love. Maybe in his twisted mind he could believe we were a young couple in love. I could not.

Edward's finger began to stroke my cheek and I had to fight not to turn away from him. I had to pretend to like it. Because if I didn't, if I were to refused him, good-natured Edward would be replaced with crazy, angry, mood-changing Edward and I would rather not see him. So I turned my face towards his finger, allowing him better access to my cheek and even though I could not see his face, I imagined he wore a very satisfied smirk.

When we were finished watching television (or when Edward had finished watching it) he told me that he wanted me to make him lunch. I was surprised that we had spent so much time watching television.

I was a bit nervous with having to fix him lunch. I cooked all the time for Renee but that was usually something easy like spaghetti or meatloaf. Although I enjoyed cooking, my expertise was not very ranged and I feared that whatever Edward wanted me to cook would be too difficult.

He chuckled at my anxiety. He clasped his hands together before he spoke. "Bella…" he toyed with me, "I want you…to make me…a sandwich"

I heaved a sigh of relief before going to the fridge and taking out the ingredients. I quickly made the sandwich and handed it to Edward before I started to make myself one.

"Bella, although this sandwich is quite yummy, I want you to learn how to cook things that are a little bit more difficult. I won't be the only one that will cook."

I nodded without really hearing what he was saying, as I walked back to the fridge to put things back. But before I got to it Edward forcefully grabbed and pulled me down to the floor by my hair. His hand remained wrapped in my hair as he spoke to me.

"What did I tell you before about nodding Isabella!" he hissed. I whimpered as he gripped my hair harder, "You will learn to respect me. Even if I have to be forceful with you". He released my hair and my head hit the marble floor. I closed my eyes tight, wishing that I was anywhere other than here.

"Get off the floor and eat your sandwich" he said, the anger in his voice subsiding. I did as I was told and sat at the counter. I didn't want to sit with him at the table.

He had finished his sandwich when the doorbell rang. "Go and answer the door" he spoke absentmindedly, "It's probably USPS"

I got up from the stool at the counter and went to the door but before I could make it someone yelled through the door.

"Come on Edward!" the voice said, "You gotta let your big bro in"

I stopped in my tracks. Maybe this was my escape. Did his family know about me already? Did they condone slavery? For some reason I didn't think they were like Edward. Call it intuition but I felt that his brother could help me. And with that thought, I made for the door again.

But Edward grabbed my arm before I got to it. His eyes were frantic. He was nervous. This confirmed what I already thought was true. That his brother wasn't like Edward.

"Bella" he said in a low whisper, "Go into your room and lock the door. Do not make a sound!"

No, I wanted to say. This was my escape and I would be damned if I didn't take this opportunity. I tried to wrestle my arm away from his grip but he held my arm tight.

"If you do not do what I say, I will beat you within an inch of your life. Your mother won't even recognize you" he snapped.

I wanted to cry and scream and kick because I had been so close to escape and now it was being taken away from me. I couldn't allow that. I had promised myself that if I had the opportunity to run I would. And though I didn't actually run, I did take the opportunity.

Edward had let go of my arm and was now pushing me towards the stairs. But God was on my side because I was able to slip past him to the door.

"Help me please!" I yelled as loud as I could to the door.