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The Thirteenth Olympian

"Perseus..." The voice boomed inside the dome shaped room, causing an echo. The man hadn't spoken relatively loud; he just radiated power, his voice projecting that power outward to anyone and everyone. He was a man with a black beard and electric blue eyes; he sat on a massive throne opposite the door to enter the room. Room is a relatively small word, considering that it had to withhold enough space for twelve thrones circling the sides of the room all facing toward the center. The reason for the dome shaped room -temple- had to be of considerable size, was for the 15" feet tall beings sitting respectively on their on thrones.

Perseus lost in thought didn't really hear the man; he was just remembering his past.

* Flashback *

"Nice going Perseus, Annabeth," the camper said as they entered Camp Half-Blood after defeating Gaea and the Giants.

Zeus had been generous in his gifts, Percy hadn't expected being offered godhood since he had declined his offer after defeating Kronos a year back. But he still believed godhood was out of the question as a gift, since he wouldn't have offered it to all seven demigods, that helped defeat Gaea and the Giants. But the gift he received was unbelievable. Zeus or someone had made him a perfect copy of his sword Anaklusmos; Riptide.

"Great job Perseus, Annabeth," another camper called as both passed by him.

The campers calling him by his true name were beginning to get him on edge. Annabeth surely sensed that he was becoming increasingly tense as people called him Perseus, because after a few more people calling him 'Perseus' her arm tightened around his waist in a reassuring manner. He looked down into her beautiful smile and instantly began to relax.

Until his best friend Grover came bounding toward him with his girlfriend Juniper at his side. "Perseus," he called. "Perseus," he waved as Perseus looked up from Annabeth's stormy gray eyes and beautiful smile. He changed course and began directing both Annabeth and him toward them.

"Perseus," he yelled louder once he new Perseus' eyes were on him. Perseus jerked to a stop. He couldn't believe it even his best friend was acting weird. He had never called Perseus, by his full name. Never.

Grover gave Perseus a manly hug. Perseus didn't return his hug; He simply grabbed his orange Camp Half-Blood tee-shirt by the shoulders and pushed him back. Then proceed by glowering menacingly at him.

"Why is everyone calling me by my true name, especially you? You know I dislike my full name." His glare did not soften as he asked his best friend, Grover.

"Gees, Percy. It's your real name soften up. It's just that most campers, the older campers who know you. Believed that you should use your true name as it sounds more Greek, and it sound more heroic, for a Greek hero. Your seventeen Percy almost eighteen, your name should represent you more and personally it's manlier." Grover said with a small smile. He waited for Perseus to answer which he didn't, he just felt betrayed by his friends. "Ah, lighten up Perseus. You'll learn to get use to your name." He said with a mischievous smile as he slapped his shoulder friendly.

Perseus looked down into Annabeth's eyes pleading for her to support him. "It's the dawn of a new day, Gaea and the Giants won't be back for some time. You might as well start completely new with a new name." She told him. He grunted with displease now that even his girlfriend was encouraged by having everyone call him Perseus.

She gave a loving tight squeeze with her arm still around his waist. "Besides... Perseus," She said a little dreamily. "It sounds like you're my very own knight in sinning armour, or in Greek armour might I say." She giggled gleefully, making him grin slightly and embraced her tightly in his arms.

"I believe I'll just need to get used to it." He sighed with obvious displeasure.

* End of Flashback *

"It seems you have out done yourself once again." Zeus announced loudly, but the hint of irritation in his voice was still eminent. The other gods and goddesses around him murmured in agreement.

Perceus nodded his thanks to the King of Gods, and then proceed thanking the other eleven Olympians.

* Flashback *

"Perseus," Poseidon announced from the amphitheatre. Perseus stood up from within the crowd and looked at his father incredulously. "Father?" Perseus asked bewildered. "What are you doing here?" "Aren't I allowed to speak with my own son?" Poseidon asked, giving the same crooked grin that he had. "Of course, father. I was just a little surprised." Perseus replied still bemused.

Poseidon tilted his head toward the Ocean. Perseus nodded, and his father disappeared leaving the smell of a sea breeze behind him. Perseus knew what his father had meant by his tilt towards the Ocean. He wanted to speak with him by his realm, and to have a conversation in private.

Perseus wondered what it was that his father would speak to him about, but made haste for the beach anyways. Not wanting to make his father wait, pondering over what he'd say was pointless, when he would tell him in just a few moments.

Once he arrived at the Ocean's coast, he began felling his feet sink in the cold, damp sand. The tides with the reflection of the moon on the water made the salty spray seem to sparkle. The sight was bewitching, had his father not interrupted him he might have started to sway in and out with the tides in bliss.

"Perseus, I want you to come to my palace. You will train to completely manipulate your powers and become a master of the blade." Poseidon said. "I'll have you train with and against multiple people so you don't always know what your opponent has in mind for you. So your skill can evolve more efficiently and help you in battles instead of drown you in them." "What..?" Perseus asked stunned. "Why would you have me train at your palace, I wouldn't get to see my friends and girlfriend plus Gaea and her sons the Giants are gone. Obliterated into tiny dusts of golden sand, why do I need to train?"

"I know, Perseus. But did you see how close defeat was, one mistake by anyone of you and the gods and the world as we knew it wouldn't have been the same." His father stated. "Did it ever occur to you the possibility of having to fight something older than Gaea and the Giants afterwards? Wouldn't the possibility be possible? We've fought against the Titans and then Gaea. Who knows the beings that you battle against could become older and older, becoming increasingly stronger." Poseidon's statements did have great meaning and all the evidence pushed towards that. But nothing told him he had to like it, he didn't want to train.

"Yes, father." Perseus said taking an interest in his bare feet. "But if I may," Perseus began looking back at his father's sea green eyes as he got his confidence back. "If I were to exceed your expectations in my training, could you allow me to visit camp every so often?"

"You mean so you can have your relationship with that daughter of Athena?" Poseidon stated more than questioned with obvious dislike. "Uh, although I don't approve of your relationship with the girl it is your own life... I will allow you to visit camp every so often. Now go pack, we're leaving as soon as you join me back here."

Perseus leapt up and hugged his sea smelling father, "Thank you father." Perseus dashed to get his things and tell Annabeth that he'd be back hopefully in a month. He wanted to kiss her unbelievably soft lips before he left. With his pack in hand and after doing a quick scan of his cabin, and feeling his twin pen's Riptide in each a separate pocket he made haste for his girlfriend.

Once he saw Annabeth, it would be a long time before her saw her again. So marching right up to her, he dropped his bag on the ground. The duffel bag hitting the ground seemed to shock her a little, but when he grabbed her face with both hands and gave her a long passion filled kiss she seemed to become more stunned than shocked. But she soon recomposed herself grabbing the back of his neck in both hands, and deepening the kiss passionately in return. Just before breaking the passionate kiss, he felt her moan slightly in pleasure wanting him to continue. With his hands still cupping her face, Perseus pulled back to look into her now drowsy looking stormy grey eyes. Perseus felt a little satisfied that his kiss could get so much heart felt emotion out of her.

"Annabeth," He began. "My father has ordered me to go train undersea in his palace, but no worries it won't be long before I'm back hopefully in a month. I'll still send you Iris-messages to keep in contact, plus you'll mostly be busy in Olympus." Her expression saddened him so much; it had gone from pure bliss to an ever deepening pain. "Please Annabeth," He could feel a lump beginning to rise in his throat. "I'll train as hard as I possibly can to get back to you as soon as possible."

She gave him a small nod unable to answer with words. "I won't be gone long, I promise." Perseus said as he kissed her forehead and gave her a tight embrace. "I must go; my father is waiting by the beach." He whispered passed her hair, still embracing her. As he said this he felt her arms clutch more forcefully behind his back, as though she was making an unbreakable chain holding him to her. Albeit the sobs that she had started in his tunic made her unable to keep hold of him. Just before pulling away Perseus kissed her forehead and said, "Don't cry Annabeth, I'll be back before you notice I'm even gone." With that he broke from her and descended to the beach to where his father was.

* End of Flashback *

"You have trained vigorously for these passed few years and we have been watching," Zeus commented. "You must now realize that your father's training was more of a test in some ways. It was a way for us to more closely examine you, Perseus."

Perseus wasn't really listening, especially with Zeus' what seemed to be empty flattery.

* Flashback *

At his father's palace under the sea, Perseus trained with a coldblooded menace. He trained seven hours a day, everyday of the week. Proving his father that he could go back to camp to be with friends and relax. In the 48 days of training he had multiple trainers. Some though returned often since they were quite skilled in which ever activity they trained. Perseus would also try to contact Annabeth. But to his suspicion twice when he Iris-messaged her, a boy would be with her. Had it been always a different boy and during the day mostly he wouldn't get suspicious like that. But also he didn't want to ask her who the guy with brown hair was that she seemed to be around, he didn't want to appear as a jealous psycho path boyfriend.

Perseus popped up a little after dinner on Half-Blood hill, he'd learned to teleport using the water. He managed getting on Half-Blood Hill since moisture was a form of water he could use to teleport. He began descending the hill to go see Chiron and Grover, to have more time with Annabeth after saying hello. He sat with the old centaur Chiron, his old buddy Grover the satyr, and Mr. D God of Wine. He played pinochle with them for a few minutes before going to the cabins to greet other old friends. He went through most of his friends without finding Annabeth; he looked at her favoured activities and also didn't find her at those. Then sudden realization of her location came to mind, she was at his favoured location waiting for him. She'd probably be sitting on the beach sand, letting the tide only touch her toes as she looked at the Ocean's horizon while having the stars and moon above. He smiled to himself as he remembered the sight he'd witnessed so many times.

As he got closer to the beach his suspicion began to flare and pain shot through his heart. On the sandy beach floor sat Annabeth with the brown haired boy sitting closely at her side. Her long blond hair lifted in the breeze, and the guy must have told her something because she turned to face him. The rest was like having his heart stomped on. He saw his girlfriend lean into a kiss with another guy, Perseus was heart broken. But to his own surprise, he was relatively calm. To his horror after the brief kiss, Annabeth turned back toward the sea and intertwined her fingers in the boy's hand. Perseus knew by then that Annabeth had just forfeited their relationship and yet that didn't faze him that much. He knew that going undersea with his father, she'd find someone else. Perseus was mainly hurt by the fact that she had lost faith in him so quickly without even letting him know.

Taking in a deep saddened breath, he advanced the 'couple'. He passed silently to Annabeth's right side, since the boy was to her left. He passed beside her and with his first foot already on the water he turned. He turned in a way to look at Annabeth but still have his back to the boy, he didn't want to know the guy he had lost Annabeth too.

Looking at her beautiful face, he uttered softly and gently. "I'm sorry I was unable to be there for you." Feeling a tear trace down his face he put aside his hurt and continued, "I love you, Annabeth Chase. Good bye," he silently pronounced as he turned and pushed his feet onward across the surface of the water. Going toward the Ocean's horizon, to then fall through the water and will the currents to bring him to Poseidon's undersea palace.

* End of Flashback *

"What?" Perseus asked bemused. "I have been training for three years for your personal amusement?"

"Of course not son," Poseidon added hastily. "Besides you could have stopped training after a year when I told you. You and I know that the training was for personal comfort."

Perseus looked into his father's eyes and quickly turned his eyes down, once he realized his father was correct.

"No Perseus," Zeus began. "The first year of your training was to see if you were ready and reliable. The two extra years we left you training, mainly to see your capability at handling your problems."

"Okay, so you're saying that this council meeting could have happened two years ago." Perseus stated.

"Yes, precisely." Zeus continued. "The council believe that you are ready to be made a god. Although unlike last time you have no say in the matter, you will become a god." His voice turned edgy as he remembered the last time godhood was offered. "Perseus, you shall become the thirteenth Olympian."

Perseus stood speechless in the middle of the throne room, but he quickly recomposed himself. "Lord Zeus I must thank you, but this time I have no intention to reject your generous gift." The twelve Olympian gods and goddesses stood up in front of their throne. Perseus quickly swallowed and added before they began whatever, "Lords and Ladies if I may before you begin. Which god will I become?"

"That is a mystery to even us Perseus; your godhood transformation will choose one or a few of your greatest attributes." Zeus said as all the Olympians placed their hands on the shoulders of the next beside them. Then with the hand of the god closest to him on his shoulder and the same on the opposite side with the ladies, Zeus began to chant in ancient Greek. Although Perseus could understand ancient Greek, he was too stunned to even care.

All that Perseus saw was the blue, gold and silver auras flicking from colour to colour. All that he felt was his blood boiling and his muscles, becoming even more defined even after three years of constant train. Rubbing his hand across his arm after his muscles seemed to have been pulled and stretched endlessly, he was surprised most by his skin. What seemed to have been rough grade five sand-paper was now equivalent to velvet silk.

After Zeus' chanting ended and all the Olympians sat back on their thrones, Perseus felt... Amazing. He felt like he could take out Typhoon all by himself. His pondering was interrupted by his father, "Perseus God of-" Poseidon and the other Olympians didn't know his gifts as a god so he finished the phrase for him. "-God of Tides, Heroes and Swordsmanship."

"I present Lord Perseus, God of Tides, Heroes and Swordsmanship. The thirteenth Olympian," Zeus' voice boomed in the council. "Now sit down on your throne to make it official."

Perseus raised an eyebrow at him sceptically. Once he saw Zeus was not bluffing he let his eyes roam the council throne room, until he turned around to see a new throne in white marble before his eyes. The throne was opposite to Zeus in front of the door way, but the door was so huge that entering the throne room was still effortless. His white marble throne was welcomed by Hermes on the left and Aphrodite to the right.

If his throne had magically grown up out of the ground, he wondered if his palace had risen up the same. Hopefully it had what he would have asked for; he was pretty sure though that it would look the same as in his mind. Two paths touching a gigantic stairs leading directly to his room, an extra two rooms would be on either side to use up the space by the stairs. The two paths beside the stairs would lead to an open kitchen and dining space. The back of the palace would be entirely in sand for the training grounds, a nice 'C' spaced underground pool would line the perimeter of the training ground.

"God of Heroes," Dionysus chuckled mischievously. "Does it mean that he's going to be Camp Director for those bratty kids?" His question was being directed to Zeus.

"I have no problem against that Lord Dionysus," Perseus answered for Zeus. "Although if I may, I'd like to ask you to stay at camp for maybe a month or more if that would be alright."

"A month why do I have to stay a month extra when your job is to teach them," Dionysus asked suspiciously.

"Well I can hardly teach them archery, if I myself have no clue how to wield a bow and arrow," Perseus stated. "Which is why I need one month, I wanted to ask you Lady Artemis if you could train me in archery before I became Camp Director."

"What? Why would you need me to teach you archery? Apollo is quite qualified for that task." Artemis blurted out.

"Ah most probably, but knowing Lord Apollo he would be more inclined to bring me into a bar or something than actually teach me." Perseus stated truthfully.

"True enough, Perseus." Apollo murmured in confirmation.

Artemis just glared silver darts at Perseus, "I do not teach boys, I am a Maiden Goddess. I will have nothing to do with you, Perseus. Besides I have my Hunters to train."

Perseus was about to respond to Artemis' statement when Zeus spoke, "My daughter and son will come once a week to your palace to help in your archery. Once you are ready, you will report to Dionysus and replace him atCampHalf-Blood." Zeus' glare settled on Artemis in case she were to rebuttal, she sighed and gave a slight nod after a bit of hesitation. His eyes slid towards Apollo and he nodded.