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Helix and Artemis departed from the Olympian council, Artemis tightly coiled upon Helix's back, while she had long awaited this moment, when her lover would come back to her, her Perseus, the man she now clung to . While he was a new man in a way , with a new name and title, he was still her long awaited lover.

With Helix and Artemis slowly fading in the distance, with the great double chamber doors of gold and Celestial bronze closing slowly, Aphrodite returned her gaze to her now attractive and very likeable husband.

With her gaze still on Hephaestus, Aphrodite broke through the collective chattering of the gods with their immortal demigod children. "If my husband is taking on the areas I control, and I his, what connection does Helix and Artemis have, because I certainly sensed the great resemblance between both of their power."

After Aphrodite finished speculating, she looked towards the other Olympians. Her eyes drifted to her equals in a way, and to the immortal demigods still within the council chamber. Everyone ended up thinking of the same thing; everyone was tempted to say the floating thought of everyone aloud, though the enraged face of Zeus becoming increasingly more defined halted their tongues.

Zeus swept his burning glare on everyone in the room, before settling on Aphrodite. "Are you saying that Perseus unintentionally married my daughter when he gave her that ring!"

"He did mention that the ring was symbolic to love, so I am guessing Helix did unofficially marry Artemis." Aphrodite spoke, her silken voice getting submerged in happiness. "I'll go plan the wedding to make it official."

"What, no!" The throne room shook with the thunder bolt having stuck near it. "I'll have his head; I don't care if he is a Primordial!" Zeus's voice rang over the edge of Olympus with the force of his shouting, as his form disappeared from sight engulfed inside a bolt of lightning.

"Zeus!" Poseidon shouted, before dissipating in a sea mist, going towards his brother by following his power signature. Soon after , the rest of the deities began to disperse , only Hestia remained with the dumbfounded demigods.

"Head for the garden demigods," Hestia told them before she also disappeared from sight, engulfed in a soft flame.

Ryan was the first out of the Olympian council chambers in a dead sprint. Only after did the other demigods return from their dazes and sprint after their fellow demigod, who was heading towards the Garden of Olympus.

When the Olympians and demigods arrived at the lake, their faces morphed to an expression of awe.

Helix was in the process of decimating monsters, his opponents not lasting many more than several milliseconds. His graceful form swept from monster to monster, gliding through them as though he was in a gaseous state. As his twin blades ripped through monster flesh, within the increments of his movements, usually he would spin to deliver a devastating backhanded slash to an enemy coming upon him from behind, and a monster attempting to go of towards Artemis would burst into ash. A sharp throwing knife would lie atop those menacing gold ash piles.

The gods, demigods and even Artemis watched Helix become a whirlwind of death. The only exception was Artemis was being forced to watch; her struggling attempts at moving to help would have made her foolish, though a yellowish shield of energy protected her and restrained her. Helix's swords glinted with the occasional flare of light that struck them; though it wasn't often as the swords were more commonly passing through monsters or covered in dust.

He struck and slashed at the monsters faster then even Zeus' master bolt, he moved through the monsters like the smoothest of Poseidon's realms, and he dealt death to his enemies at a strength surpassing even Hades.

Seeing Helix's form flash in and out of monsters, spinning and moving at such unbelievable rates to send the monsters back to Tartarus, made the deities stare wearily and in awe.

"My sister will soon learn of my presence, this was a force to evaluate your readiness." Helix said as he decapitated the last remaining monster, turning toward the assembled deities and demigods.

"Why did you lock me in that shield Helix?" Artemis vented angrily toward Helix, after his yellow semi-transparent shield dissipated. Even with Artemis' anger filled expression, Helix's retained calm and focused.

"You may be able to protect yourself Artemis," Helix's tone rose in loving defensiveness soon after. "But you are the equivalent of my wife, thus I will use the necessary precautions to keep you safe from harm."

Artemis seemed stunned with obvious delight, from this revelation. "She is not your wife!" Zeus shouted at Helix, retrieving everyone from their own worlds to which they had disappeared to, from Helix's display. "She is my daughter, my maiden daughter who I have not given any such agreement to your marriage!"

"Her accepting the ring was of her own free will, you are merely an obstacle she would have needed to overcome to marry." Helix stated with finality a cool tone helping Zeus remain quiet and not argue any further.

"Helix," Artemis' meek tone penetrated through the silence of the garden of Olympus. "What do you mean?"

"Well you are my wife," Helix looked slightly embarrassed having every other Olympian here. "Though I did not want to imply having not properly asked you those three thousand years ago, not making it official." His embarrassment was publicly shown when Artemis gave him an unbelievable smile, causing his cheeks to blush slightly.

Zeus' sigh could be heard soon after her smile, a special one sent toward only Helix. Having seen his daughter's face light up as it did, what it morphed into when Helix revealed himself, it outshone and proved her three thousand years of lost and grief. There was no way he could take her daughter's happiness away from her, plus Helix was never actually a son of Poseidon which greatly helped sway his opinion on the matter.

Looking down at the piles upon piles of golden dust, Helix brought the others back to the problem at hand. "With Gaea rising as with the Titans, we must stand ready. Not letting them take us by surprise, similarly to today."

Well this is the end, left it as a 'Cliffhanger' as for you, the reader to decide how this story truly ends. I know it is a little cruel, but for a while now as some of you who have PM'ed me know, this story lost my interest long ago, like at the end of chapter 6. So this is how I have decided to end it, hopefully most of you aren't too disappointed, but I just can't write something that I personally don't like. Thanks for reading and sticking with me.