Apologies nomination

This fic has been nominated in the JBNP awards for category number 18. The 'All-Time Favorite Wolf Story - The one story you can read over and over again. You have recommended this story to everybody you ever met. You get the drift...'

If you enjoyed this story, I would ask a favour. Please take some minutes to go vote for it. You do not need to be a member of JBNP to vote.

The complete list of nominations are posted at the JBNP blog site. There are many familiar wolf-writer names. Some of which you may also have read and loved.

jacobblack-n-pack. blogspot. com. au/p/nominees. html

I have added spaces to the link so that fanfic doesn't delete it, but your browser should take them out automatically.

There are a number of categories and I have a few other stories nominated as well. 'Best friends' seem to be a fan favourite, too.

So far as what I am up to? Because many people have asked.

I have started writing too many things at once. Lol. Besides original fiction, I have about ten things bubbling away on the writing stove. I have come to the realisation that if I am not writing fanfic, I'm not writing anything. Weird, huh? Whatever. Who understands the workings of my mind? Clearly not me, for sure.

On the fanfic side, I will try to concentrate on the extension of the one shot 'I'll be home for Christmas'.

www. fanfiction s/7619586/1/Ill_be_home_for_Christmas

I have many, MANY requests from readers for a continuation of that fic. Is this my curse? Lol. Doomed to extend one-shots for all eternity. I will not post it until it is completed. I still panic about having to change something in the first few chapters. Shake my head at myself.

If you want to keep up with whatever else I am up to, it's all listed on my blog/twitter account etc. All links are on my ff profile.