Fandom: Wanted

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Band of Buccaneers

She had held on to the memory for so long, had searched for so long, that she was completely shattered when this man before her dared to threaten her vision of truth. She almost broke down in tears-how that the noble man she sought for for so long be a pirate-the scourge of the seas?

Skulls was a bloody pirate and nothing could change that fact. No matter how much Armeria wished for the man she loves to be that which he once was it would never be.

Anger coursed through her veins at the thought-not of the man she once knew, but the man before her now. He was the infamous Skulls and he couldn't even send a note or a missive or God, even a message in a bottle for all she cared, to let her know "Hey, I'm still alive, so if you've been wondering, now you know and don't have to trek the world and the high seas or seek vengeance for my death." It was the least he could do for her!

And when he extended his hand and offered her what she wanted so bad-a home and a place in his heart, she actually paused. In all her dreams, she imagined it differently. He was still the same man she loved, albeit slightly coarser around the edges, and well-hello, pirate, but a bounty didn't mean anything to her.

He was the captain of her heart. She spent this long searching for him, and she definitely wasn't going to let him get away that easily. Even as his had stayed extended, waiting for her touch of acceptance or slap of denial, his sparkling eyes seemed to not only contain a hint of happiness but a spark of something-a challenge.

Her eyes narrowed at the sight, causing the infamous man's smirk to grow even further.

She realized then and there it was time to wake up: there was no one who would be dubbed innocent on a pirate ship. If you aren't against them, then you might as well join them. She grabbed his hand with a tight, strong grip and looked straight into his eyes. She never backed away from a challenge after all.