"Twenty two hours and still sitting at the bar. Mon ami, you need to go get some."

"I'm fine. I'm happy alone."

"Non, you need some l'amour and I will give some of mine since I am the only one around."

Gilbert glared at him, "I'm fine."

"Non, you need some love. Come mon ami," he held his arms open and Gilbert glared at him before returning to his drink.


Francis pouted, "we haven't had a time of it since… well… I… can't actually remember. OH MON AMI! I've neglected you!"

"I feel quite pampered, danke. Leave me to rot."

Francis sighed, "is this about Matthieu leaving you for Alice? I told you I thought there was something going on! Mais non~ You had to say that they were dating us for our 'awesome.' Mon ami, we are too young to be worrying over them. We could get anyone in here!"

Gilbert glared at him, "I thought there might have been something wrong, but I was trying not to worry about it."

"Well then, let's go get some l'amour!"

"Nein, I'm busy."

"Getting drunk?"



"I'm quite happy alone Francis! Gott verdammt! I don't need…any… one…" He paused as his attention was caught by something behind Francis.

"Mon ami?" Francis turned and whistled. "Je vois, petites pour moi… They are tres belle, non?"

"Well… I've seen sexier, but I guess if it's you we're talking about…"

Francis grinned and waved at the pair, "mes amies! Over here!"

The brunette looked over and nudged the dirty blonde with her. Her friend shook her head enthusiastically and the brunette started to comment quickly. Blonde sighed before she headed over with the brunette. "Hey."

"Oh mes amies, je m'appelle Francis et il est Gilbert."

Blonde blinked at him, "I'm assuming that that French was your name and his. I'm Liz and this is Viveka."

"Je vois, would you two like anything to drink?" France leaned over the blonde excitedly and she glared at him.

"Who do you think we are? Of course not from you! We can get our own~"

"I'll have a glass of wine, something German preferably."

Liz stared at her friend in horror and Francis turned his attention over. "D'accord, embrasse moi?"

"Non, je ne connais pas toi. Je n'embrasse pas toi."

"Ah! A French speaker! How parfait!"

The brunette, Viveka, sat down on the other side of Gilbert and sighed, "I would beg to differ, but oh well."

Liz tugged at her friend worriedly, "Viv, let's get out of here."

"Warum? You drag me all the way here and now you want to leave before we get a drink?"

"Yeah, this place is boring."

"We've been here for five seconds."

"When did you become so adventurous?"

Viveka sighed and looked at the Frenchman, "are you getting that drink or should I listen to her?"

"Oui, non! Stay! I'll get that drink~ BARTENDER! ICI! ICI!"

Liz huffed, "well, I'm going to the bathroom then."



"Oui, bon voyage."

She flipped her hair over her shoulder and started away, leaving Viveka alone with them. Gilbert looked over at the brunette and took a swig of his beer, "so are you guys… eh…"

"Together? Nein, she would like it if we were though…"

"Huh… what about you?"

"Nein, I would rather be alone with my piano. The only reason I'm even here is because she threatened to burn down my house."

Gilbert looked over at her and nodded. "alright then."

Francis set a glass down in front of her and smiled mischievously, "here you go, mon belle amie. One glass of Bavaria's finest."


Gilbert snorted into his beer. "Prinzessin? Why don't you just leave if you don't want to be here?"

She sighed, "because if I leave then Eliza will get all upset and insist on bothering me for days to come."

"She can't be that bad…"

Viveka nodded, "she isn't but when it comes to my playing she is rather specific."

The bartender came over and Viveka ordered a slice of cake before shifting uncomfortably in her seat. Gilbert looked over and grinned, "relax, prinzessin. We aren't going to bite… well… Francis might, but I'm too awesome to."

"Hey," Francis glared at him and the brunette shrugged slightly.

"I'm just a bit uncomfortable."

"Yeah? You seem a bit tense…"

Liz took the opportunity to come running back over, "VIVEKA! We have to leave!"

"Warum? I just ordered cake…"

"My boss wants me to come to work and~"

"I have already paid, Eliza."

"Who cares!"

Gilbert saw the slight tick in the brunette's jaw, "hey, I'll drive you back home."

Liz glared at him, "you're drunk and she gets lost easily."

"I do not get lost easily."

"You got lost a street over from your house."

"I'd never been that way before."



Gilbert grinned a bit at their banter and shook his head, "relax, this is my first one and I won't have another."

The blonde glared at him, "are you sure?"

Gilbert rolled his eyes, "I'm sure if you give me her address I can get her home."

"Fine. It's the big house by the square in Vienna. The house with the large gate out front."

Thanking Gott that Francis had gotten him used to the unexpected, Gilbert nodded. "Fine, big house in Vienna square area."

Liz bit her lip as if to comment and Viveka frowned, "shouldn't you hurry?"

"Yeah… I just… be careful Viveka. I don't like this."

Gilbert glanced over at Francis as Liz left and caught the man grinning like a madman. The 'got em' look was there again. Damn, he was going to try something…

Or he had already started…

Gilbert looked over at Viveka's drink and sighed. Nein, Francis was not yet getting his talent on. Again, that bartender came back and set down her cake. She smiled a bit and started to eat contently.

"Mon fleur. I think we should head over to one of the other bars…when you are done."

"Hmm?" She looked over at him and sighed, "I really don't feel the need to stay much longer. I would like to leave after I finish eating… if that's okay with you," she looked up at him and Gilbert found himself agreeing. What the hell?

France whined loudly, "mais non! We should have some fun!"

Gilbert pulled another beer over and popped the cap off.

"I thought you weren't going to have another," Viveka asked incredulous.

"I wasn't, but I had a hard day and unlike you I'm sitting next to him." He motioned to Francis and she nodded.

"That makes sense…"


Viveka set her fork down and sighed, "I should have ordered less…"

"Huh? What? You can't finish?"

"Ja, there's too much."

Gilbert set his chin down on his hand and opened his mouth, "here."

She blinked at him, "what?"

"Feed me."

"…You seem to still have use of your arms."

"Come on prinzessin~"

"Viveka; it's Viveka, not prinzessin."

"Come on, one bite?"

She shook her head, but reluctantly fed him a bite. He ate it quickly and opened his mouth again. "What happened to one bite?"

"I got hungry."

"Mhmm…" She fed him another bite and Francis came over.

"Are you going to nourris moi aussi?"

"Nein, get your own food." Gilbert leaned a bit closer and Francis went up right behind her.

"Um…sir, could you just not stand that close…"

France leaned over her shoulder and grinned, "pourquoi?"

"It's bothering me…"

Gilbert ate the last bite of the food and stood up, "shall we get going?"

"Ja." She stood up and Francis frowned at them both.

"You both cannot be serious. We have the whole night ahead of us and what are you both doing? You are both going home. What is this? Come you two! We shall promenade dans la rue et enjoy ourselves!"

Gilbert grabbed Viveka's hand and headed towards the door, "later, Francis."

"Bon soir, mon stupid ami! Au revoir, mon fleur!"

"Bon soir!"

Gilbert led her out to his car and winced as he remembered what he was supposed to be doing, "uh… so do you mind if we make a quick side trip? I was supposed to be bringing my bruder his overnight bag. He's kinda working late," on my stuff, he added mentally.


He grinned and started up the car, heading towards the outskirts of town. He stopped in front of the office building and Viveka went a bit pale, "you uh… work here?"

"Ja, warum?"

"Eliza works here."

"Awesome. So I'll be right back okay?"


Gilbert hustled up into the building and waved at the night guy before heading up the stairs and headed over towards Ludwig's room. He paused as he found that woman Liz talking to him. He slipped the bag around the corner into his office and started down the hall back towards the elevator.


Schiesse. Verdammt. Dummkopf…

Gilbert turned as he found Ludwig rushing over, "where the verpiss have you been? I've been waiting over an hour!"

"I was busy."

"Ja? I'm doing your work for you. What the hell?"

Gilbert shrugged, "danke bruder, I have to get going~"

"Nein, you are going to be working with me and the new secretary for a couple of hours so we can~"

"Nein, I'm going to be taking my companion over to~"

"Bruder, you hire them, you don't take those women home!"

"Geez! She's a respectable person! You don't even know her! Gott verdammt! She's a proper stick in the mud!"

"Was?" Ludwig paused.

"Ja, she's a prissy aristocrat type just like you."

"Bruder I'm not an aristocratic type."

"Really? Huh… could've sworn… anyway, yeah. Later."

Ludwig pulled him to a stop and sighed, "why don't you bring your friend up here then if she's so respectable. She must be interested in what you do…"

Gilbert pulled his brother out of the line of sight to his office door, "because bruder, your little she-devil secretary is her friend and she doesn't know that I made this little side trip."


"SO~ She's going to be pissed off and annoy my little awesome chick if I let her up here."

"Bruder, just admit you have a prostitute in the car so I can get back to work."

"NEIN! For the last time she is not a prostitute! Gott verdammt! You have a dirty ass mind, you know that? Geez, tell you what, I'll invite her for dinner tomorrow. Okay?"

Ludwig perused his face for a minute before nodding, "fine then. I should be okay for tomorrow night, but you better not be messing with me. If you dress up Antonio like a woman again or France I'm going to toss you out in the street. That's not mentioning what I will not help you with work wise…"

Gilbert shivered a bit, "fine, whatever."

Ludwig turned and headed back to his office while Gilbert hurried back down the building and out to the car. Viveka was humming a bit as he got in. "Everything go okay?"

"Ja, my brother was a bit worried what had taken me so long so I had to admit that I was uh… running a little slow due to traffic."

She rolled her eyes, "nice. Do you tell the truth to anyone? I know that beer in the bar was not your first."

Gilbert smirked, "yeah, I do tell the truth when I know that the person isn't going to flip on me. I have experience with people around me trying to help or save me when I tell the truth."

"Mhmm…" She looked out the window and he snickered.

"So Viv…"

"It's Viveka."

"What kind of job do you have?"

"Me? I work at the Viennese Opera house as a pianist."

"And it pays enough for a big house near the Vienna square?"

"Nein, that's what inheritance pays for."

"Ah, that makes sense. Do you even need to work?"

"No, but I enjoy my job so I work anyway."

Gilbert turned at the square and they drove for a minute before Gilbert pointed at the gate ahead, "that one?"

"Ja, that's my house."

"Nice, but how the hell do we get in?"

The woman pulled out a button from her pocket and clicked the gate open. Gilbert felt his insides go cold at the doubts of her coming to dinner.

They pulled into the driveway and he stopped the car, getting out with her and walking her up to the door.


"Danke for taking me home," she pulled out a full blown smile and her violet eyes sparkled a bit under the porch light.

"No problem. So… uh, hey!"


"I was thinking, if you're not busy tomorrow night. I'm planning on having dinner with my brother and it would be awesome if you wanted to come."

She shuffled a bit nervously and played with the sleeve of her dress. "where would this…er…"

"It would be at my house. I can pick you up if you want."

"I suppose it would be fine… what time?"


"Alright then. Tomorrow at six."

Gilbert smirked. "alright. Gute nacht!"

"Schlaft gute," she waved and Gilbert drove out of the driveway and down the road towards home. He was a third of the way there when Ludwig called.

"You still got that prostitute?"


"Fine, but my secretary left and I need these papers done by morning. Get your ass over here."

"Fine, fine, big bruder is on his way. Geez, the things I have to help you with. I always get the dirty jobs."

"Ja, but you're paid well."

"I guess…"



"Make sure to bring the shovel this time."


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