What started off as an accident escalated into something far better. Dean's intention had been to cuddle in close, finally feel the warmth of Castiel's body against his own. Feel welcome and feel wanted, comfortable. Nudging Castiel's thigh like that hadn't been part of the plan. Honestly, Dean wasn't sure if he was ready. Back in DC he had already wanted Cass, and Dean could clearly remember the lust-filled expression on Castiel's face when he checked Dean out. But want and actually being prepared were two different things.

Sheer desire took care of Dean's concerns and tossed them right out the window. His blood was pumping hard in his veins, and Castiel's eager and responsive reaction was thrilling. With their legs intertwined, Dean could feel the full, hardened length of Castiel's cock against his own. Dean moaned with pleasure, returning Castiel's passionate kisses. Dean noted that the hands of a soldier may be rough, Castiel's touch on him was gentle. His hands on Dean's hips ran shivers down his spine.

Dean's right eye glowed intensely bright with anticipation and excitement, his one remaining hazel eye seemed to hold a bottomless lustful depth.

"Are you ready for this?"

Without so much as a single thought manifesting in his head, Dean instinctively answered: "Oh god, yes."

Cas pulled himself up, checking the other bed to see if they'd disturb the younger brother. To his delight, Sammy was fast asleep, lightly snoring with his face buried in the pillow. Cas smiled and crawled on top of Dean, staring down at the beauty below him. He caressed Dean's cheek, sliding his hand down the other man's surprisingly smooth chest. His fingers trailed over to Dean's left nipple and ran his thumb over the nub. He leaned in and started trail kisses down Dean's collar, stopping at the right nipple and nibbling at it gently. He intended to work Dean up, get him more comfortable with the whole scenario before doing anything major. He knew that Dean would be nervous about the whole thing, considering his ex had been rather rough with him.

With that in mind, Castiel made a mental note to keep this time gentle, unless otherwise informed.

Castiel didn't need any further prompting from Dean before getting up. Dean wondered how "yes" meant "get off," but Castiel had no intention of leaving the man half worked up. Simply the touch of Castiel's hand down his chest was enough to give Dean shivers. He wasn't sure if it was actually because Castiel was touching him, because he could feel the compassion in Castiel's lustful advances, or due to the sheer anticipation. Probably all three. Castiel's lips over Dean's right nipple sent another wave of shivers down Dean's spine, causing his tail to twitch from the pleasure.

Castiel didn't seem to care at all that it was Dean's right side that bore all the strange black markings. Not phased, not weirded out, not even remotely concerned. This simple absent-minded acceptance put Dean at ease more than words ever could.

Cas slid his free hand up Dean's inner thigh and gently gripped his erection, getting a feel for his new property. "Very nice," he whispered, looking at Dean's face and taking in the expression he wore, "You're very well equipped, baby." He leaned up and kissed Dean's lips again, "Beautiful." He started stroking Dean's cock slowly, listening for the sounds his boyfriend made and using them as a judge in what motions he should repeat and where.

Dean's breath was coming in shorter gasps, excitement for the upcoming main event combined with Castiel's knowledgeable touch had him worked into a tizzy. His hips were unconsciously moving, searching for contact. Dean's breathing hitched when Castiel's fingers wrapped around his throbbing erection. Dean's eyes fluttered closed and his head tilted back as he let out a pleasured moan.

Leaning up to meet Castiel's kiss, Dean reached down to get a feel for Castiel. He said Dean was well equipped, but that may just be pretty words. Dean didn't have the time to get to know the area before Cas broke into a rhythmic pumping on Dean's already stiff member. Dean's head tilted back again, his back arching slightly. Castiel was being so kind, so attentive. It wasn't a race to orgasm, and it didn't have to be 'good enough' however Castiel felt like doing it. Cas was looking for how Dean wanted to do it. "Faster," Dean groaned, moving with the motions.

Cas' focus on Dean seemed to succeed, his boyfriend was so enthralled with the feeling of it that he could only try to touch back. The moaned word 'faster' was all Dean needed to say for Cas to quicken his pace, he listened closely to Dean's breaths and followed accordingly, like he'd been doing all along. He heard the hitch in his boyfriend's breathing and smirked.

As the pre-cum became visible Cas ran his thumb over it, he wished he'd already gotten back to his truck with all of his things in it, including different toys and lotions. Now that would be a good time. He made do with what he had, using Dean's own semen to lube him up and increased his speed, pumping gently but making sure there was a pleasurable amount of pressure. He licked his lips as he watched the foreskin moisten further. His movements were graceful, surprising for a soldier. He focused all of his attention on Dean, knowing that he was never the center of attention during sex, or at least not in the last few years.

Climax had never been so sweet, Dean only wished Castiel could've taken it in instead of letting it waste. It would be a fun mess to sleep in. Dean's body collapsed on the bed with renewed exhaustion. His breathing came in unsteady gasps as he collected himself from what was hands down the best hand job of his life.

For the first time Cas got Dean off, he wanted to see the whole thing during their first run so he refrained from sucking the remaining climax out.

Dean reached a hand up and grabbed the hair on the back of Cas' head, pulling him down into a rough kiss. Cas smiled down at Dean before he was surprised when his hair was gripped and he was pulled into a fervent kiss. He didn't complain, it was amazing how different Dean was since they'd met. It was starting to look like he was finally getting some confidence back. "God, you are amazing." Dean said after finally breaking the prolonged exchange. "Your turn." Dean wrapped his arms around Castiel's neck and brought his body down to lay on him. Once entwined, Dean rolled the soldier over on to his back so Dean was perched on top. Breaking off the kiss again, Dean smirked at Castiel, loving the time they could finally share. Dean slowly sunk lower and found the focus of his attention.

Cas felt a shiver run down his spine as he listened to the aggression in Dean's voice, "Give me your best shot, baby." He smiled again, letting Dean roll him over. Excitement was boiling beneath his skin, he hardly knew what to do with it. His eyes followed Dean as he slowly lowered himself over Cas' body, he licked his lips eagerly awaiting the next moments. It'd been a while since he'd done anything, or at least it felt like a long time. It had probably been less than a week, though the time before the zombie outbreak seemed like a distant memory now.

Firmly gripping the base of Castiel's cock, Dean slowly slid his lips over Cas' sensitive head, Dean's tongue prodding back the protective foreskin. Slowly at first, Dean began stroking Cas' excited member, his head bobbing with the motions. Dean had plenty of experience in pleasing his partner, and the many little tricks he knew he hoped to implement. His goal was to not only blow Cas, but to blow his mind as well.

Cas groaned softly when he felt Dean's lips close around his aching erection, his breathing practically coming in hiccups as Dean's tongue played around with his foreskin, flicking over the most sensitive part of him. He felt the gentle strokes of Dean's hand gripped around the base of his shaft, that combined with the continuous molestation of his head brought his climax in much faster than he thought it would. Dean knew tricks to getting men off, he'd been doing it for a while now. Cas could tell immediately, he'd never felt a blow job more skilfully executed.

It wasn't long, after the occasional deep throat and plentitude of attention to the more sensitive tip, before Dean could taste the slightly bitter pre-cum forming. It wouldn't be long now. Dean picked up the pace, tightening his grip and inflicting excitatory amounts of pain to offset the pleasure -Dean had a hunch that Cas wouldn't mind.

Cas pressed his head against the pillow, biting his bottom lip while trying to hold back the orgasm. It felt so good he didn't want it to end, though he barely stood a chance against Dean's experienced tongue. The new added pressure caused a slow rising in his back, his hands grasped helplessly for something to hold on to. The repeated additions of pain proved more than he was ready for, he enjoyed them but they ruined his plan to hold off his orgasm. He moaned loudly, calling Dean's name as he felt the hot rush of fluids escape him.

Castiel took a deep breath, his back slowly returning to a relaxed position. He rolled his head to look down at Dean again and smiled, "Baby you are a pro," he ran his hand through his hair and laughed a little, "I've never had a partner as skilled as you, holy shit." He paused and looked back at Dean; the whole thing had been amazing so far. Cas wanted to make it perfect. "I want you to take top first."

He sat up to look at Dean better, "Don't get me wrong, I want to fuck you so bad right now, but I want you to know that we're equals in this first, okay?"

Dean was grinning ear to ear when he rose again to look at Castiel. The man had evidently enjoyed himself quite thoroughly. The moans and ragged breathing were music to Dean's ears. But when Cas called out his name... Dean melted inside. It was the most exhilarating experience he'd had. Hell, Dean would almost thank Jake for all that wasted time -it built up this moment to something greater than it probably ever could have been. Or maybe not.

"Top 'first'?" Dean asked coyly. Apparently he was going to get some action out of Castiel, but to take top? First? What sort of way was that to treat a boyfriend? Dean most certainly couldn't remember being treated as human, let alone equal. He smiled, feeling respected and appreciated. "Alright, you asked for it. But you had better have it in you to get me back, you hear?"

Dean moved up, planting kisses along Castiel's torso as he rose, finally kissing him again on the lips. Making love to this soldier was the best decision of his life, and Dean only wished it could last forever. He lay his body back over Castiel's, pressing their chests together just to feel the warmth between them a little more. Readjusting, Dean positioned himself and pushed forward, the head of his cock pushing up against Castiel's ass. Almost hesitating, Dean reminded himself that he was allowed, that Castiel had asked for this. It would've been nice to have some lube, but Dean knew from experience that even the anus moistens with time, not to mention Dean was still slick with sweat and his own mess. Dean pushed forward, his cock slipping into Castiel slowly, gently.

Cas just grinned, Dean agreed to take him. "Of course I'll have it in me, babe," he leaned up to meet Dean's lips. His eyes drifting down toward Dean's dick where it pressed against his anal passage. He moaned as he felt Dean's sticky, moist cock slide into him, pushing past his already agitated nerves. He rolled his head back and pressed into the pillows again, "Ah yes..." he groaned, "Just like that.. ah" his eyes fluttered open and he looked up at Dean. The expression on his boyfriend's face told him that what he'd done was a good thing.

"God, you feel so good. Fuck Cas, why didn't I meet you sooner?" Dean's words came through exasperated gasps, his eyes rolling back in their sockets from the pleasure. It'd been so long since he'd felt the inside of another man, Dean wasn't sure if his stamina was up to par. Fighting off his second orgasm was the best he could to do to please Cas.

His smile was hard to shake as he watched Dean struggle to hold himself back, "I don't know why you didn't meet me sooner," he groaned again as his pleasure increased.

"Holy shit Dean..." his back arched again, "Oh god! Dean! Ah!" He came before Dean did, his semen splattering across both their chests. He hadn't taken it up the ass in such a long time, that cream he'd given Dean a few days ago was fairly old already. He relaxed most of his muscles except the ones in his anus, still wanting to get Dean off (though he doubted that he'd have any problem regardless).

Dean found that he just wasn't up to the task of making it last. Dean shuddered with the shocking force of his orgasm. His own fluids came pouring out of him, planting deep into Cas' anal passage. Dean tried to put his finger on it, but something didn't feel right. It felt like all kinds of right, but somehow it felt like something was horribly wrong.

"Oh that's just great," Chuck moaned again, for the thousandth time that hour. "You want to know where the infected civilian is?" He remarked sarcastically, "He's halfway across the country in some isolated motel, fucking the shit out of an uncooperative, AWOL soldier! That's where!"

Ever since freeing them from their bondage, which Bella had to do alone, because Chuck was a useless whimp of a scientist, the man hadn't stopped complaining or whining about something. "Would you just -wait." Bella turned around and looked at Chuck. "What did you say they would be doing?"

"Perv. You just want me to go on about random gay sex details? What's wrong with you?"

Bella slapped Chuck across the face, "If you would stop being so dramatic about every little thing, you wouldn't get slapped so often. You don't think that they would actually... do it... do you? Do you have any idea what that means?"

"I'm the scientist! Of course I don't know what that means, no one tells me anything!" Chuck threw his hand up in the air, evidently not listening to a thing Bella had said.

"Idiot! Why do you think it was so important to retrieve the infected civilian? He's still toxic! It's no longer airborne, it's lying in his body. In his tears, blood, and semen. Anything he bleeds on will die, and it will only take a matter of minutes for it to happen. The virus can permeate any surface, so there doesn't even have to be an open wound. From there, it's a short trip to the bloodstream and every major organ. If those idiots had just been a little more naive, I could have saved their lives."

And then it hit him, Dean came and it splashed up inside his anal passage. It was warm at first and he smiled, his body fully relaxing. Suddenly he felt something odd inside him, the semen felt like it was crawling further into him. He thought maybe it was his imagination, he was on his back after all, maybe it was just sliding upward. But then he felt a burning sensation all along where the cum had hit him. His face scrunched a little, he tried to convince himself it was nothing but it the burning didn't stop, it only worsened.

"Ah..." he winced, trying to keep his mouth shut. The pain started increasing more rapidly and he felt it spreading up his body and into his organs.

Dean lay on Cas' chest, not really caring about the sticky mess. He heard Cas wince the first time. Dean lifted his head and looked at the soldier laying beneath him -those didn't sound like happy noises, not anymore. "Cas?" Dean asked, the single syllable presenting several questions.

"Oh... god Dean..." Cas clutched at Dean's back, his boyfriend still on top of him, "Help, something's wrong!"

Dean felt Castiel's fingers dig into his back as his boyfriend let out an agonizing scream. "Something's wrong?" Dean echoed, panic growing in his voice. He felt something was wrong before, he knew it was off. But he hadn't said anything. Now what was happening? Whatever it was, Cas couldn't take it. And that fact scared Dean more than a little.

Cas felt the burning reach his heart and for a moment it stopped, but only a moment. It burst out through his blood system in seconds, reaching every orifice of his body. "AAAAHHH!" He tried to recoiled into himself but his body stopped responding the way he wanted it to. He started to twitch when he tried to move but that was all he could do, his eyes squeezed shut as the pain worsened.

"Cas? What can I do? Are you-" Dean recoiled quickly when Castiel full on screamed in pain. Dean froze, not knowing what to do, scared that it was his fault. He tried to hold Cas but the man burst into seizures and convulsive fits. Dean started to tear up, "No, no," he whimpered, trying his hardest to protest cruel fate.

"DEAN!" Cas cried, tears streamed down his face and started changing colour. From clear to murky grey in seconds.

Dean would never forget the sound of Castiel screaming his name in a desperate attempt to live. Despite the twitching and general lack of control Cas had over his body, he was still able to call Dean's name. It sounded pained and desperate; Dean thought it sounded like it demanded an explanation. "Why did you do this to me, Dean? I thought we were going to stay together? I came to save you, and this is how you repay me?"

Sam sat up from his bed, "What's going on!" he looked at Cas and saw that the soldier's skin had paled to a sickly white. "Cas!" Sam ran to the bedside, ignoring the position the two were in.

"CAS!" Dean screamed back at him, crying now as well. It was too much to bear, that Castiel had to suffer like this. Dean desperately wanted him to be ok, wanted the twitching and the pain to stop. Tears were streaming from Dean's eyes as he took in the sight of just how badly he'd destroyed Castiel. The soldier's tears had run thick and murky grey, and some sort of sickly black bile oozed from his mouth.

Cas' entire body convulsed and suddenly he lie still. His eyes slowly opened as a dark liquid dripped from his mouth and he looked up at Dean, but he couldn't speak. The light slowly faded from his blue eyes.

"Cas, please! It'll be ok, promise me it'll be ok? Cas!" Dean shook with dread over the upcoming seconds. Castiel shook violently, possibly a seizure from the toxins reaching his brain. Dean looked hard at those perfect blue eyes for the remaining seconds of life that lit them up. Castiel never said another word to him, and he slipped away from the world.

"CAS!" Dean shook him, only to cause the oozing black substance to fall from Castiel's dead mouth with a thick splat on the bed sheets. "Sam," Dean choked on his words, wanting nothing more than to scream and cry, to lay down with Cas and never get up. "Sammy, I killed him. I didn't know that I'd... He's gone."

Sam stared in horror, not knowing what to say to his brother.

Dean slowly pulled out of Cas, not that a corpse particularly minded how rough your exit was. Pulling out allowed for the release of Castiel's corroded insides, falling out onto the covers in thick, bloody chunks. Dean turned away, not able to look at the mess that was only seconds ago, the best thing in his life.

"Sam, what do I do?" Stricken with grief, Dean turned to the only other person in the world who was worth continuing for. "I didn't even say it... He was nothing but nice, and caring," Dean sniffled, trying hard to be able to speak, "and I know he would've said the same... Sam, Castiel is... Cas is dead. I love him, and he's dead." Dean shrunk back in the bed, away from Castiel's lifeless body. Wrapping the covers around himself, Dean looked back at Sam. "I killed him, Sam. I'm a monster, just look at me! Look at what I can do!"

Dean's vision started to take on tunnel-like qualities as he searched Sam for answers. The world seemed to stretch out behind his brother for miles. Or could you measure physical distance in years? At this moment, it seemed like a better description. Dean put a hand to his head to steady himself. Round two of "something's not right."

"Sam..." Dean looked around the room, everything seemed to be twisting and turning, the colors melding together into incomprehensible shades. And suddenly Dean was falling. The colors of the motel room shattered into fragments of sparkling glass. Pieces floated by, up, and away as the world fell to black. And Dean continued falling with it.

"Hey, your burger's ready."

Dean's head snapped up at attention. "My what?"

"Bacon. Cheese. Burger. God, I hate the night shift." The Charlie's Diner server left the plate in front of Dean on the counter and walked back into the kitchen.

Dean spun to his right, eager to see if there was a soldier sitting next to him, he found no one. Dean sighed heavily and put his head back down on the counter top. He heard a truck pull up, sounded like a Chevy. Dean sat up slowly and looked out the larger diner windows to find an innocent looking, blue eyed soldier climbing out of the driver door.


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