In the beautiful land of Egypt, the wind blew softly along the Nile Valley, the soft sound of the cranes in their mating season echoed and the smell of the fresh marsh created a perfect scene for Benjamin and Tia, who walked along the river underneath the night blanket of silver stars.

Then, from the depths of the desert, a scream howled through the air. Benjamin and Tia instantly rushed to their temple home in the Valley of the Kings. Returning from their hunting trip in Nigeria, they found the hidden temple in complete disarray. It was as if a violent dust storm had struck their home, with broken pottery and ripped curtains everywhere along with Kebi in a corner shaking.

"What happened?" Tia asked, approaching Kebi in an attempt to comfort her.

"They….t-t-t-took him." Kebi answered, trembling.

"What?" Ben asked, confused. He never paid much attention to Kebi, besides she was often jealous of him when Amun and he practiced his gift together.

"Amun..." Kebi said in a barely audible whisper. "They took him."

"Who did?" Benjamin's voice rose.

"Old enemies. I don't know where they are from, but I was surprised they are still alive. Who knows where they are living now." Her body vibrated with fear as her red eyes filled.

"What happened?" Benjamin asked, trying not to interrogate, but desiring to know.

"It's my fault, they were going to kill me if he didn't agree to go." Kebi began.

"Who were they?" Benjamin questioned, trying to get answers.

"I don't remember," she stammered. "But I know I've seen them before. It's this ancient coven that has this vendetta against us."

"Alright," Benjamin sighed. "How do we find him, if we don't know where these vampires have taken him?"

"I can only think of one person who can, but I am unsure how loyal he is to his creator." Kebi started, staring off into space. "He betrayed Amun, but he is still the only one who can find him."

"I don't remember," she stammered. "But I know I've seen them before. It's this ancient coven that has this vendetta against us."

"Alright," Benjamin sighed. "How do we find him, if we don't know where these vampires have taken him?"

"I can only think of one person who can, but I am unsure how loyal he is to his creator." Kebi started, staring off into space. "He betrayed Amun, but he is still the only one who can find him."

"Who?" Tia asked as Kebi looked at the window.

"I don't know how bounded they have him, but I am sure he won't forget the one who gave him immortality." Kebi said, thinking aloud.

"Who are you talking about?" Benjamin asked.

"Demetri," Kebi answered solemnly.


"Are you sure he will commit?" Tia asked as her husband packed.

"He is the only way we can figure out where they have taken Amun," Benjamin said, still unsure. "He's a risk, but a risk worth taking. Amun is the only father I have ever known. We have to find him."

"I understand," Tia nodded, helping Benjamin finish packing. She knew Amun was only interested in Benjamin because of his gift, but Amun was still a good coven leader, he kept them safe. "Before you go, I must warn you: Chelsea will try to persuade you."

"I know that, but she can't if you are not there. I will have a reason for returning that her gift can't break. That is why you must stay with Kebi, give her comfort." Benjamin explained, coming up to her. "I can't see a life without you, and they can't make me live there without your presence."

"Just keep telling yourself 'it's in your head, it's in your head'." Tia advised. "It will lower the effect."

"I promise." He said, then gave her a kiss and left Tia standing there, watching him leave.

Volterra, Italy

"The secretary has not come to work for months," Caius snarled towards Aro. "She left knowing the secret; we have to dispose of her."

"Yes, she knows what is coming, and has fled to avoid the fate she created for herself while working here." Aro agreed with him, but he was worried as he turned towards Sulpicia and Anthenodora, who were standing there with Corin between them. She kept the two content despite their eyes had turned black. "Your meal will come soon, I assure you." Aro said, then headed down the corridors. He followed the light sound of female vampires laughing and then knocked on the door of Demetri's quarters.

"Yes, master?" Demetri asked as he came out, shirtless. Aro glanced past him into his room to see two immortal females giggling.

"The secretary, Concetta, has gone missing," He explained as Demetri nodded. "Find her."

"Yes, master." Demetri said, sounding unsure as Heidi came from the side of the hall.

"Where have you been?" Aro asked Heidi, wondering where she kept sneaking off to lately.

"Out," Heidi answered quickly. "Perhaps I should go with him, and use my persuasion to bring Concetta back."

"Wise idea, the wives need their fill." Aro agreed. The two went into Demetri's room, and waited until Aro was out of ear-shot. Then Heidi knocked on the wall, signaling for Renata to enter the room.

"Is it time yet?" Renata asked quickly.

"Yes, Felix is with her. He needs us." Heidi glanced towards Renata. "Will you do your part?"

"I will do my best to keep Aro distracted," Renata promised. "But if he asks where Concetta is, he'll see right through my lie."

"Yes, Felix is with her. He needs us." Heidi glanced towards Renata. "Will you do your part?"

"I will do my best to keep Aro distracted," Renata promised. "But if he asks where Concetta is, he'll see right through my lie."

"That is why you must not bring it up," Demetri insisted, as Renata nodded. "Just act like he is the only one that matters and he won't get suspicious. I have to go." He then turned back towards his lady friends. This night it was Lia, a nomad from South East Asia that adored Demetri, and Gretchen, another nomad who had a body that was just amazing.

"Excuse me, ladies," Demetri gave them that womanizer-smile that wooed any single vampire lady.

"What's going on, Demetri?" Lia asked in a seductive manner.

"I have to go now, but I will be back shortly," he promised them.

"But how will we occupy ourselves while you are gone?" Gretchen asked, twirling her hair. Renata rolled her eyes not saying much of anything.

"Think of how I will treat you when you get back," he smiled towards them as they nodded excitedly.

"Hurry," Heidi ordered, as Demetri left in a flash, leading Heidi out of Volterra far to Montersso al Mare, Italy. Demetri led Heidi to the small fishing village of Liguria in the province of La Spezia. It had a population of less than a thousand, and was only reachable by mule paths. They came to a tiny house hidden far from the village people on the clinque terre, that had a stone garden overlooking the clear blue Ligurian sea. Felix rushed out to greet them.

"Is it out yet?" Heidi asked instantly.

"No, but it's starting to make its way through." Felix said, rushing them in. "Fred has the supplies all prepared. We have to deliver it quickly." Felix led them into the stone bedroom that was small with just an open window, overlooking the sea. A lamp was lit on the small table next to the iron cast bed. It was there, on the freshly laid sheets lay Concetta, on her golden tan face was an expression of deep pain, and her dark hair, the color of midnight was damp with sweat, as she struggled with the labor. The three of them instantly shriveled back at the odor of her blood.

"How in the world you impregnated her will always be beyond me." Demetri said as they went out to the hall and down the stairs to find Fred, the man they hired to protect her. He was in the kitchen getting the supplies ready, but he came out instantly to greet them, and gave Heidi a kiss on the cheek. They first came across Fred in the Seattle crisis, after observing his illusionary repulsion, being well aware of his gift they let him escape. Demetri decided to track him later, when Heidi revealed that it was her former sister, Victoria, was the creator of the army. She talked him into going to find at least one survivor, seeing it as the last trace of venom to her former coven. After Demetri was ordered to find the vampire that could create an illusion of repulsion, Heidi went with him, after the trial of Renesmee. Fred's immediate attraction to Heidi made it possible for her to talk him into joining the Volturi and allowed her to explain about his creator and the connection to her old coven Heidi had with Hilda. When they came back, it was found Felix had conceived a hybrid with the Volturi secretary and Fred's purpose had changed. They lied to Aro, saying they couldn't find him, and Fred's new job was to protect Concetta. Renata also befriended Concetta after becoming aware that Aro wanted Fred to replace her on the guard. When Renata found out, she agreed to keep Fred's whereabouts a secret.

"Alright, well we practiced control for this," Heidi nodded. "Renata is with Aro, keeping him occupied. Fred, do you have the anesthesia ready, so she can sleep?"

"Yes, I am ready to administrate it." Fred answered in broken Italian.

"I will deliver the child, since I can locate where it would be." Demetri said firmly, glancing towards Felix. "As soon as the child arrives Heidi will proceed with cutting the umbilical cord and bathing it."

"Are you sure you can handle it?" Felix questioned solemnly.

"Of course, you're my best friend. I wouldn't dare harm anything important to you." Demetri promised as they came to the hall.

"Felix," Concetta cried, as the four vampires came into the room.

Concetta jerked a bit as a strange, unclear ripping sound came from the center of the abdomen, as she started to slump. Concetta held her hands to her mouth as Fred went to get a bucket. Then blood began flowing from her mouth, and in response Fred set up the illusion, the scent of blood was erased, making it a thousand times easier for them to operate. Concetta fell into Felix's arms, as her eyes rolled back in her head. Fred covered her with an air mask to breath in the anaesthesia, causing her to fall asleep in Felix's arms. The sound of the cut came through, it was time. They were going to get the baby out, before it made its way out on its own.

Despite the deep sleep they put Concetta in, she still twitched in agony with the sharp cracks in her body. Her skin became beet red, the devouring scent of human blood began to break through causing Fred to strengthen the illusion. Demetri knew it was only a matter of time. Felix ripped open her shirt, he was going to bite the mother of his child right after the delivery. Fred attached an ECG to check her heart beat, it was rising each beat becoming faster and faster.

Another loud crack came through, as Fred handed Demetri a surgical knife. Fred was smart, but he knew Demetri was smarter. Demetri was unsure how to do this, but Felix was his best friend, and trusted him explicitly, like a brother. He was determined not to disappoint him.

Demetri studied the abdomen and located the baby, where it planned to eat its way out. Demetri slowly pierced the knife into her skin, slowly opening the womb. The knife, however, wasn't sharp enough to break through the vampire amniotic sac. He put the knife down and used his hands to break his way through when he felt strong tiny fingers wrapping around his. Quickly, Demetri open the rest of the womb and pulled out a strong, gorgeous baby boy, with his father's strong build and his mother's perfect beauty staring at him.

"It's a boy," Demetri announced. The room lit up in smiles, as Demetri lifted him out. Heidi quickly came over with a blanket for Demetri to place the baby in. He was a handsome young thing, with big, beautiful, sandy brown eyes, a large round head with a tiny pointed noise along with a full head of dark, black hair, and a tiny line of pink lips. He was no bigger than a loaf of bread, but had tone muscular limbs that fit him well. Demetri pulled him out, the delicate creature grabbing his arms. He never thought something so precious could be in his hands. He was the most perfect being that had ever came to be, he felt the tiny thing come to him seeing light for the first time as he handed him over to Heidi who had a blank quilt ready.

Demetri made wasted no time to quickly seal Concetta's womb up, while Felix monitored the heartbeat. It was going down at an alarming rate. As soon as Demetri finished putting Concetta back together, he gave Felix the signal. Felix was ready to save the mother. He then released the anesthesia, as her heart beat rose, it then sunk down again, going blank. It was clear then. Concetta hadn't survived.

"Felix…" Demetri tried to think of something to say to comfort him, but realized he couldn't say anything to help a lost love.

"It's my fault," Felix said, as he came into a guilty and anguished phase.

"No, it's not, she wanted this child more than anything." Demetri led him into the other room. They walked in, and saw Heidi and Fred standing side by side, the tiny boy in between them, doting over him. Heidi had cleaned the blood off, and they were now just smiling at the new boy who was taking in their attention in his first few minutes of life. They placed the boy in Felix's arms as his face lit up. Amongst the sadness due to his love for the dead woman in the other room, the child was so beautiful he gave Felix a spark of great joy.

"I want you to be the godfather," Felix stated to Demetri.

"What-" Demetri began, but stopped. He did not know there could be such an honor.

"My new son would be dead if it wasn't for you. I trust you more than anyone else, so I want you to be the one to take my place if something happens to me."

"I would be honored," Demetri said.

"You will be the godfather, Heidi will be the godmother." Felix announced promptly as Heidi too gasped in shock.

"I'm the what…?" She stuttered, unsure.

"The godmother," Felix answered, taking the boy into his arms. He paused and just stared at his son, the first time. The child was alert, and obviously recognized Felix's voice. Felix felt his entire life become drawn to the son within the few short seconds of holding him. "He is very lucky to have all of you, what would be a good name for someone so blessed? To whom do we owe this honor?" He looked towards each one in the room, and scanned at Fred with curiosity.

"I never knew Victoria's name until you told me." Fred informed them, looking towards Heidi. "She deserves no honor."

"Hilda," Heidi answered. "She created me, she was killed, and I was forced to join the Volturi."

"Amun," Demetri explained. "I was with him, until I came here."

"Amunda," Felix smiled towards the boy. "I can't forget Renata's involvement. From here on, this child will be Amunda Luca...we will think of a last name eventually. It's a shame for your mother." Felix went silent.

"Demetri, if anything happens to me, promise you will take him away from Italy, far from the Volturi's involvement." Felix asked as they all became silent.

"I promise." Demetri answered, very sure that nothing was going to happened to Felix.