"What's going on?" Amuelda asked. "Where's father, where's Fred?"

"I'll explain later, you're coming with me," Renata explained as she tried to force Benjamin her way.

"Amuelda, why don't you go work on your phonics so I can have a talk with Aunt Renata?" Demetri suggested, kindly. "My friend, Benjamin would love it if you read to him."

"Alright," Amuelda said, content. "Come this way, Father likes me reading Dauntie." Benjamin followed the young hybrid to the kitchen, not taking eyes off of the two former Volturi guard members.

"You know Felix asked me to be in charge of his father," Demetir said angrily.

"A choice I disagreed with," Renata said snottily.

"A choice that wasn't your place to take an opinion," Demetri reminded. "What right do you have in taking him form me! His father put me in charge."
"You know that child is better off with me," Renata said snotty.

"How?" Demtri demanded. "I bet you can't even think of one."

"Education," Rentata reminded. "I could teach him music, art, poetry…all you did to spike his interest was sports, and outdoors."

"Hello! Felix was interested in those things! Felix and I had the same personality, that's why he chose me over you!" Demetri hollered.

"I had the same personality of his mother," Renata sighed in a whisper.

"I will make sure Concetta is honored, I have Felix's journal, and I listen to Felix blabber endlessly about her." Demetri ensured. "He will know that she is a good person."

"You were jealous of her," Renata accused. "I never heard you say one nice thing about her during their courtship. I saw you speak to her, you were so rude to her."

"I hated her," Demetri admitted. "Fine, that I will admit, I hated that Felix kept going to poetry readings with her instead of soccer games with me. I hated her, that she had Felix reading and science text books instead of the sports illustrated with me. I hated that Felix preferred her over me, and would express himself more than he ever did around me. I hated her. I hated the spell she put on him. Then when Felix came to me because she was pregnant, and asked me to track down Fred, putting the trust of his family in me. I started to change my mind. When I saw the eyes of hope she had when I found this place, I grew to love her. When my best friend asked for my assistance, I grew to love her just as much. When I was able to feel the child kick, and open her womb, pulling that boy into this world. I was more than glad to see her come into our lives. And when she died, I felt pain for not being in this world and not raising the child she so desperately wanted. The child she was willing to give up her mortality to raise. The child she was willing to die for. That I am sadden by, I will tell Amunulda about his mother, her intelligence, her curiosity, her interests and how like his father gave the ultimate sacrifice. I only hope that he will take that not in guilt but reason to create the world for the better. Please, don't take away my godson."

"Its not about you, its about him," Renata reminded. "I have a coven at home, one that I have kept in contact with, one that I love and still loves me. Luca has cared and protected my family, they will care and protect him. Yes, both his family members died for him. His father died so he wouldn't be part of the Voluturi. We both are well aware that Aro will come after him. We must do what is best to not only be protected but free. Tell, me do you have a back plan, a place that Amunulda won't be handed over, a place that he will grow up being protected but not have to be in the burden of hiding."

"Demetri has one too," Benjamin interrupted. Renata came out shock. "Demetri had a coven before he join the Volturi. He was created by Amun, and when he betrayed Amun it was a huge disappointment. I know that Amun still consideres Demetir a son. He told me himself."

Benjamin was lying, in reality he was unsure of Amun's emotion but Kebi still had connection or else he wouldn't of sent Benjamin to get Demetri. If Demetri assisted in rescuing Amun, the vampire will have no choice but to return the favor with forgiveness.

"Renata, if Luca finds out Aro wants Amulda, will he hand him over?" Demetri asked as Renata. "Remember, when Aro wanted you, didn't he encourage you to join."

Renata stood for a long moment thinking, she then let out a sniff.

"Would you please give me a ride to Malata?" Renata asked.
"Yes, of course." Benjamin answered.

"We'll fly there." Demetri promised. Renata then went up and hugged Amualda for a very long time, they grabbed his things and ran off.

"Where are we going?" Benjamin asked. "We are suppose to be going to Egypt."

"We aren't going to Egypt," Demetri said as he grabbed Amunalda.

"Amunalda," Demetri called. "We have to get going."

"What about father?" the boy asked.

"Felix isn't coming with us," Demetir said. "Something...horrible happened today. I can't explain it now, but we have to go soon.
"Can I grab my things?" Amulda asked.

"I have some valuables," Renata said.

"No, we have to leave quickly and in order to do that you will have to carry a light load. Sometime later, I will send a friend to get your objects. For now I want you to take this." Demetri handed the picture of Concetta and Felix to the child. "Take it, and make sure you will always have it with you."

The child folded the picture and put it safe in a pouch which he tied around his chest.

"Good boy, come on lets go." Demetri picked up the child and the three vampires started running. They raced through the hills and trampled through the fields, jumped over the cities until they came to Pisa-San Giusto that was fenced by gates where a base for the Italian air forced waited them.

"What is this place?" Benjamin asked frustrated.

"It's where the Italians keep their air plans, Dad took me here once."

"We are supposed to be going to Egypt." Benjamin said frustrated.

"None of your coven is there currently, why would we be there now?" Demetri asked. "The Volturi have their goons set up all through Italy, the best way of getting out of here without one of them mindless lower ranks we hired is to fly out."

"Now come on." Renata said as they brook through the fence and the four raced across the black pavement. Renata then found a small plan which she was able to break into, Demetri handed her Amunalda, he then crawled in followed by Benjamin.

"Do you know how to drive these?" Benjamin asked.

"OF coruse I do," Demetri responded. "Sit in the back with little Amun and let Renata be my co-pilote she knows how to fly these things."

"I don't," Renata whispered.

"Neither do I." Demetri explained. "Said it to get Element boy to shut up."

"I heard that," Benjamin called.

"Then make yourself youthful and get some wind so we can take off." Demetri suggested as Benjamin sighed and stared at the window, the wind started to blow. Demetri started to press buttons until he was able to find the right one to start. He then pressed on the gas and with in seconds a took off happened.


It was morning when they landed. They came out to a house in the mounts of the plains. "Follow me." Renata said. They went out and they followed her into an old temple where Renata knocked on the door. A human answered, causing Demetri and Benjamin to hid instantly. They watched from a distance as another male came out, hugged Renata and lead her back in.

"Do think Amun will be that welcoming when I come back?" Demetri asked.

"Amun's been missing," Benjamin explained as they went to the beach.

"Stop, wait," Renata called coming down with a male her night with black hair and large bawny body. "This is my uncle, Luca, he changed me."

"I wanted to thank you for brining Renata back safely."

"Your welcome." Demetri said.

"Do you three have a place to go?"

"Yes," Demetri said.

"Is the child Renata told me about, Felix's young son."

"Yes," Renata said.

"May he be blessed,"

"Let me say goodbye," Renata asked. "She then bent down. "You be a good boy now, Demetir is going to take you far away. To a magical land called Egypt, while you are there respect your elders and remember you are welcome here. Don't forget, you are the son of Felix, a brave night, and Concetta, a gental artest." She hugged him, hugged him for the longest time and let go. Demetri and Felix led him away.

"What was that about?" Amulda asked.

"Your father," Demetri started. "Yesterday, your father was killed."

Amunalda was silent for the longest time, just stared at Demetri and spoke up again. "What does killed mean?"

"It means that his life was purposely taken from him," Demetri explained solemnly.

"Like my mother?"

"Yes," Demetri explained. "She died, your father was killed which is the same as death but in a different manner."

"So I won't see him?" Amunalda asked sadly. "Like I won't see my mother."

"No," Demetri answered. "You won't, but he made me promise to take care of you. So that is what I am going to do, so even those he is gone, I am still here."

"Can I have a minute alone." Amunlda asked.

"Of course you can," Demetri said. "You can cry if you like."

"No," Amunilda said. "My father always told me to be strong, and brave."

"Very true," Demetri said. "He's still with us, through you."

Amunlda didn't look at Demetri he just turned away and stared at the sky. Demetri went off to the side, letting the child be content. He didn't know if he was sad, shocked, scared or angry. He just stared at a cloud as if he was wondering.

"What am I going to do?" Demetri asked Benjamin as he came behind him. "He didn't take it well, showed no emotion in it. I can't be Felix."

"Your right, you can't be his father," Benjamin said setting down beside his older brother that he now had back.

"Thanks for the comfort."

"You can be his godfather."

"That role is something I struggle at."

"I think you are doing well, you are taking the child, raising him as your own. As if you are his father but still giving respect to the child's real parents and honoring them. That is what makes a godfather."

"Ah, Felix could do better than me."

:Felix gave the ultimate to keep Aro from finding out."

"What am I to tell him? When he asked why Aro wanted Felix killed? Am I to say its because Aro wanted to raise him?"

"Or you could say that Felix refuse to hand him over, died so he may have the freedom that Felix never experienced in his vampire life."

"You're alright, kid." Demetri commented. "I am angry with Heidi, part of his name is in honor of her creator. She doesn't deserve to be his godmother. "

"What are you going to do"

"Change his name, I got a question why did you come and get me?"

Demetri didn't say anything, just whistled causing the hybrid to take his gaze off the sea and come to his father. "We are going away, and try to live with him and order to do that we have to please him. That is why I am changing your name?"

"Who will I be now?"

"Henceforth, you will be called Amun Luca Felixson."