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Warning: Bella will be out of character, she will not be weak, whiny, etc. For those who don't like the change, I am sorry, but your opinion on the matter will not change how I write her. I just don't think she would make it through the war the way she was in Twilight. All HP characters I will try to do IC and I will try with the other characters, but for them I do not know.

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Warning 2: Oh, and another thing, this will be a complete AU in the Twilight world and some things in the HP world might change. I might cut some things and I might add others. Conversations will be different and Bella won't become attached to people in the same ways. I don't know about the HP world, I will likely save some people in the war and I might change a few things, but that's it.

Time line:

HP world= The Deathly Hallows

Twilight= This one is different from the books. I had to change the time line just a little bit. It is in May, the end of May really, and Edward is back. They are in the beginning of Eclipse, but she's not grounded. Everything just kind of moved quicker really. That's about it.

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I am Arabella Swan, the Half-blood daughter of Renee and Charlie. I was going by a different name- Isabella Marie- to keep safe. I was the fourth member of the famous Golden Quartet, the group consisting of myself, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. I was sent to the States to protect my muggle father while my closest friends were out there risking their lives for the war effort. I couldn't stand myself for leaving them behind.

I'm sick of it, just plain sick of it. I've always been a great at telling lies, but I'm tired of pretending to be weak and pathetic. It just isn't who I am. I'm not clumsy, I don't blush at everything that moves or looks my way, and I'm definitely not a pushover. I don't want to sit around and just be in love; as nice as that sounds. All I really want to do is grab my wand and apparate back home, back to the familiar corridors of Hogwarts. The lack of magic is killing me, and keeping away from everyone I know isn't easy.

I wanted to go back to England and fight; not sit here and have to guess how everyone else was doing. I hadn't spent a year away from Harry and his life threatening plans since I was eleven, and I hadn't wanted to start that now. Mom had told me to stay with Charlie; I had told her to let me stay. I hadn't won. Now I was stuck in the States, out of the loop and still in danger even without Harry.

I hadn't told Mom in my last letter, but it isn't easy keeping secrets from vampires; and that was what I was doing. I was keeping my biggest secret from my vampire boyfriend and his family. One of them being a legimens didn't help either, and while I enjoyed the privacy of my mind, I didn't want to worry about what would happen if I let it slip without telling me. So, I was letting them think of me as a weak and fragile little girl instead of the powerful witch I was known for being. It was hard to pretend to be what I wasn't and even harder not knowing what was going on in the war. I had always been in the thick of things, always, and now I was stuck alone and supposedly safe. My best friends were in hiding, hunting for Horcruxes and ways to destroy them. I had begged to go, but it was no use. I wasn't going to leave my unaware muggle father unprotected.

I moved and enrolled in muggle high school, trying to keep my English life and accent at bay. I met the vampire family there, and I knew what they were the moment I laid eyes on them. I had wanted to run, but that would have been suspicious and I couldn't afford to make that kind of mistake. That's when I noticed their eyes, a beautiful butterscotch and amber, and a voice from the past told me they didn't drink human blood. I didn't help me relax, but it didn't put my teeth on edge as much. The topaz meant they were "vegetarian" and you couldn't argue with the proof, as they were sitting in the middle of a crowded lunchroom without any problem that I could tell.

One of them seemed to be amazed by me that first day at lunch; the bronze haired godling with no partner in sight. I had no idea why, as he could have had anyone in the school, probably anyone in the state. I could feel his eyes on me throughout the lunch period. I acted shy and awkward – something that didn't come to natural to me – when I all I really wanted to do was ask him if he had staring problems. But, I was told to behave this year, and I was trying to keep my attitude at a minimum. Not that this would last for very long. I wasn't known to be quiet and shy.

I had biology with him, and I ended up sitting right next to him. He seemed to catch one whiff of me and he hated me. I saw the death glare he gave me and watched, confused, as he scooted his chair as far away from me as the table would allow. His eyes, still locked on me, had changed from amber to pitch black, and I felt a shiver run through my skin. He turned from me and I saw him clench his hand around the bottom of the desk, reducing it to splinters. I brushed my hair in between us, wondering why the world he reacted the way he did, almost coming up blank. I tried to remember if there had been any recent Vampire/Wizard wars over here, but I couldn't recall any. I then remembered Remus Lupin explaining something in DADA. Vampires acted tense around their Singers, the only person in the world who had blood that was more potent than the rest. It clicked and I wanted to bolt. I was his Singer. Lovely.

I tried to pay attention for the rest of the lesson, but I couldn't help the absent way I twirled my wand under the table or the way my eyes drifted as the teacher lectured on and on about the boring topic. The details reminded me too much of Herbology for me to be clueless, and the fact that I was never actually going to use the knowledge again made it kind of redundant. I glanced at my sheet of hair, looking through the gap to see the god-like vampire glaring at me with this burning hatred, his eyes still that cold black. I quickly glanced away, and gripped my wand tighter.

That class seemed to drag on forever, but as soon as the bell rang- something that still made me jump, as we didn't have bells at Hogwarts- he was out of the room quicker than any human would have been. That was my second bit of proof.

He left for a bit after that, and I had no idea where. He came back and he tried being nice. I instantly put a fake smile on and started talking. He asked about my past, I wondered if my tale sounded as made up as it was. It sure sounded fake to me, but he seemed to believe it.

Things got better after that. The act was still on, and I was still that weak little human to him. But things got easier; the fake smiles eased into normal, easy grins and he didn't seem to hate me. I could still feel the tension between us, and part of that was my doing. I still didn't trust him.

The accident set the proof in stone for me. I could have saved myself, I had planned to, but he jumped in front of the van and saved me. A display of inhuman reflexes and enough strength to push a car away, happening right in front of me; it was as if his secret didn't mean much to him. After that, I convinced him to tell me what he was, even though I didn't need him to. He told me and the friendship just strengthened. I hadn't felt bad then about keeping my secret; I still didn't trust him enough to break my laws even though it was obvious he trusted me enough to break his. That day in the meadow set our relationship in motion. The rest wasn't too hard to figure out.

That's what led me to want to reveal my secret. I absently rubbed the fake galleon on my necklace, hoping against hope to hear news. I wanted to feel it burn against my skin and be able to run my hand over the letters that would send me back home. I now felt bad for keeping the secret this long, but I just couldn't help but worry. They knew me as a weak human, not an equal. They were used to a fake personality, but I was sick of pretending. I felt a smile tug at my lips thinking of the expressions of his family if I told them. I could just imagine their reactions, and it almost made me smile. I didn't know it, but I had already decided on what to do.

I was going to tell them. Everything. No matter what.

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