(Families are those we love unconditionally and who love us unconditionally in return…)


I don't often write about the love we share. You and I have been together for several years now and even though we don't have a family, one that we created together, I love the one that's been created for us. You have your team; the boys Tim and Tony are the sons you've always wanted while Ziva and Abby are your daughters now. I know that none of them are a substitute for the real daughter that you lost so long ago, but you've learned to appreciate them for who and what they are and what's more, you've let them share your life.

When we met you slowly accepted me into that life and as our love grew stronger, you started sharing them with me as I shared mine with you. My daughters, Susan, Miriam, Linda, Liina, Kezia, Anastasia (our Taz), and then the munchkins, Valerie, Nat, Bri and Gillian. We can't forget about Taylor, Andrew, Michelle and Phae and then there's our kitty cat Tigger.

Look at us now Gibbs; we have one of the biggest families and network of friends that either of us has ever known. And the thing is, all of these are daughters or sons by adoption; they took us into their hearts as we've taken them into ours. Friends we met by accident, or at work, through social networking or just a friendly nod at a café.

Luck was truly with us when we met, and you and your love have been the best things to ever happen to me. Thank you, my love for all the love and happiness you've given me over the years.

With all my love