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"Jared said you are the smartest person in the entire I should probs work with you." Embry announced, pulling up a desk a little too close for Kim's comfort and plopping down in it.

"Oh! I definitely wouldn't say that at-"

"And I said: 'No way, dude, she's never gonna work with me'. And you know what he said?"

Embry didn't wait for Kim to answer.

"He said that you're also like, the nicest person in the entire world so it didn't matter that I sucked at Spanish."

"He said that?" Kim smiled, unable to help herself. "How does he know I'm nice? I could actually be a really mean person and no one would know just because I'm quiet. I could be thinking about how much I hate all of you right now and you wouldn't even know."

"You're funny. Jared was right, I do like you." Embry smiled, tapping her on the nose. She flinched in surprise.

"I'm really not that smart though." Kim quickly promised. "I mean, don't you want to work with Jacob?" They both glanced over at Embry's usual Spanish partner who was glaring at both Kim and Embry. Kim dropped her eyes.

"Nah, why would I want to work with him when I can work with the incredibly mean Kim who hates everyone?" Embry tried to joke, but Kim could hear the strain in his voice.

"Did you guys have a fight?" Kim asked. "I get in fights with my step mom all the time. She always claims that I use her nail polish and then don't return it. Hello, do I look like I'm using her bubbilicious bubblegum pink nail polish?" Kim held up her color-free nails for him to see. "I usually just apologize to make her happy and then she finds it ten minutes later in her purse or whatever."

"Uh...we didn't have a fight about nail polish if that's what you're asking." Embry said, scratching the back of his neck and stealing another glance at Jake who was now talking to his partner, Tess. He looked completely relaxed except for the tight death grip on his pencil.

He was next.

Since the dawn of time, humans have been told that they can't always get what they want. If we always received what we wanted, we wouldn't have a very good grip on reality. We wouldn't understand the value of what we have or the importance of what we've earned. We wouldn't feel accomplished or grateful. We wouldn't understand the difference between a want and a need.

It is easy to say that you need something, it is easy to confuse the wants of the world with needs, but that doesn't make it okay or right. As humans, many of us have accepted that we won't get everything we want in life, we have accepted that we can't have everything. But there are some things out there...some things not human that haven't accepted this.

Many vampires believe they can have whatever they want. They believe that if they are powerful enough and if they live long enough (which many do) that they should receive whatever they desire.

Many even believe they should have the right to want a life. Many believe that asking for someone's life is a reasonable request. That was what the young vampire and his accomplice believed at least.

"Diego?" Bree Tanner asked in an angelic voice that echoed through the thick forest. The male vampire glanced away from his prey to his newly changed mate. "Do you think this is...wrong?" The girl Diego held captive sobbed and lashed out, attempting to break free and failing.

"Remember last week when you hunted? When we hunted?" Diego purred, encouraging Bree to step closer to him and their struggling dinner. "Remember how good it felt? Remember how sweet and delicious his blood tasted?"

Bree nodded her head, stepping even closer. Her throat ached just thinking about her last meal. It felt wrong to kill kill a human who had a family and friends who cared. But, then again, didn't she have a family and friends who cared?

She couldn't remember.

Diego had saved her from a life of humanity. He had saved her and turned her into someone like him, into a vampire so that they could be together. It was rather sweet if you thought about it. Though, of course, Diego hadn't mentioned her originally intended to suck Bree dry.

What she didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

"I'll let you have the first bite, baby." He sighed, smirking at Bree's hungry expression.

"Okay." Bree found herself agreeing, lowering her mouth towards the trembling girl's neck.

"Please don't." The girl begged.

Bree ignored the human, plunging her teeth through her flesh and sucking the blood she craved.

"KIMBERLY!" Natalie screeched at the top of her lungs. "I AM TOO PRETTY TO DIE THIS YOUNG!"

The other two passengers in the car cringed and Kim slammed on the breaks again.

"I'm sorry!" She responded, sounding on the verge of hysteria and clenching the wheel even tighter between her already pale hands.

"If we could please use our indoor voices inside the vehicle that would be just peachy." Violet Burns, the middle age driving instructor, suggested with a large fake smile on her face. She did not get paid enough for this job, that was for sure. Violet had been a drivers education teacher for almost five years and, she was sad to say, the young drivers got worse every time. She hadn't seen a driver as bad as Kimberly Connweller in a long time but she had a feeling that her driving would have been better if the girl in the backseat would just shut her mouth.

"She is going to kill us!" Natalie Khan snapped, reaching for the 'Jesus handle' hanging above the door. "They just let anyone into this driving school these days, huh?"

Kim was trying to keep herself from crying. She should have already had her license but she hadn't been able to improve her crappy driving in the last year since she had received her permit. Everyone else in her grade, and even some in the grade below her, had already gotten their licenses and Kim couldn't even drive in a straight line. Every time she got behind the wheel of a car, she just panicked. It definitely didn't help that Natalie Khan was also in the car. For driving lessons they paired you up with one other person so that for half the time you drove and the other half you observed. Kim had two previous lessons that had gone just as horrible as this one but with teenagers from different towns. She hadn't been as lucky this time.

"Okay," Violet's voice raised an octave is slight panic as she reached to grab the wheel, "let's keep inside the lines!"

"I'm sorry." Kim mumbled, swallowing her tears. This was horrible.

"Oh my god," Natalie groaned from the backseat, "I think I'm carsick. Can't you drop me off early?"

"You know what, I have a friend who lives right here." Kim spoke up, making a sharp turn onto a side street and ending up on the left side of the road. "Natalie can drive herself home and I'll stay with them. I'll practice some more before booking my next appointment."

"Okay." Violet found herself agreeing, even though it was a direct violation of the driving hour rules. She thought it would just be best for everyone if Kim cut her driving lesson a little short.

"Thank god!" Natalie groaned from the back seat as Kim slammed on the breaks to stop the car in front of Sam and Emily's house. She knew that barging into Sam and Emily's might be wrong, but she knew the outcome was probably better then spending another half hour in the car with Natalie.

"I'm sorry." Kim apologized again before unbuckling her seatbelt and getting out of the car. Natalie met her halfway, glancing around the front yard of the house they had stopped at.

"Sam and Emily are your friends?" She asked, not seeming very impressed by her choice of acquaintances. Kim didn't answer her, instead heading up the front walkway and leaving Natalie to bother someone else. "Figures." Kim heard her mutter before the car door slammed shut and Natalie executed a perfect U-turn, speeding away.

Kim paused in front of the door debating whether showing up at their house was a mistake or not. Oh well, she though, too late now.

Emily answered the door on the first knock, having heard the squealing of tires.

"Kim!" She greeted, happily surprised to see Jared's imprint. "I just knew you'd be back to see me! Come in!"

Truth be told, Emily had been dying for someone to come and see her. While the boys were always around, sometimes Emily longed to spend time with someone who always wore a shirt and who was female. She had been hoping that Jared would bring his imprint back to the house and had been dropping, in her opinion, not so subtle hints that she wanted to see Kim again. Of course this went right over Jared's head, he had no idea that Emily wanted to see his imprint.

"Hey Emily...sorry to barge in. I was, um, in the area and I had a little incident with my driving lesson and...uh, never mind. You don't want to hear about this." Kim blushed, continuing to follow Emily into the little kitchen.

"No, no!" Emily paused, reaching out to grasp one of Kim's hands in both of hers. "I haven't talked to another female in over four days except for the cashier at the grocery please...keep talking." Emily gave her hand an encouraging squeeze before dropping it and plopping down on one of the counter stools. Kim followed and rested her head on the counter.

"I'm literally never going to get my license!" She complained. "I've have my permit for ages but whenever I get behind the wheel of the car I just panic. I mean, cars are like death traps, right? They are death traps on wheels that can kill anything, right?"

Emily nodded her head enthusiastically, thinking she could probably listen to Kim talk about nonsense like cars and the woes of being a teenager for hours. As long as it wasn't about vampires, shape shifters, or food, Emily would be content.

"But I have to get my license. I can't not get my license!" Kim groaned, burying her face in her hands. "What am I gonna do? Have Jared drive me around for the rest of my life? I mean, he's not even my boyfriend so it's not even like he has an excuse to drive me places. My dad offered to buy me a-"

"Wait!" Emily interrupted, holding up her left palm. "Jared's not your boyfriend?"

Kim blushed bright red, hoping Emily wouldn't repeat that to Jared. She wasn't sure where she stood with him but the b-word would certainly complicate things if that wasn't what Jared wanted.

"Oh," Kim admitted. "We're...friends? I guess?" It sounded lame even to Kim.

"No," Emily insisted. "You and Jared are definitely dating."

"Uh...we're really not. Why? Did he say we were?" Kim asked hopefully, her face still flaming. "I mean, he never asked me to be his girlfriend."

"What!" Emily shrieked. "I swear, I am going to kill him!"

"Omigosh, no, Emily." Kim pleaded. "Don't say anything, if that's not what he wants then he'll just be scared off!"

"Oh he better be scared," Emily stood up from the counter, "of me."

Kim quickly jumped up as well.

"What are you doing?" She asked nervously.

"Kim, have you ever had a boyfriend?" Emily questioned bluntly, heading towards the backdoor.

"Well...not really. No."

"I'm going to teach you a little lesson about boys then." Emily paused in front of the back screen door, turning to face the younger imprint. "They're idiots." She flung open the door and stepped out into the cold backyard, Kim on her heels.

"Emily, honestly it's not a big deal." Kim pleaded.

"JARED!" Emily screeched at the top of her lungs.

It only took two seconds for the sound to reach Jared and Sam in the woods and for Sam to have a minor heart attack. It took another three seconds for Sam to reach the woods edge, phase back, pull on shorts, and dart towards the house. It took Jared four seconds since he realized a second later that, even though it wasn't his imprint, it was still his name.

"What's wrong? Are you okay? Did something happen? Are you hurt?" Sam rambled, gripping Emily's shoulders and trying to figure out what was wrong. Emily ignored him completely and leveled a glare at Jared.

"Hey Kim!" Jared said happily, as calm as Sam was panicked, and wondering the likelihood that the Alpha would let him leave a little early to spend time with his imprint.

"Hi." Kim blushed, praying to Taha Aki that Emily would just drop the subject or that the ground would open and swallow her up.

"Jared," Emily repeated, "is Kim your girlfriend?"

"Oh..." Jared rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, I mean, I guess."

"I am?" Kim couldn't help but squeak out in surprise.

Sam dropped his arms from Emily's shoulders, realizing nothing was wrong with his imprint, she just wanted to play match maker. "Dammit, Em, you can't just-"

"No, Jared! No she's not!" Emily groaned. "You boys are so stupid, you can't just assume that someone is your girlfriend. You have to ask them!"

"Oh," Jared blushed, "I didn't realize that...Kim, wanna be my girlfriend?" Kim started to bob her head only to be interrupted my Emily.

"No, no she does not!"

"What?" Jared asked, turning his attention back to Emily.

"What!" Kim repeated.

"Yeah, that's right, Kim is very upset with your actions and you will have to make it up to her, then you can officially ask her to be your girlfriend." Emily informed him, crossing her arms.

"Emily!" Jared whined. "I'm sorry, I didn't know! And I was talking to Kim! Kim, will you please be my girlfriend?" He shot her a puppy dog look the melted her insides to goo.

"Yup!" She chirped happily, shooting him a big smile.

"Kim!" Emily complained, pouting. "You need to make him suffer a little bit longer!"

"Great!" Jared cheered, pulling Kim to his side and pecking her lips. "You're my favorite! I'll see you in," Jared glanced up at the sky, trying to judge what time it was, "an hour or so? We'll grab dinner?" Kim nodded her head pretty sure that, in that moment, she would have agreed to anything Jared had said. "Bye!" He raced off back towards the forest, attempting to catch Paul who had been busy watching the whole thing go down and was doing a poor job of trying to hide his wolfy chuckles.

"Emily." Sam sighed, shaking his head.

"Thanks for getting here so quickly, I think that's a new record!" Emily complimented, leaning up to kiss his cheek. Sam couldn't help the small smile that appeared on his lips.

"Yeah, okay." He mumbled before slowly trudging away back towards the woods and his pack of wolves.

Emily turned towards Kim and couldn't help the laughter that poured out of her mouth at the site of Jared's still red faced imprint who looked equally embarrassed and excited. Kim gave her a shove, attempting to glare but failing miserably.

"Did you hear that, Emily?" Kim asked, rolling her eyes and finally giving into her giggles, "I'm his favorite."

This only made them laugh harder.

"And that, Kim, is why boys are so stupid. They just do whatever they think they should and, often times, that's not the right thing at all." Emily looped her arm through Kim's. "Now we both have boyfriends...but only one of us has a drivers license."

"Emily!" Kim shoved her again.

What's more important: who you are or what you do?

Some people say that the lives we live are defined by the sum of our choices and actions. But there are others who would disagree. It isn't really our choices and actions that distinguish who we are, it's our commitment to them.

Commitment is like faith.

How far are you willing to go?

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