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The home crowd went wild as the Bayville Hawks quarterback, Duncan Matthews, scored a touchdown, making the score forty-nine to seventeen, Bayville leading. A petite brunette jumped to her feet, whistling loudly and swaying her hips from side to side. The blond teen sitting next to her started laughing, nearly choking on the hotdog he was eating. After taking a gulp of his drink, he reached up to grab her wrist.

"Chill, Inara," he said between chuckles. "Or all the trees might start dancing."

Her dark green eyes followed the direction his finger was pointing to find a solitary tree behind the scoreboard swaying like she had been seconds earlier. A sheepish grin stretched across her lips as she noticed the trees surrounding that one were completely stationary.

"Oops," she said in a light English accent, still grinning. "Think anybody noticed?"

"Nah," he replied without even glancing around. "They're too caught up in the game. Nacho?"

She gingerly took a cheese covered chip out of the box he was holding out to her. "Thanks. For the nacho and for letting me tag along."

"No problem," he told her with a grin as she stuffed the chip into her mouth before it could drip on her jeans. "It was worth it to see you at your first game of American football."

She nudged him playfully with her elbow before taking a sip of her own drink. She turned her attention back to the game, frowning after a few seconds. "Um, Alex?" she asked. Her companion turned to look at her with one eyebrow raised and two chips shoved in his mouth. She rolled her eyes, but pointed toward the field and went on, "Does the star player often disappear during the last few minutes of the game?"

He turned his attention to the field, quickly chewing his chips as he searched for the jersey bearing the number eleven. When he didn't find it, his bright green eyes sought out the pretty redhead Duncan was dating. He spotted her at the end of the bleachers farthest from the snack bar. Swallowing his chips, he said, "Not usually, but isn't that his girlfriend?"

Inara turned just in time to see a flash of red hair disappear under the bleachers. A frown pulled the corners of her mouth down. "That's odd. Jean Grey doesn't seem like the type of girl to make out under the bleachers."

Alex shrugged, holding the box of nachos out to her again. "Want another?"

"No thanks," she murmured with a small shake of her head. "I'm good."

Alex shrugged again before placing the box of nachos back on his lap and grabbing a couple. Inara turned her attention back to the game, but she wasn't entirely focused on it anymore. She was thinking about the few times she'd spoken to Jean Grey since she'd started attending Bayville High. The red head definitely had standards, and Inara was sure there was no way Duncan could get her to agree to a make out session under the bleachers.

The propane tank beside the snack bar suddenly exploded, catching the bleachers closest to it on fire. Alex, who had just taken a drink, spit the liquid out and dropped everything. Grabbing Inara's arm, he quickly stood up, pulling her up with him, and began dragging her toward the football field. She didn't protest, her eyes wide as they took in the flames engulfing the bleachers.

"What the," Alex murmured, his brow furrowed as he tried to make sense of what just happened. Someone must have called 9-1-1, because sirens could be heard in the distance. Turning to Inara, he noticed that her face was too pale. The girl usually had an all year round tan. He knew that her greatest fear was fires, though she'd never actually been in one in her life. "You okay?"

She blinked, slowly turning to look at him. Her eyes were a bit unfocused, but she nodded slowly. "Yeah," she breathed, turning back to look at the flames once more. "I think so."

"C'mon," he said, leading her toward the parking lot. "Let's head home before Jay comes rushing to the rescue." He was relieved when she giggled at his comment.

Robin Latimer, a woman who stood at 5'4" and had a slender yet toned build, watched as people filed through the gate. Her hazel eyes searched for any sign of the teen girl she had been sent to pick up. She tucked a straight lock of light brown hair behind her ear, the ends tickling her earlobe. Although Crystal had described the girl to her, Robin still felt that holding a sign with the name 'Ailana Kalakaua' written on it was necessary.

She knew the minute she saw the girl with straight, black hair cut just below the shoulders, brown eyes, and the obvious build of a surfer that that was Ailana. She put on her best smile and waved at the girl, catching her attention.

"Ailana Kalakaua?" she asked, despite knowing for sure this was her girl.

"Yeah. Are you Miss Latimer?" the girl asked, adjusting her duffel bag higher up on her shoulder.

"I am, but please call me Robin or Gadget. Here, let me get that for you," she said, taking the handle of the large suitcase Ailana was pulling behind her.

"Thanks," Ailana said as she followed Robin out of the airport. As they loaded her bags into the red Lincoln Navigator that Robin owned, Ailana asked, "How far is it to the academy?"

"Oh, it's a couple of hours," Robin told her. "But you can listen to any station you want. I don't mind."

Ailana nodded as she climbed into the passenger side of the vehicle. Robin started the vehicle and pulled out of the parking spot, heading for the large mansion the served as the Rosemund Academy.

"Couldn't you have done that last night?" Alex asked, glancing at his watch.

"Yeah right," Inara snorted as she carefully wrapped the sub sandwich she'd just finished making. "And have the veggies get soggy from sitting in the fridge all night? Not likely."

"We're gonna be late!" he groaned.

"Okay, okay! I'm done," she said, placing the sub in a paper bag. "Let's go."

"Alex, Inara, wait!" Crystal Rosemund called from the main living area. "Can you come here for a minute?"

"What's up, Miss Rosemund?" Alex asked as he walked into the room, Inara following close behind.

Crystal Rosemund was shorter than the both of them though only by two inches on Inara's part, and a bit plump. Her once light brown hair was now streaked through with gray and was always kept short and straight, barely reaching the tops of her ears. Her eyes were brown and filled with warmth and kindness.

There was a girl standing beside the armchair Crystal sat in that they had never seen before. Crystal smiled, motioning to the girl as she said, "I'd like you to meet Ailana Kalakaua."

"Inara," Inara said, introducing herself to Ailana. She held out her hand. "Welcome to Rosemund."

Ailana took the offered hand and gave it a firm shake. "Thanks," she said, giving the brunette a small smile. Turning to look at the blond, she said, "Guess that makes you Alex."

"Yeah, it does. Like Inara said, welcome to Rosemund." He glanced down at his watch again before looking back up at Crystal. "Uh, Miss Rosemund, is Ailana going to school today?"

"No, Alex. Ailana will simply be settling in today. Go on before you're late."

"Alright. Bye."

"Bye Miss Rosemund, bye Ailana!" Inara called as Alex pulled her out of the room.

They were stopped again at the front doors by a man who obviously kept up a rigorous exercise routine, if his lean, toned build was any indication. He wasn't much taller than Inara with short black hair and a matching thin mustache and goatee, both also short.

"Hey, Mr. Hideyoshi," Alex greeted with a grin. "Just headed off to school."

"Yes, I know, but first, I have something for you," Mr. Hideyoshi replied.

"Oh?" Alex questioned, looking surprised. It was no secret that Mr. Hideyoshi was a pretty cool guy outside of lessons, but he'd never really given his students gifts before. "What's that?"

"Well, it's not really for you," he said, pulling a dark green motorcycle helmet out from behind his back. "It's for Inara. So she doesn't have to wear yours."

Alex sighed. "But I don't really need a helmet. I have a healing factor."

"Yes, I know," Mr. Hideyoshi said. "But that does not make you indestructible. Now, I suggest you let Inara use this helmet, and you wear your own. Unless you would like extra training sessions?"

"No," Alex groaned. "Fine, I'll wear my helmet."

"Thanks, Mr. Hideyoshi," Inara said, beaming as she accepted the helmet from him and followed a slouching Alex out to the garage.

A tall, thin man approached Crystal after she'd left Ailana to settle into her new bedroom. His sleek, black hair was kept short, except for the front which he wore spiked up. His bright blue eyes could be seen through the lenses of his glasses.

"Ah, Hunter," she greeted, the wrinkles around her lips deepening as she smiled. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"A young mutant girl will be arriving in Bayville early tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I have foreseen that she accepts the offer of another."

"I see," Crystal murmured. "Is there anything else?"

"Yes. A young man who lives in Seattle, Washington. His power will manifest in a week's time. He will accept our offer to help."

"Get together with Jay and Ava when they return from their classes," she told him. "Tell them what you have seen and what you feel is the best way to handle the situation."

Hunter nodded before turning and heading off down the hall.

"Do you think it was a mutant?" Alex asked Inara as he sat down at the lunch table she was seated at, his tray piled high with food.

"I don't see how it couldn't be," Inara replied, unwrapping her sub. "I mean, we both agree that we saw the flash of red, and Miss Rosemund's told us that there are other mutants in Bayville."

"But if she knows there are others, why doesn't she help them? Or at least tell us who they are?"

"There's a good chance she doesn't really know. That's why she built Gavin after all. To enhance her powers in the hopes of finding more mutants who need help."

"What about Mr. Burden?"

"Mr. Burden doesn't see everything, Alex. Even when using Gavin, his visions are limited. We'll just have to do some investigating of our own."

Alex slowly swallowed the bite of hamburger he'd been chewing while Inara talked. "What do you mean?"

"Well, Duncan and Jean were under the bleachers when that tank exploded, right?" When Alex nodded, not being able to talk around the bite of burger he'd just taken, she went on. "So maybe it's one of them. I'll see if I can't catch Jean in the halls later on."

"I'm not talking to Duncan Matthews," Alex told her with a grimace after swallowing. "That guy's a jerk."

"Then eavesdrop on him and his buddies in the locker room or something," Inara offered. "If he's not the mutant, maybe he remembers seeing something."

"I'll see what I can do," Alex sighed.

"Great! Now, how about we enjoy the rest of our lunch?"

Alex's eyes lit up as his attention turned back to the pile of food on his tray, and Inara couldn't help laughing.

"Jean!" Inara called as she slammed her locker closed. The redhead was at the other end of the hall and didn't seem to have heard the brunette. Inara slung her book bag over her shoulder and started jogging down the hall, squeezing between bodies and muttering 'excuse me's along the way. "Jean!" she called again, louder this time.

The redhead stopped and spun around, one eyebrow arched. Upon spotting Inara's approaching form, a small frown of confusion tugged the corners of her mouth downward. Though she knew her name, she hadn't ever really talked to the younger girl. "Oh, uh, hey, Inara. What's up?"

"Well, I was just wondering if you saw anything strange last night at the game. You know, when that propane tank exploded."

Jean put on her best clueless face, but inside she was starting to worry. "What do you mean by strange?"

"Like a flash of red light," Inara pressed. "Because I swear I saw something like that. At first, I brushed it off, but then Alex told me he saw it, too."

Jean shook her head and smiled down at Inara, hoping she looked convincing. "Sorry, Inara, but I didn't see anything like that." Glancing through the window in the door behind her, she was internally relieved to see Scott sitting in his car, waiting for her. "I'd better go. Scott's waiting."

"Oh, okay," Inara replied, though Jean was already heading out of the door. She sent Inara a wave and a smile, which the brunette returned, before turning her back on the school and jogging toward the red and white convertible.

Inara pursed her lips together in thought as she exited the school and headed for Alex's motorcycle. She wasn't surprised to find him already there, waiting for her.

"So?" he asked, glancing toward to departing car that held Jean.

"Nothing," she told him, though she didn't sound disappointed. "You?"

"I did manage to eavesdrop on a couple of football players during last period," he replied. "Turns out Duncan can't remember anything after that last touchdown he made."

"Hmm," she murmured, but once again didn't sound the least bit disappointed.

"Okay, why aren't you disappointed? I mean, we didn't find out anything!"

"On the contrary," she said, looking up at him. "I think I did. Come on," she paused to pick up her helmet. "Let's get home and I'll explain everything."

"You know those kids from the academy across town?" Jean asked Scott outside of the Danger Room. "Alex and Inara?"

"Yeah," he told her, pulling out his boots.

"Well, Inara came up to me after school today," she began, concern creeping into her voice. "She asked me if I had seen anything weird last night. You know, at the game."

"Oh?" his tone indicated that he didn't seem too worried about the subject.

"Yeah. She said that she and Alex both saw a flash of red before the explosion. She wanted to know if I saw it, too."

Scott froze and slowly turned his head to look at her. "Did she mention me?"

"No," she said with a shake of her head. "And I got away before she could really drill me, but she suspects something."

Scott nodded as he start to pull on his left boot. "Alright, we'll have to watch ourselves around them."

"Right," Jean agreed, right before the Professor's voice came over the intercom.

"Scott! Jean! Nightcrawler and Toad have teleported into the Danger Room!"

"Aww, man, the Danger Room has automated defenses!" Scott voiced.

"It'll attack them with everything it's got!" Jean exclaimed, darting around Scott and heading for the Danger Room entrance.

"Get in there. Now!" the Professor called over the intercom. Scott grabbed his right boot and began pulling it on as he hopped on his left leg after Jean.

"So what did you find out?" Alex asked after pulling his helmet off.

"Jean told me she had to go before I could really begin to question her. I knew she was just looking for a way out, but then she said 'Scott's waiting', and she headed for his car."

"And?" Alex asked, looking perplexed. "You ride to school with me."

"Because we live together," she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up. "Don't you see? Jean lives with Scott! At the Xavier Institute!"

Understanding dawned in his eyes. "Oh!"

"Duncan's just Jean's boyfriend. I don't think he's a mutant at all. But Scott definitely could be! I mean, he's always wearing those red shades. What if he can't control his power?"

"That's true," Alex mused. "I've never seen him without those shades. And I've never seen shades like them before." He paused here, seemingly to think about all that had been said. Then he looked up at Inara. "So, what's our next step?"

Inara looked around, as if expecting someone to appear out of nowhere and catch them scheming. "We should keep this between us. No reason to get everyone excited if we're wrong. Meanwhile, we can keep an eye on Scott and Jean. See if they give us some concrete proof."

"Sounds good," Alex said nodding. Then he rubbed his stomach with one hand. "Now time for an after school snack."

Inara laughed out loud as she followed him into the kitchen.

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