An addition to this story as a kind of epilogue, though I'm not 100% sure I'm done with this story. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this tidbit. Emily

Kurt is stepping quickly down the outdoor staircase, thoughts of the upcoming first Glee meeting of the year and the conversation about scarves he's just had with Mercedes and the discussion he's going to have with Rachel when he sees her next about how Finn does act like an idiot sometimes but has a good heart swirling in his mind. Mostly, though, he's seeing Karofsky pushing Blaine against the metal wall he's coming to and Blaine and the Warblers singing Somewhere Only We Know to him just beyond it and feeling Blaine grasping his hand and pressing a kiss to his cheek as they walk into McKinley for the benefit concert, and wondering why his newly enrolled boyfriend hasn't actually appeared yet, because first period is over and he should definitely be here by now. God, even his thoughts are jumbled ramblings.

He feels a light pressure on his shoulder, and his heart jumps a little as a familiar voice begins. "Excuse me…um, hi. Can I ask you a question? I'm new here."

A soft but exuberant smile quickly lights up Kurt's face as he spins and vaults into another's arms. "Blaine," he breathes.

Blaine barely moves his mouth to press a kiss to Kurt's neck. "Hey, Kurt," he responds, his voice breathless and firm, and full of joy and tears, all at once.

"I hate to tell you," Kurt mumbles into his shoulder a few moments later, "but the Glee Club here? Not even a little bit cool."

Blaine laughs and lifts his head out of the embrace. "But you know some shortcuts, right?" he teases.

Kurt snorts. "Yeah, because that one you took me on was definitely legitimate."

Blaine plays taking offense, but only manages it for about a second before the smile slips back onto his face.

He offers one of his hands to Kurt and doesn't miss the way Kurt hesitates and glances around a little nervously. "Courage?" Blaine turns his hand up to Kurt and smiles reassuringly.

"Courage together," Kurt agrees, settling his hand deliberately into Blaine's with an answering smile.

Their hands squeeze tight for a second, then Kurt tugs Blaine's towards the bottom of the stairs, lacing their fingers together as they move.

He knows that this day, this year, is going to be difficult, and that even holding hands like this is a bit of a risk, but at the moment, he's choosing not to care. Because standing here, in this school, with his hand in Blaine's, taking on the world together? Nothing could feel more right.