Title: Part of the Script, 9

Author: Kuria Dalmatia

Rating/Warnings: FRM/R, (profanity, adult content, triggering issues) future!fic, character death!

Characters/Pairing: JJ/Will, Reid and the Team

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Up until seven days ago, JJ never understood why her sister had taken her own life. Never.

But now?


It made sense.

Heaven was a good place, after all.

She sat in the bathtub filled with warm water. She was still fully clothed except for her shoes. She didn't want Spencer to find her naked. She knew that would make him blush and she wanted to save him from that embarrassment.

During her days in the BAU, JJ had learned various ways people committed suicide. Spencer had once rattled off the survival statics of the different methods. Drugs weren't always the best, but they were what JJ had ready access to. Spencer, after all, was guarding her and Will's guns.

The pills were leftover from Will's rotator cuff surgery last year and JJ's ACL replacement surgery a year before that. Fifty-seven pills in total; since they both hated being drugged up, there were always leftover pain meds. Hydrocodone. Codeine. Powerful stuff.

Pain killers.

JJ was in pain.

Therefore, she took them two at a time with a bare mouthful of water as she sat in the tub. The warm water made her blood circulate faster. It took longer than expected and in the end, she felt bloated.

JJ allowed a giggle. Bloated. Bloated in her own bathtub.

She closed her eyes.

This was remarkably easy.

She just had to wait.

She slid deeper into the water.

She barely heard the pounding on the bathroom door. The shouts of her name.

She barely felt the hands on her arms. The harsh pull forward as she was yanked out of the water.

"Morgan! Morgan! Call 9-1-1!" Spencer shouted, his voice high-pitched and desperate.

JJ slowly opened her eyes and gazed at the godfather of her son. "It's okay, Spence. Heaven's a good place."

"What did you take? Tell me," he urged. "Tell me, JJ, what did you take?"

"I'll be with them soon." She closed her eyes. She let the sleep take over.

She didn't hear the screams and the shouts and the crashes and the sirens.

Heaven was a good place. And Will and Henry were waiting for her.

/***/ Finis /***/