Hi, so this is my very firsy Inuyasha fanfic XD hope you all like it, and i think this is a little long for a prologue but whatever. There will also have sesshoumaru and rin couple, and miroku and sango. But they will be introduced later into the story.

Disclaimer: Inuyasha belongs to the great Rumiko Takahashi.

My Savior


The night air was cold, snow covered the ground like a white carpet. Inuyasha was in his cage, trapped, cold, with nothing to do but look up at the starry sky. His cage was positioned at the end of a wagon, which was now being transported in a caravan. He had nothing to protect himself from the cold.

He looked up from his cage at the night sky remembering the day that his whole world changed, when his world turned to darkness.

Chapter 1: prologue

A long, long time ago, there was a demon kingdom far to the west and was ruled by the Great Dog Demon, InuTaisho. He was loved and cherished by his people and they would follow him to the death. He had a loving mate named Izayoi, and two sons named Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. Everything was peaceful in this great kingdom; however, not until trouble seemed to loom from the east.

Lately the humans who ruled in the east had begun to hunt down demons. The reason for this no one knows, just all of the sudden the humans began to hate demons. They considered demons as a threat and must be eliminated. They thought themselves above demons and that demons were meant to serve them. So the demons were either put into slavery or they are to be eliminated.

In Inuyahsa's 10th summer, his peaceful world came crashing down when the humans finally had the courage to attack his father's kingdom. It was unexpected; the demons never thought that the humans would be stupid enough as to directly attack the demon kingdom. The attack happened during the night, and every demon was caught by surprise. The humans used the surprise attack to their advantage and also the priestesses, monks, and demon slayers they had to their disposal.

The kingdom was now under attack, the demons that were caught off guard were now fighting back. Their first prince had came to their rescue, and with his direction the demons were now fighting back and were easily holding their grounds against the humans.

~*~*~*~The Fourth outer wall~*~*~*~

"Unit B, make sure the humans don't get to the third outer wall, use any force necessary, gather the archers and foot soldiers ready, protect unit A while they transport the injured to the main city. Unit A take the injured and hurry them to the main city, evacuate the civilians living in the area of the second and third outer wall and bring them behind the first outer wall. After evacuating the civilians close all outer wall gates, we must not let any humans reach the main city!" Sesshomaru said to his soldiers while just arriving at the outer wall.

"Yes your highness." The head from unit A and B bowed.

Sesshomaru then turned towards Jaken, his loyal assistant.

"Jaken, go warn Myoga at the palace of the situation, so he will relay the message to father. Let him know of the situation and that I have it under control. These humans will never get through the third outer wall, they were only lucky to get through the fourth outer wall, but not anymore." Sesshomaru was now glaring towards the humans.

As he was done giving his orders, he headed towards the front to join the battle. He was not one of those leaders and generals who just stay behind the lines and direct their forces and let his people fight alone.

~*~*~*~Main Palace~*~*~*~

In the palace Myoga was hopping through the halls in a hurry to relay the message to his lord. The little flea was hopping as fast as he could. His lord would be in his study, working at this hour. After the billionth hop he finally reached the study. He told the guards to open the door.

"Open the doors I have urgent news for his lord" Myoga commanded.

The guards obeyed and opened the door for their lord personal adviser.

InuTaisho was at the moment in his study going through documents, just when he found the document he needed the doors to his study burst open.

"My lord!" Myoga came hopping in.

"What is it Myoga?" He said without glancing up from his document.

"My lord, the kingdom is under attack." The flea started to report. This had gotten InuTaisho attention. He looked up from his document towards Myoga. Myoga continued with his report.

"The humans have already broken through one of the outer walls of the kingdom, my lord. Sesshomaru is already at the front keeping things under control, however we do not know for how long he can hold them back. He has evacuated the injured and the civilians in the area and have them being brought to the main city."

"Good, I shall go and prepare and inform Izayoi of the situation, and have her stay in charge of the Palace while I am gone. Inform Sesshomaru that I am on my way."

"Yes, my lord" The flea left and InuTaisho got up and began walking towards his chambers. He was not so surprised by this attack; he saw it coming, but never really thought it would really happen. He knew who was leading the humans, he never thought that, Setsuna no Takemaru would come this far as to attack his kingdom.

"Takemaru, that jealous bastard even after 19 years he is still looking for his revenge!" He thought to himself.

Takemaru and InuTaisho goes way back, it all started when InuTaisho was in search for his mate. He had lived long and was lord of his own kingdom, however he thought it was time to look for his mate. Ruling a kingdom by one self could get very lonely after many years of ruling. And that loneliness became stronger as the years goes by. Once he found his true mate, she would ease his pain and save him from solitude.

The thing is, male demons in this world each has their own true mate meant for them, their soul mate, their other half. If not united with their other half, they become lonely as the years goes by, and at one point it becomes so unbearable that the male demons begins to allow themselves to feel no emotion at all. Some becomes cold and cruel while others just show no emotion at all, they just become a living shell of their former self, with no other purpose in life. Their eyes, once with full of life now becomes nothing more than empty orbs. That is why it is important for the male demons to find their true mate as soon as possible.

However, it was not so easy for InuTaisho. He had searched for at least 50 years and still had no luck. During the search he met a female demon, which is rare. Female demons only transforms into a full fledged demon once they have found their mate. Their demon side lays dormant until then and because of that, female demons will appear as a human until then.

Her name was Kaori and she had lost her mate a very long time ago and was now living by herself in the woods not far from a human kingdom. InuTaisho was intrigued by her and decided to stay by her side. They had developed a relationship over time, which then led to the birth of Sesshomaru.

A few months after Sesshomaru's birth InuTaisho came to notice that, even though he was in love, he still felt empty inside. Kaori was not his true mate and even though he loved her he still was not happy. Kaori also noticed this and they both decided it was best to go their separate ways.

Not soon after he was gone the humans in the nearby kingdom, had began to notice a female demon living in the forest nearby to their kingdom. The humans had gathered around and went after her. She was murdered by the hands of the humans. Kaori had seen this coming and just before she was murdered she had entrusted her son in the hands of her most trusted friend the hime Izayoi, who resided the human kingdom. Kaori left instructions to Izayoi, that if she is dead, Izayoi is to care for her son like her own until his father came looking for his son and so Izayoi awaited, and cared for Sesshomaru until the day the InuTaisho came looking for his son.

Three months had passed and InuTaisho had heard of what had happened. He returned to Kaori's house to find it burned down. InuTaisho was now angered and headed towards the human kingdom, now in search for his son.

During those three months the princess Izayoi had gotten attached to the boy, she really thought of him as her own son and perhaps not willing to give the father back his son. In addition, to that a samurai lord had come to this kingdom in hopes of marrying the beautiful princess who resided in the palace. This samurai lord was known as Setsuna no Takemaru. He has been there for three months now pestering the princess with visits after visits asking her hand in marriage. However, Izayoi did not love him and always refused.

After getting the information he needed, InuTaisho infiltrated the palace in search for the princess who was in charge of his son. He sneaked in through one the palace windows, and now roamed the palace. He headed towards the chamber where his son is supposed to be residing in. Once he finally found the chamber, he entered.

However, only to be caught by surprise by the beautiful women who was signing his son to sleep. She had his son in her lap, rocking him to sleep, singing a lullaby and staring at his son with so much love in her eyes. InuTaisho could not stop staring at her she was the most beautiful women InuTaisho has ever encountered, he felt something inside his chest, but he had no idea what it was. He brought his hand up to his chest and held it over his heart. This feeling was not something bad, it felt good. He had not felt anything like this for so long, not even for Kaori. He could also have sworn he has known her from somewhere before.

When Izayoi finally noticed InuTaisho in the room, she was shocked. The first thing she did was cradle Sesshomaru in her arms protectively, and began to back up to the farthest corner in the room, while giving him a look that meant, she would protect this child to the death. This action made the feeling in InuTaisho's heart grow even stronger. If only he knew what this feeling was. He could not stop staring at her, he began to close the distance between them and spoke softly.

"I will not harm you, I am the father of the child you hold in your arms." He stated while still staring at her. Izayoi, for some reason, believed him after hearing his voice. He noticed her scared expression lessened but she still cradled his son protectively in her arms.

"Ah, you must be InuTaisho. I have been waiting for your arrival for a long time now. I heard a lot about you from Kaori." The sound of her voice shocked him. It was as beautiful as her.

"Oh, really?" InuTaisho now smiled and arched up his left brow. This is interesting, he wondered what kind of things Kaori, would have mentioned to her about him. But he was also interested to know how they knew one another.

"You knew her? She never once spoke of you" Even though she may be beautiful, she held his son in her arms; he must be careful and not let his guard down. If she tried anything he would eliminated her right then and there. He would show no mercy.

"Yes, she and I have been friends since little. We had kept our friendship a secret." She relaxed a bit more.

Izayoi heart was racing, she had never seen such an attractive male before, a demon at that. She had heard of demons being beautiful but she never thought this handsome. He had long silver hair, held back in a tail behind his head. He had one magenta stripe on each cheek; his eyes were a combination of gold and amber color. He had a spiked pauldron armor covering both of his arms and covers his shoulder sections of his cuirass. His armor and long flowing sash had a Chinese influence. He had on a traditional type of flowing Japanese pants known as a Sashinuki Hakama, which gathered at the ankles producing a balloon effect. His footwear was a flat pointed ankle-high boots. His armor had formed around his body so well that one could see it was body of a warrior. She did not know why but for some strange reason she has a feeling that she has met him somewhere before.

" Are you here to take him away?" She asked while looking down at Sesshomaru.

"Yes, I am here to take him. It is better if he came with me to my kingdom where he will be safer." There was now sadness in her eyes, which broke InuTaisho's heart. He did not want to see her sad. Izayoi did not want to part with the child, she hugged him closer to her. Little Sesshomaru was sleeping peacefully in her arms.

InuTasiho could not bear to see her sad and without thinking he crossed the room towards her. Which shocked Izayoi, she just stood still. Once he was closer to her, it hit him. Her scent was so intoxicating. He stared down at her and sniffed one more time. The scent was so familiar.

The real meaning behind a true mate is that the couple had been lovers and mates in their former lives. And in no matter which life time they would always find each other again. That is why many say when the two encountered one another that they would both have a feeling of nostalgia, the scent of the female will be familiar and irresistible to the male and that the male would start to feel again as soon as setting his eyes on her. Once the male found his mate, he will use everything in his power to tie their fates together forever.

'It cannot be' He said to himself after realizing all the sign were true.

At this point, Izayoi was nervous and scared. She was caught by surprised when InuTaisho said something.

"I have finally found you after years of searching; I have finally found my mate."

After that night InuTaisho and Izayoi had a rough star. He had kidnapped her along with his son that night from the palace and began his journey back to his kingdom. Takemaru had heard of this and decided to rescue the princess in hoping that once she is rescued she would come to her senses and marry him.

At the beginning of the journey Izayoi was furious at InuTaisho and kept refusing to believe she was his mate and demanded to be brought back, however she was still a bit happy to be with little Sesshomaru. During the journey Takemaru and InuTaisho had clashed many times, thus began their eternal hatred for one another.

InuTaisho opened the door to his chambers and found his mate asleep. She was deep in sleep and he smiled and walked over to her. He bent down and kissed her on her forehead.

"Darling, wake up, there is urgent news."

Izayoi woke up, and blinked a couple of times before staring up at InuTaisho. She smiled and hugged him dragging him down onto the bed. She gave him a quick peck on his lips; she then stared at him, his expression one of worry.

"What is dear?" She now, also becoming a bit more serious, she hated to see her mate like this.

"It's Takemaru, he has finally come."

"What? How could this be I thought after so many years he would have given up."

"I thought so to, however he now leads a human army and has already breached through the fourth outer wall. I must go and join Sesshomaru out at the front."

"Oh my, he has already attacked." She was now getting out of bed and starting to change out of her sleeping robes.

"Yes, he has and that is why I need you to stay here with Inuyasha. I am leaving you in charge of the Palace while I am gone."

Izayoi was now starting to worry; she did not like this at all. As she was done changing, InuTaisho was as well. She stared at his back, at his broad shoulders, those shoulders that carry so many burdens and she wished she could take some away. She was scared of losing him, if she lost him she would not know what to do. She walked up behind him and hugged him.

"Can you promise me one thing, when you're out there, please be careful and comeback to me and to our sons." She hugged him even tighter.

InuTaisho turned around slowly and held her by the waist hugging her. With one hand he captured her chin in his hand and tilted her head so that she was now staring up at him. He could see some tears forming in her eyes.

"I promise." He then kissed her, making sure he put all of his emotions into his kiss.

"I must go now; I shall come back, my dear as soon as I get rid of the humans." He said while now walking towards the door.

Izayoi was now walking through the palace hall heading towards Inuyasha's room to check on him. She would want to have her son by her side, because if anything happens she would be there to defend her baby boy. She finally arrived, and she opened the door. She was expecting to see her son in his bed asleep.

"Inuyasha honey, wake up we—" She however could not finish her sentence because when she stared at her sons bed, it was empty.


She looked around his room, under the bed, in his closet, behind curtains, however he was nowhere to be found. Until she felt a breeze against her shoulder, she turned around and saw the door to his balcony was slightly open.

"No, he could not have, not again." she thought to herself in horror.

She walked up and opened the door; she stepped outside onto the balcony and that is when she saw couple of sheets tied up together forming a long rope of sheets and were draped over the balcony edge.

This proved that her little Inuyasha has once again fled into the middle of the night to go play at his favorite spot, which lay by the last outer wall. Izayoi now run as fast as she could to inform Myoga, so that he could relay the message to InuTaisho.

Little Inuyasha had always had this bad habit of sneaking of into the night to explore and play near the last outer wall. He had always liked going into to the forest. This started since he was 6 years old. Izayoi should have noticed this coming.

The bad feeling that she was sensing moments ago was not for InuTaisho, it was for her son. If anything happened to Inuyasha she would never forgive herself.

She had finally found Myoga. The flea was hopping down the hallways.

"Myoga!" She yelled.

Myoga stopped hopping and turned around.

"Ah, my Lady it is nice to see you-" he was cut short when she interrupted him.

"Myoga, its Inuyasha he sneaked out again. Where is InuTaisho, he must be informed immediately."

The flea acted fast.

"Alright, my lady. I will send a messenger to inform his lord of the situation." He said while hopping away.

"Please hurry." She had tears now falling from her eyes.

~*~*~*~Forest near Fourth outer wall~*~*~*~

"Dang it! Why did it start to rain?"

Little Inuyasha was now lost in the forest near the last outer wall, due to the wetness he could not smell his way back. He continued to walk; however, he heard some yelling in the far distance. A yell that sounded like a group of people that were charging into battle. As soon as he gotten closer he ducked and crouched his way behind a couple of bushes.

"What the?"

Inuyasha saw humans and demons fighting. What is going on? Why are humans attacking father's kingdom. Inuyasha was about to turn to go back, but he caught the sight of his older brother Sesshomaru. He saw Sesshomaru fighting with ease eliminating every human that came in his way. But, he was now being surrounded by what looked like mikos and monks. These mikos and monks are not like other weak humans. Sesshomaru was now surrounded.

Sesshomaru said nothing only stared at the monks and mikos with his cold-blooded arrogant way of his.

"Give up demon we have you surrounded."

They began to close in, each with their own weapon pointed at him. The mikos all launched their arrows at the same time, however Sesshomaru skillfully dodged them and headed towards one of the mikos. When he was about to strike the first miko, one of the monks attacked from the side, which made him jump back.

All the while Inuyasha was still in the bushes watching intently his brother's fight. He was so concentrated towards his brother that he did not notice someone approaching from the back of his hiding spot. He was caught by surprised and was grabbed by the collar being dragged out of his hiding spot.

"Let go of me!" Inuyasha yelled while struggling to get out of his captive grasp.

At the sound of Inuyasha's voice Sesshomaru turned his head towards his brother. Confused as to why his little brother was doing here at all, his little brother should have been in his quarters sleeping. He saw his little brother being held by his collar, by a human soldier.

Damn it, he sneaked out again!

Sesshomaru needed to act fast; he started to run after his little brother. But the other humans were not letting him get through. Miko's launched their arrows again, he jumped back to dodge them, creating more distance between him and his little brother.

"tsk" Sesshomaru was starting to get pissed.

"Big brother!" Inuyasha gave up struggling and tried to call out for his brother's aid, while extending his hands out towards him, tears now falling from his eyes.

"Hold on Inuyasha." The only way Sesshomaru was going to save his brother was if he eliminated his enemies first. However, what he did not know is that would be the last time he ever saw his little brother again.

On the way, InuTaisho had received a message from the palace guards. His son had sneaked out once again and this time he might be in trouble. Once he had received the message he acted fast, he headed straight in the direction of the forest. Once he had reached the last outer wall, he had noticed the demons were able to push most of the humans soldiers back, and are now fighting in the forest. He looked around and could not find his eldest son Sesshomaru.

I can't waste my time here. Knowing him he will be alright. I must first locate Inuyasha.

InuTaisho said to himself while dashing through the forest at a fast pace. While running he noticed something was off. The way the demons were pushing the human back was way too easy. The humans were not even seemed to be trying to push forward. If one looked closely they were inching back bit by bit. The humans were retreating very slowly, and were letting it seem as if the demons were pushing the humans back. He narrowed his eyes. What is Takemaru planning?

He continued forward.

In the far distance he saw his eldest son Sesshomaru finishing of a monk. Around him lay many dead humans, mikos and monks.

Just before Sesshomaru was about to give the final strike to the monk. The monk said something.

"You demons think you may be winning now but just wait and see Takemaru has something planned that will bring this kingdom to its knees. " The monk coughed had a smirk on his face. When the monk looked up he expected to see fear and confusion in the demons eyes, but instead he saw only arrogance and a predators smile.

"You humans never seem to cease surprising me with your stupidity." Was all Sesshomaru said before he slashed the monk's head clean off. One should never reveal one's plan or hint that there is a plan to an enemy, no matter in what situation one was in. Sesshomaru turned around and saw his father coming his way.

"Sesshomaru, have you seen your brother." InuTaisho came to a stop.

"Yes father he was captured by the enemy and was dragged east of here. We must hurry." Sesshomaru started running in the direction where Inuyasha had been taken, his father dashing alongside him.

"Have you noticed something strange Sesshomaru?" InuTaisho was hoping his son also noticed something was wrong.

"Yes father at first I was not sure, but just now a monk mentioned of a plan his general Takemaru had in store for us. The kingdom could be in grave danger."

The two stayed quiet for a while, thinking what Takemaru's plan could be. Not soon later a small black bird was ascending to where InuTaisho and Sesshomaru were. As the bird reached eye level of InuTaisho, Myoga popped onto InuTaisho's shoulder.

"My lord, I have urgent news from the Main Palace." Myoga shouted.

"What's wrong? Is there trouble at the Main Palace." InuTaisho did not stop he continued forward, he will rescue his son no matter what.

"My Lord, the mages at the Main Palace stated that they are sensing great energies being gathered in the direction of the enemy's base camp. They have sensed great destruction and they fear for the worst, my lord. If such an attack is unleashed onto the kingdom, the whole kingdom and everyone within it will be annihilated."

This made both demons stop dead in their tracks.

"So this attack was only to distract us so they have time to prepare such a destructive attack." InuTaisho said while finally putting the pieces together.

"Yes, my lord. That is why the mages could not detect it before. They could not detect such energy when other monks and mikos are also using same kind of energy in their battles. We do not have much time left my lord. Lady Izayoi has demanded that all the mages to follow her towards the underground spell chamber that lay beneath the Main Palace. She sent me here to inform you of the situation as soon as possible. They are going to cast the spell onto the city." Myoga finished.

InuTaisho knew what his beloved was planning. He wasted no time he acted fast. He knew he only had little time to try and rescue his son to get back to the Main Palace.

"Sesshomaru you will lead the demons back to the kingdom, as soon as everyone is retreated seal all outer wall gates with a sealing spell. Let no one get out. I will go and find Inuyasha as fast as possible"

Sesshomaru did not question his father. He acted fast, and ran back towards the kingdom.

"My lord, if you seal all outer wall gates, how will you be able to enter."

"Myoga do not tell me you have forgotten of the underground passage."

InuTaisho now continued to dash through the forest again, he could not waste any minute. He only had a limited time before the teleportation spell will be casted throughout the kingdom and he and his son needed to be inside the kingdom before the spell was casted.

~*~*~*~Main Palace~*~*~*~

Back at the Main Palace Izayoi gathered all the mages and were now in the underground chamber. The chamber was big and had many elegant markings throughout the chamber. These marking were not only found in this chamber, however throughout the whole city. These marking were carved since the day the kingdom was built, in case the kingdom ever fell under attack and had no chance of survival. This spell would be there last trump card.

And the time had finally come to put it into use. It was the only thing Izayoi could have thought of. The only way she saw the kingdom surviving the attack was the teleportation spell.

The mages needed to hurry before the humans were ready to unleash their attack. They would make it on time but just barely. Izayoi just hoped that InuTaisho and Inuyasha would come back before time was up.

The mages gathered around in a circle, and began to chant. As they began to chant, slowly the marking in the middle of the circle began to light up. The light was a beautiful blue color, and the light was slowly spreading through the chamber. The light surrounded them making it look as if they were now underwater in the most clearest of ocean.

The only way the spell would work was if all the outer wall gates were sealed off with a sealing spell. The marking would then slowly but surely begin to light and spread throughout the whole kingdom once it reaches the last outer wall times was up.

~*~*~*~The First Outer Wall~*~*~*~

"Hurry seal the gate shut, the spell has begun." Sesshomaru shouted. He was able to retreat with his people and seal all the gates.

He saw the blue light of the marking of the spell slowly approaching. And so it begins, this will be a race of time.

The first outer wall gate was shut. His job was done. What he only could do now is wait. He began to walk towards the Palace to join his step mother.

Jaken his loyal assistant came running down the hall towards him.

"Me lord, I think your presence is need in the spell chamber, lady Izayoi needs someone by her side."

Sesshomaru said nothing, he just continued walking with Jaken behind him.

Even though lady Izayoi was not his real mother, he still cared for her. Sometimes he may not show it, but he does cares deeply for her. She is the only mother he has ever known.

He arrived in the spell chamber, beautiful blue lights everywhere. He spotted lady Izayoi in the far corner, tears strolling down her face. He walked up towards her.

"Mother" he called out gently to her.

She turned and saw Sesshomaru. He was not her son by blood but she thought of him as her own. Tears started to flow even more down her face. Sesshomaru walked up and hugged her.

"Sesshomaru thank goodness your okay"

Sesshomaru said nothing he just held his mother in his arms. Jaken rarely saw this side of his lord. Normally he had a cold exterior. He only showed this side to the people he really cared for. And until now it was only towards his mother. She continued to cry, and Sesshomaru knew that she was worried about his father and his little brother.

"It is going to be alright mother, father and Inuyasha will arrive safely before the spell is cast."

Lady Izayoi wanted to believe his words but for some reason somewhere deep down she had a feeling she will lose one of them this night.

~*~*~*~ Enemy's Base Camp~*~*~*~

The enemy's base camp resided at a clearing at the edge the forest. Inuyasha was now being brought to where other prisoners of the war were being held captive. All of them were placed together in a cage to be put into slavery in the future. The other captives noticed their prince was trying to struggle out of the humans grip. Inuyasha saw many other demons, he saw their surprised faces. Many women and children were among the captives in the cage.

Inuyasha also noticed that one of the guards had a key around his neck. That guard was almost falling asleep. Inuyasha saw this as an opportunity to cause a distraction. He started to struggle again.

"Stop it kid, no matter how much you struggle you will never get free." The human was losing his grip slowly each time Inuyasha began to struggle.

At one point in the forest Inuyasha realized he will get nowhere by crying, so he toughened up and did the only thing he knew he could, was to stall the man until his brother or father comes to his rescue. And a distraction is just what he needed.

He noticed that the grip of the human soldier was slowly loosening. He just needed to struggle a little more and….

Ha, I am free!

"Hey someone grab that kid." The human soldier started to run after Inuyasha.

Inuyasha ran towards the half asleep guard. He was able to grab the key and run towards the entrance of the cage.

Inuyasha managed to get the cage door open and all the captives were released. They were all now on the run heading towards the forest trying to get back to the kingdom. All guards were now on alert and were now running everywhere to recapture them.

They were able to recapture only a few, before Takemaru had arrived and ordered his soldiers to stop.

"Let them run back to their kingdom if they want. They are going to be annihilated anyways. The ones you were able to recapture place them back in the cage." He ordered.

The soldiers let the other captives go, and the rest that they were recaptured they placed back into the cage. And sadly among them was little Inuyasha. They placed him in the cage and placed him in shackles.

~*~*~*~ Near the edge of the Forest~*~*~*~

InuTaisho was almost reaching enemy camp when he spotted some demons running in his direction. The demons saw their lord approaching. He came to a stop.

"Are you all okay?" InuTaisho inquired.

They all shook their head yes. They all knew the next question their lord was going to ask them and so they relay the info before he had asked.

"My lord your son is being held captive, because of him we were able to escape."

"Alright then you all hurry back towards the kingdom and enter through the underground passage all outer wall gates have been sealed shut, the teleportation spell is going into effect."

The demons were surprised at the information, that spell was only used as a last resort if they were in a dire situation. This meant the situation was really bad.

"Yes my lord."

They all began to run back towards the kingdom again. And InuTaisho continued to the enemy's base he was almost there.

~*~*~*~ Enemy's base camp~*~*~*~

"General there is a rumor going around that among the war captives that we have captured the youngest son of InuTaisho." One of the soldiers said to Takemaru.

Takemaru was intrigued by this; he started to plot an evil scheme. He knew that a special someone will not stop at nothing until he had his son back. This was now his opportunity to slay the demon himself.

"Bring him to me." He ordered as he turned around to continue to view the spell the miko's and monks were still preparing for. Nearly complete! Takemaru smiled.

He did not need to wait long before Inuyasha was brought before him. Takemaru walked up to the boy and with his hands he grabbed Inuyasha's face to get a better view of him.

He is indeed his child.

Just then the sound of dying soldiers could be heard. InuTaisho has arrived and he was not quiet about it. Takemaru looked up and saw him. He was walking towards him with his sword in his hand ready to fight.

InuTaisho saw his son next to Takemaru and began to walk in their direction, slashing down any enemy that came his way.

"Father!" Inuyasha yelled. InuTaisho looked at his son, a look that said -I will save you no matter what son- type of look. Inuyasha understood and stayed quiet.

"Takemaru you know how this is going to end, just give me my son back and let us be on our way."

"But where's the fun in that now, you just got here. What's the rush, why not just relax and enjoy what is going to happen next." He smirked.

"I warned you Takemaru." Was all InuTaisho said before he quickly dashed towards Takemaru ready to slash him with his Tessaiga.

Takemaru completely forgot about Inuyasha and clashed with InuTaisho. They both stopped each others attack, they both in lock glaring at each other.

Inuyasha now stood at the side lines. He looked around and saw most of the guards dead and the rest of the human army was at the other side of the enemy camp protecting the spell casting site. He used this opportunity to release the other captives. Even though he was shackled he managed to reach the cage and helping them escape.

Inuyasha looked back at his father and what came next happened so fast. At one moment his father was fighting with Takemaru, and then another moment Inuyasha saw Takemaru's arm being slashed off. And then another moment Inuyasha was now in the arms of his father.

InuTaisho did not waste no time returning back towards the kingdom. He caught up with other captives.

"Hurry head towards the underground entrance." They did not question their lord and they all followed him towards the entrance.

Meanwhile back at the enemy's base camp Takemaru was gathering tree of his most skilled miko's.

"Make sure you get him. And then you soldiers go after them." Was all he said while gripping his injured arm in pain. The mikos will launch their sacred arrows at InuTaisho, making him immobile while the soldiers who were in pursuit will then retrieve him.

InuTaisho was reaching the underground entrance. The mikos had a clear shot at InuTasho's back they were now waiting for Takemaru's command.

"Shoot." And the three mikos launched their arrows.

InuTaisho was almost at the entrance he just needed a few more step, he could see the light of the spell approaching. A sense of relief came over him as he was just one step away from the passage. However, that did not last long when out of nowhere he felt stabbing pain in his back. The three sacred arrows of the mikos had hit the target. Due to the sudden attack InuTaisho fell forward and Inuyasha was accidentally knocked out of his arms. InuTaisho was lucky and fell just inside of the entrance where the markings reached. However, little Inuyasha did not. Inuyasha landed right outside of the entrance and the teleportation spell was complete.

As Inuyasha looked up he saw the kingdom vanished before his eyes and he was left behind…

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