This is a teaser for "Hermione's Shield," which is the continuation of "Hermione's Web."

The first chapter of "Hermione's Shield" is up on this site-just go to my profile to find it.


Draco pushed Hermione behind him as Lucius raised his wand, snarling. "Get out of the way, boy. Do you understand what this mudblood has done?"

Draco raised his wand to his father.

"Malfoy, where are you?" someone called.

"Get out of the way, Draco." Lucius' quiet rage was spine-chilling.

"Put your arms around me, Hermione." Wand hand shaking, Draco moved so he and Hermione's faces were close together. "Leave now, Father, or I'll call them in, and everyone will know that your son is a traitor with a mudblood lover." He kissed Hermione on the cheek.

"You stupid, foolish child," Lucius hissed.