-1 Crime, Jealousy, and healthy dose of catfights

Jr Chandler was a lot of things a liar, cheater, professional manipulator, but a cry baby Never !

That's why he was going to bring back the entire Chandler clan back together starting by trying to win Marissa back.

That was never going to be easy since Marissa never forgets when someone hurts her she wears it like a scar.

Marissa walks in to the chandler living room as all the memories start to flash back to her in happier times in the mansion.

Marissa: Ok, I'm here. What's so important at 8 o'clock at night?

Jr: Marissa, I sent AJ to stay with Tad so we can talk.

Marissa: About what Jr? Unless it concerns AJ I think we have nothing else to talk about.

Marissa sighs as she tries to walk out the room when Jr suddenly grabs her by the arm staring into here eyes.

She tries to pull away as she finds herself leaning into a kiss pushing away all thoughts of doubt and disgust.

Jr: I love you Marissa, I'm not letting you go, and you cant fight it.

Marissa: She lets go home dropping to couch letting it all sink it, no matter how much I fight.

Jr: Giving yourself dialogue wont help Marissa.

Marissa: I - I - I love you too Jr.

Marissa grabs hold of Jr unaware of the approaching figures in the back who are smiling at the future possibilities.

Marissa: Scott ? Annie?

Jr: What is she doing here?

Scott: I saw here hiding in bushes like a little mischievous kitten.

Annie: Scott help me, Scott they are going to send me back, Scott help.

Marissa: Glad AJ is not here for this or Emma.

Annie: You leave my daughter out of this, I'm not crazy you hear me?

Marissa: Right! Ok I'll you later Jr.

Marissa leaves as her head spins with the latest events.

Jr: Your going back to the crazy house Annie.

Scott: For once I agree.

Jr. I'll get Mya to set up the living room for her, and then I'm going to bed.

Scott: I'll watch her.