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Baby Girl

It felt as if only yesterday, Ally was six years old.

Then, Auggie practically blinked and his baby girl was suddenly a married woman.

He could still hear that soft growling of hers when she couldn't get her way. Hear her singing off-key in the shower or humming to herself as she stirred her morning coffee. Hear her quiet footsteps as she snuck out of the house to go on late-night adventures with Ari.

She grew up from a curious, innocent little girl to a spunky, stubborn woman. She had kept her sense of curiosity…but something had changed over time. When she was little, Ally loved to ask 'why'. She was so curious about everything, and would ask her father a million questions.

'Why is the sky blue?'
'Where do babies come from?'
'Why are you blind?'
'Why do dogs and cats walk on four legs?'
'Where does the moon go when it's daytime?'
'Why do the leaves change colors in the fall?'

It drove him crazy at the time, but now he misses all of her questions. When he answered her questions, she would hang onto every word he said. She used to believe whatever answer he gave her, trusting him entirely.

But then she grew up. She answers her own questions now.

And Auggie can't help but realize how much things have changed.

He remembers the feeling of Ally's fragile little hands wrapping around his own. They were so small compared to his. Those very hands went on to become skilled at Karate. They became so strong and tough that it worried him. She got older, stronger, tougher. She grew up.

But most of all, Auggie could still remember how, whenever he and Annie would bicker about work, Ally would wrap her arms around Catie and they would both shut their eyes tight, as if they were defending themselves from the ill-intended words. Auggie could still hear Ally whisper to her older sister that 'things would be okay and mom and dad are just tired'. Ally liked to act like the older sister, not the younger one. Later, he would pick his girls up and hold them firmly to his chest and assure them that Ally was right. Mommy and Daddy were just tired. Work was stressful but, of course, they still love each other. Eventually, Catie and Ally would relax and fall asleep snuggled against his chest.

Auggie sighed and turned his attention back to his beautiful baby girl.

He had been told a thousand and one times how stunning she looked in her wedding dress. She was more happy the she'd been in a very long time. She was brighter than the sun, constantly smiling and laughing and chatting with her guests. She was practically glowing. She was certainly a sight to behold.

And Auggie wanted nothing more than for his daughter to be Happy. To see his little girl be happy with the man she loved.

But, there was a part of him that couldn't shake the concealed feeling of loss. Couldn't shake the underlying feeling of sadness. Despite how happy he was for his youngest daughter, his heart still clenched in his chest painfully.

Because as Auggie listened to his daughter twirl around the dance floor with her new husband, he felt as if a torch had been passed without his consent.

He would no longer be the first person she would turn to whenever she felt scared or alone.

He would no longer be the one to answer her endless supply of questions.

He would no longer be the person to whisper soothing words in her ear to calm her whenever she was in doubt.

He would no longer be the person at her side at all times.

…That was Ari's job now.

Auggie sighed and refused to let the pent up tears flow. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall behind him as he listened to his daughter dance with his new son-in-law.

Auggie had to accept the fact that his baby girl was now grown up. He had to accept that she had fallen in love. Had to accept she was moving on, moving out, and moving in with someone else. Had to accept she just got married today.

He had to accept that he was being replaced.

He always knew it had to happen eventually...He just wished it didn't have to happen so soon.